Halifax | Episode 30 | LV-779 (Part 2) | Alien RPG

Welcome to Alien RPG and Halifax | Episode 30. The crew makes their way deeper into LV-779. After all, what choice do they have? They are running out of food and Halifax remains unresponsive. They have to do something if they want to survive. On top of all that, Working Joes have been spotted around the colony. What are they up to?


This episode is plagued with technical difficulties. Discord has been giving me issues with live streaming, so I am switching platforms starting the next episode. With that said, I apologize for the issues you are about to witness in this episode.

We Found Someone

The crew stumbles upon someone covered in a substance resembling a web. Andromeda is able to cut the person out of the web and set her down on a table. The person briefly wakes up. Wade attempts to ask the person a question but the person’s reply is “Wade?” The person then passes out and Wade looks them over. Come to find out, it’s Zoe Cook. Somehow she has made her way to LV-779.

Strange Noises

As the crew explores LV-779, they hear noises coming from the vents and walls. Sometimes the noises sound like something small running around. At other times, the noises sound like something large running around. Furthermore, it sounds like something scratching at the walls. What is making all the noise? Fortunately, the venting system is on lockdown so nothing can enter or exit the vents at this time.

What does MU/TH/UR think?

When I originally introduced Zoe Cook back in Halifax | Episode 2, I didn’t think that I would use her outside of Earth. However, as the camapaign progressed, I found opportunities to use her as a tool to expand the story. In Halifax | Episode 30, she makes her third appearance and I’m excited to expand on her storyline.

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