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The Alien RPG Compendium contains general information about governments, large and small corporations, world knowledge, and key terms for easy reference. I used the compendium in Halifax to keep my players out of the Alien RPG Core Rulebook. Too many spoilers exist in the core rulebook, so the Alien RPG Compendium helped me.


The Three-World Empire

The most technologically prosperous of the interstellar superpowers, the Three World Empire has established the most long-term colonies in the territories. Before its formation in the late 21st Century, the UK and Japan had pioneered space exploration and settlement technologies through the British Weyland Corp and the Japanese Yutani Corporation. These two innovative companies were the first to construct colonies on other planets and moons within the solar system. The three worlds the coalition’s name refers to are Earth, Mars, and Titan—the first three worlds to be inhabited by humanity.


The Three World Empire was the first of the conglomerate nations. With the birth of extrasolar colonies, Earth was becoming a smaller place. Realizing a pooling of resources would result in a stronger base from which to colonize the stars, the United Kingdom, Japan, India, and several developing countries joined forces in the 2180s. In addition to the aforementioned countries, member states include Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Kenya, Fiji, and more.

Military and Organizations

Through defense contracts and treaties, the 3WE Frontier colonies are protected by the United States Colonial Marines. However, the Three World Empire does maintain an extensive navy as well as their own limited military force in the form of the Royal Marines Commandos. While well trained and equipped with the latest in cutting-edge hardware, the 3WE-RMC simply does not have the regimental strength or the reach of the USCMC. The 3WE bolsters their military with contracted soldiers from—you guessed it—Weyland-Yutani.


In addition to its holdings in Sol System, the Three World Empire controls most extrasolar colonies in the Outer Veil and Core Systems. They have made a limited push into the Outer Rim and in the Frontier. Combined, these areas are called the Anglo-Japanese Arm. Notable worlds include the Corona Colony, Gorham’s Folly, Fiorina 161, and Linna 349.

Vihaa Reddy


Of British-Indian descent, Governor Reddy is a firm believer in progress and wants to see the new colonies on the Frontier prosper as much as the ones in the Outer Veil did during the previous century. While other government officials leave their families behind on Earth or in the Core Systems, Reddy had hers moved out to live with her on the Frontier. She feels she has done much for the colonists under her purview and is shocked to hear of any grievances against her policies. Additionally, she wishes the UA would disentangle themselves from 3WE affairs and the situation on Linna 349. While she means well, she truly doesn’t understand the plight of the average frontier colonist. She lives out on the Frontier with them, but she also lives a life of luxury, protected behind government walls. Prim and proper, she is easily offended and becomes distraught over any aggressive action undertaken by ungrateful colonists.


The Three World Empire is a parliamentary social democracy overseen by a constitutional monarchy. Consisting of the former royal families of Britain and Japan now intermarried as one, the Monarchy serves as a figurehead and has little to no real power. The government is headed up by an elected Prime Minister who oversees a Parliament consisting of representatives from each territory and former nation, but none of that will matter much to you out here. On the Frontier, worlds of the 3WE are maintained by a provisional governor, and it’s the policies, taxes, and tariffs set by her office that you will have to contend with.


The Three World Empire is heavily influenced by Weyland-Yutani—in fact, W-Y is the only non-state to actually have a seat in parliament. Rumors abound that several key members of Parliament have even been replaced with W-Y android duplicates, but none have been exposed—yet. The 3WE has maintained a somewhat peaceful relationship with the United Americas, though the UA is wary of the 3WE’s aggressive expansion efforts and monitors their borders at all times. As tensions rise between the UA and Weyland-Yutani, the 3WE has become caught in the crossfire. Some feel it is only a matter of time before an armed conflict breaks out along the Frontier.

Current Activities

Weyland-Yutani has backed the Three World Empire into a corner in regard to interstellar relations with the United Americas. While they don’t have a fighting force to equal the Colonial Marines, they do have an extensive Navy and are backed up by Weyland-Yutani technological and mercenary might. Rumors abound that W-Y is developing some kind of bioweapon for the 3WE, deployable from planetary orbit and extremely deadly. True or not, the reality is that the 3WE would much rather maintain the status quo than go to war, and worries that if W-Y goes too far, parliament will be forced to curb the company’s activities—an action that will undoubtedly have consequences.

The United Americas

The United Americas is the most powerful starfaring and colonizing nation in the 22nd century. An economic and political giant in both the Sol system and throughout the off-world colonies, the military might of the UA is unparalleled.

The Union of Progressive Peoples

A socialist government that controls a vast area of colonized space, the Union of Progressive Peoples is also the most resource-poor of the interstellar nations. Although impoverished and overcrowded, in the UPP the workers control the means of production. A state of cold war exists between the UPP and their long-time rivals, the UA—and standoffs between the Union of Progressive Peoples’ Space Operating Forces and the United States Colonial Marine Corps become more and more frequent every year.

The Independent Core System Colonies

The ICSC is a loose alliance of worlds that have claimed independence from any interstellar governing body. While independent from each other, member colonies sell and trade resources and pay fees to be protected by corporate armed forces. The corporate-owned Central Space Consortium of the ICSC is seen as a haven for those on the run from their government. If someone with a skill set useful to a corporate colony comes seeking asylum within the CSC, the Consortium will usually buy off that person’s tribunal and make them an indentured citizen. In this way, corporations bolster their private mercenary forces and spy networks with the best of the worst elements of society.



