What is As I See It?

It's a mix of my point of view and a summary of a video game. I play the video game and then I write about the things that I like and don't like about the video game. You'll also find some information about the game that may help you determine if you'll like the game yourself. I also include any gameplay that I record while going through a playthrough.

This is Adam: Lost Memories as I see it. Adam explores his childhood anxieties and paints a horrific picture of past events.

This is Days Gone as I see it. An open-world adventure plagued with terrifying zombies that pose threats around every corner.

This is The Mortuary Assistant as I see it. The repetitive tasks are broken up by haunting scenarios and jump scares that create a horrifying experience.

This is Visage as I see it. The game is incredibly spooky and hard. If you love horror video games, this one is a must-play. Wear a diaper.

This is Salt and Sanctuary as I see it. It’s a Metroidvania with Soulslike elements. The artwork and atmosphere are unique and the gameplay is fun.

This is Grime as I see it. A solid Metroidvania with rewarding gameplay and oodles of atmosphere.

This is Diablo II: Resurrected as I see it. The 2000 classic gets an overhaul with visual and gameplay improvements. It’s hellish fun!

This is Death Stranding as I see it. Death Stranding features deep lore with lots of traveling to soak it all in and it’s marvelous.

This is Elden Ring as I see it. It’s damn near perfect and one of the best games I have ever experienced.