Alien RPG Tools

Valuable tools for Alien RPG

Tool Descriptions

Planet Generator
Press the generate button to generate a random planet based on the rules for generating a planet in the Alien RPG core rule book.
FTL Calculator
Use your ships FTL rating and the map's parsec grid map to calculate the amount of days traveled at the speed of light. As a bonus, a list generates with duties that need to be fulfilled after FTL travel.
Homebrew Content
All of the homebrew content was created while playing the Halifax: Precious Cargo betwixt Dragons and Ghosts adventure.
We put together a bunch of resources to start an Alien RPG campaign of your own. Take it from us, we have used all of these resources ourselves and they have proven to be priceless.
A video and audio representation beyond the VTT (virtual tabletop) pulls your players further into the experience.