The Weyland-Yutani Corporation is a British and Japanese multinational conglomerate that dominates the stars. They are an innovative producer and manufacturer of synthetics, spaceships, computers, and weapons for the average consumer market as well as commercial clients and the industrial-military complex. They are in the business of deep space mining and resource procurement, interplanetary shipping and transport, terraforming, and the establishment and maintenance of extrasolar colonies. Weyland-Yutani also maintains an extensive Research and Development division devoted to the development of biological and chemical weapons.


Weyland-Yutani was founded at the turn of the century by the merger of Weyland Corp and the Yutani Corporation. The two companies were so renowned for their corporate takeovers that the circumstances behind their merger became murky. While it is known that Weyland Corp had suffered severe financial losses with the failure of the Prometheus mission and the deaths of both company founder Peter Weyland and CEO Meredith Vickers, it is also true that Yutani had suffered many setbacks as well.

Conflicting insider information versus media reports make it questionable as to whether it was Yutani or Weyland who performed a hostile takeover on the other—and the company board likes it that way. The company inherited and expanded upon the technologies and products of its founders, including FTL drives, artificial intelligence, and deep surveillance equipment. Already leaders in the mining and shipping of extrasolar resources, by the 2130s they decided to get back into terraforming with a comparatively inexpensive and less safe redesign of Weyland Corp atmospheric processors. Over the next 30 years, they established many new colony worlds within the American Arm of the Outer Rim Territories, in the process becoming the United Americas’ chief supplier of weapons and starships.


Like any major corporation, Weyland-Yutani is run by a board of directors and shareholders. Though unsubstantiated, there are rumors that upper management is actually run by synthetics operating under directives that date back to co-founder Peter Weyland’s David series of androids. W-Y XOs and corporate agents are numerous on the Frontier, but the real man in charge out there is Michael Bishop.

Dog Catchers

*** Classified ***

Michael Bishop




*** Classified ***


Weyland-Yutani has main offices in Tokyo, London, San Francisco, Sea of Tranquility, and on Thedus. They can be found on any major starport world, and they have holdings on Alexandria in the Independent Core System Colonies. Throughout the Outer Veil, Outer Rim, and Frontier are dozens of W-Y-sponsored colonies, terraforming projects, and mining operations.


Like both its predecessor companies, W-Y plays hard and fast with mergers and acquisitions, buying out those they can and destroying those they can’t. As such, they have a ruthless and cutthroat reputation in the corporate world. Despite the fact that the company has a seat in the Interstellar Commerce Commission’s Company Review Board, their commercial fleet management is known to bribe both ICC agents and Colonial Marshals rather than submit their spacecraft to mandatory safety inspections. An uneasy alliance of convenience exists between W-Y and the United Americas, one that is currently straining both entities’ relationships with the Three World Empire.

Current Activities

*** Classified ***

Lasalle Binational

Lasalle Bionational is a multinational conglomerate specializing in biological research and development.


A prominent manufacturer of inexpensive alternatives to Weyland-Yutani’s product lines, Seegson is a European conglomerate that will forever be in Weyland-Yutani’s shadow. Well known for their award-winning A.P.O.L.L.O. AI mainframe and low-end synthetics, Seegson first gained notoriety by sharing their inventions and pooling their resources with smaller companies.

Interstellar Commerce Commission

The Interstellar Commerce Commission is an organization designed to monitor and conduct interstellar trade. They enforce shipping restrictions and biological and chemical quarantine procedures for Earth and all other colonies with a population of 200,000 or more. In addition to performing spacedock inspections, the ICC can randomly detain, seize, and search cargo and personal craft for suspected contraband.


Alphatech Hardware

Major military contractor for the UA and other corporations.

Chigusa Corporation

Rival of W-Y focused on colonization, plasma harvesting, and mining operations.

Gemba Systec

Electronics manufacturing and freight handling.

Hyperdyne Systems

ICSC subsidiary of W-Y that makes high-end synthetics and cybernetic prosthetics.

Jĭngtì Lóng Corporation

An ICSC company that is a W-Y and Seegson rival focusing on colonization and weapons R&D.

Kelland Mining Company

Deep Space Mining Company is known for building massive orbital mining stations.

Koorlander Corp

A company with tobacco farms on several colony worlds. Koorlander is the rival cigarette brand to Balaji Imperial.

Souta Corp

Producers of the beer Souta Dry, a cheap alternative to Weyland-Yutani’s own Aspen Beer.


ICSC company that is the premier builder of commercial starships.

Steer City Cattle Company

A small company out of Terraform 3 that provides draft animals and quality meat to Frontier colonies.


Working Joe

Common knowledge:

  • Run on Seegson’s computer mainframe A.P.O.L.L.O
  • Cheap alternative to Wey-Yu synthetics
  • Meant for menial tasks such as maintenance
  • They are easy to distinguish from humans.
    • A package of Joe’s is governed by a central AI instead of individual AI’s
    • LED eyes
      • When a Joe’s eyes glow white, the Joe is operating per normal parameters. Unless it finds the player in a restricted area or committing a breach of station protocol, it will acknowledge the player’s presence but go about its own business
      • When a Working Joe’s eyes glow red, the Working Joe is hostile. It will approach targets at a brisk walk and attack, grasping, striking, throwing, and throttling them, doing damage until they are killed.
        • Usually the result of tampering with the A.P.O.L.L.O AI
    • Cheap, rubberized skin that makes them look like mannequins
    • Robotic voice
    • Lack of facial expressions

Key Words or Terms

Atmospheric Processing Plant or AtmosA large, automated reactor meant to create a habitable atmosphere on any planet

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