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Another Crab’s Treasure is a soulslike video game that provides accessibility options for gamers new to the genre. The default challenge is hard but you can change settings to balance the challenge accordingly. If you have been looking for soulslike video games that reduce the chance of smashing a monitor, Another Crab’s Treasure may be your answer.

I discuss Another Crab’s Treasure as if the default challenge is enabled which is how I played the video game. I messed around with the accessibility settings momentarily to see how they affected gameplay but ultimately, I enjoy the soulslike challenge.


Another Crab’s Treasure is a challenging underwater adventure game where you play as Kril, a hermit crab on a mission. Kril’s prized shell has been repossessed, and he needs to scavenge the ocean floor for treasure to buy back his shell.

This isn’t your typical beach vacation. Another Crab’s Treasure is a soulslike experience, meaning the fights can be tough but rewarding. You’ll battle strange creatures and explore vibrant coral reefs, kelp forests, and even the inky depths of the trench.

The twist? Your armor is your environment. Kril collects discarded shells and trash to protect himself, so each new shell provides unique advantages and disadvantages.


Another Crab’s Treasure is all about trash. The seabed is covered in trash. Sealife has come to accept trash as a part of their environment and way of life. Trash is used as currency, housing, building materials, weapons, and armor. Trash Day is an event that celebrates a large amount of trash dumped into the ocean. Trash is everything.

Another Crab's Treasure Pharmacy Receipt

Kril is on a journey to find treasure after his shell is stolen. He collects map pieces that fit into a cereal box. The cereal box has a maze on the back that leads to treasure. The map pieces are hidden away and guarded by bosses in several areas of the sea.

Several treasure hunters join in the hunt including a corporation that loves money more than anything. Kril stands up to the corporation and most of the treasure hunters back Kril. This sets off a race to the finish line.


Another Crab’s Treasure feels like a soulslike video game. The gameplay can be brutally challenging. There are slight variances to the familiar soulslike mechanics. Exploring the seabed is fun and rewarding. There is a lot to do.

Stamina does not exist. Kril wears a shell on his back that acts like a shield and replaces stamina. The integrity of the shell breaks after using the shell as a shield. When the shell loses durability, it breaks and you need to find a new one.

One gameplay grievance I have with Another Crab’s Treasure is spammy attacks. Some enemies and bosses spam attacks to the point where Kril cannot move. Sometimes, poison (known as gunk) drains health and slows down Kril. He may become consistently hindered while battered by an enemy (I’m looking at you, Magista). This is even worse when confined to a small land surrounded by more gunk. This can be infuriating.

Another Crab's Treasure Magista

Another grievance I have with Another Crab’s Treasure is the environment. Kril dies because of environmental bugs and I’m talking about the enemies. I’m talking about programming bugs. I got stuck in so many places and fell through so many floors. I had to go into the start menu and reset Kril often. I’m hoping these issues get patched.


Another Crab’s Treasure can be a challenging or entry-level soulslike video game and I like it. Not every soulslike needs the ability to set the challenge level but it is nice to have a video game where you can. The story is engaging, the characters are fantastic, the world is unique, the combat can be satisfying, and there is more room to love this video game as I see it.

Some combat and programming issues can be frustrating. These frustrations can show up at any time. However, the game does well with checkpoints so you usually don’t have to travel far to return to where you were. I was able to get past these frustrations and enjoy Kril’s adventure.


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