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The Fractured Mind padlock has been a hot topic in converstions about the demo. I’ve seen time and time again where gamers are playing the Fractured Mind demo, get to the padlock, and don’t know what the code is. No worries though because you have come to the right place to get the code to unlock the padlock.


I cannot warn you enough. There are massive spoilers ahead. You are either here because you need the code or you have taken a wrong turn. If you do not want to spoil the demo, do not read or look any further. This article will spoil the demo for you. If you want to learn more about the game without any spoilers, go here. As you play the demo, come back here for the Fractured Mind padlock if you need it. Final warning!

Fractured Mind Padlock


There are 5 letters spread throughout the demo. Some are relatively easy to figure out and some may be easy to glance over. The letters are important because you need them to open a padlock near the end of the demo. I’m not sure if you can go back to find the code once you get to a certain point. I feel like that is the case but I could be wrong. If that is the case and you missed the code along the way, you are in trouble. Keep scrolling to find the code.


The first letter to the Fractured Mind Padlock is D. As you progress in the demo, you will come across a paper on the right side of the subway car door. The first time you pick up this paper, you get the second letter. Further into the demo, you will pick up the same paper and there will be additional text on the paper.

You will see murDerer written all over the paper. The D in murderer is capitalized. This signals that you have found one of the letters.

Fractured Mind Padlock Letter D


The second letter of the Fractured Mind Padlock comes from the paper that you find to the right of the subway car door. When you pick up the paper, turn it over. You will find the letter E written on the back of it. This letter can be hard to miss because you cannot progress until you pick up this paper. Most of us have a habit of turning objects when we pick them up in video games so you should find this one with ease.


The third letter of the Fractured Mind Padlock is the only letter I’m not completely sure I have right. My best guess is that murderer is everywhere. It’s written on the paper, it scrolls on the display, and the speaker tells you constantly. My guess what to simply take the first letter which is M. However, by the time I reached the padlock in my gameplay, I had all the other letters to M was easy to figure out.

Fractured Mind Padlock Letter M


The fourth letter of the Fractured Mind Padlock comes very late into the demo. The letter O is the last letter that I found. When the lights go off in the train and after a few cycles, the display will show “oooooooooooooooooo” over and over. I felt confident that the display was telling me to make a not of the letter O and I was right.

Fractured Mind Padlock Letter O


The fifth letter of the Fractured Mind Padlock can be hard to miss if you are even slightly paying attention. At some point in the demo, you have to collect body parts and put a body together. You’ll collect a couple of legs, arms, and a head. Once you have placed all of the body parts, the letter N will appear on the body’s chest. That seems like a clear indication of a letter to make a note of.

Fractured Mind Padlock Letter N


You won’t find the letters in order but when you have made a note of the ones you do find, it should be easy enough to unscramble them and come up with the word demon. The harder part is find the letters. If you miss more than a couple of the letters, it could be difficult to figure out the code.

The code to the Fractured Mind Padlock is DEMON.

Fractured Mind Padlock Code


If you have anything to add or if I made a mistake, feel free to leave a comment below. You can also contact me on one of my social media accounts. The only letter I feel skeptical about is the letter M. I feel like there should be a clearer path to the letter.

The Fractured Mind padlock was hard to figure out. It took me a few passes through the demo until I was able to piece it together. Some of the bugs I encountered could have been a part of the issue but once the bugs were worked out, I felt like I was able to bring it all home.

Thanks for stopping by. Game on!!

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