Bramble: The Mountain King Demo

I see a few pictures of Bramble: The Mountain King Demo floating around but I don’t pay much mind to them at first. After a few days of Google telling me that I should check out the game, I finally do. I download the game and dive in without knowing much more than the photos I have seen. Wow, I am presently surprised with how much I love this demo.

The Music

I’m having a hard time choosing what to focus on first because the first few minutes of Bramble: The Mountain King demo leaves quite an impression on me. However, I am going with music because I feel that the music really hits me hardest. Bramble is a game about Nordic folklore; I love music within that realm. Take a listen to the music within the very first few seconds of the game:

The first time I hear this bit of music, chills run all throughout my body. I think it’s the use of echoed vocals stacked on top of instruments trailing close behind. The vocals go off-key a bit and I like it. Take a listen to another clip of music that takes play after about a minute of gameplay:

My first thought is this is music by Sigur Ros. Awesome! However, this doesn’t seem to be the case. I’ve done some digging and I can’t figure out who this is. If you know who wrote this music, please let me know so I can give them credit.

Moving on, the second clip of music really needs context but I don’t want to spoil anything for you. With that said, I simply like how this clip makes you feel like you are transported to a place of wonder with a welcoming embrace. You feel safe and curious.

These two clips of music pull me in hard and quickly. The tone and vocals feel spot-on with Nordic music. The music does a great job of setting up my next focus, the atmosphere.

The Atmosphere

Bramble: The Mountain King demo immediately takes me to a place quite extraordinary. The grass is tall and high, the wind blows lightly across the open field, the sun shines bright, and all seems well in these lands. I come across birds, deer, a hedgehog, and some gnomes.

It’s true that at this point, there isn’t much to the gameplay. I am simply walking around and making a jump here and there. However, I find this okay as there is so much atmosphere to soak up. I have been taken away to a distant land at a time of peace where man and nature are one. I feel warm and cozy, and nothing can take that away from me.

As I See It

The Bramble: The Mountain King Demo has taken me by surprise. The gameplay is quite basic but I’m sure that the developers will add more gameplay elements to the final product. My guess is that puzzles will make up a lot of the gameplay but I could be wrong. I wouldn’t mind simply exploring.

The Bramble: The Mountain King demo leaves me wanting more. I”m very curious about the main character’s lost sister and whether or not he finds her. I’d like to know more about the world we are visiting. I’m interested in learning about Nordic folklore. I cannot wait to get my hands on this one.

As I see it, my first impressions of Bramble: The Mountain King have me keeping an eye on the game and any news that comes along. I feel confident that this will be a hit but I always remain cautious. Let’s wait and see.


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