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Alien RPG | Episode 9 | Halifax Campaign | New Crew Member

In Episode Eight, the crew had a few confrontations that presented their own unique challenges. Some of those challenges were met straight on with the entire crew and some challenges had to be overcome individually. Regardless, the crew came out victorious.

We move on to Episode Nine and find that the crew immediately gets caught up in some new challenges. The crew needs to think about how they plan to protect their ship from possible threats during space travel. As of now, the crew has no armaments and no weapons or defense systems in place. Halifax’s current setup makes the ship a sitting duck when out there alone.

In space, no one can hear you scream.

Halifax has some decisions to make.

New Crew Member

Halifax prepares for hypersleep by meeting up in the mess hall for a meal before going into hypersleep. While the crew enjoyed their meal, Helen and Titanic hear a scratching noise coming from the air vent in the mess hall. Andromeda proceeds to investigate after Helen and Titanic share the news.

Andromeda sees a small animal. Ward gives Andromeda a piece of cornbread to lure the small animal out. After a few moments, Andromeda lures out a puppy that must have belonged to the dogs that attacked the crew. In other words, the crew killed the puppy’s parents.

Andromeda wants to keep the dog and Helen approves. However, Andromeda must train the dog in order to keep the dog on board.

While the crew is in hypersleep, Andromeda spends a lot of time with the dog. She reads books on how to train and bond with dogs. Her hard work pays off because by the time the crew wakes up from hypersleep, the puppy can follow basic commands and acts friendly with other crew members.

Log Entry from MU/TH/UR

Even though the crew was presented with some challenges, I found episode nine rather light-hearted and wholesome. This is probably due to the fact that the crew picked up a puppy. As long as everything goes well with training and maintaining the dog, I believe a pet on board will bring some relief to the crew.

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