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Alien RPG | Episode 8 | Halifax Campaign | Dog Attack

In Episode Seven, the crew landed on Monos in the Lalande 21185 star system. There were a couple of strange occurrences. In one occurrence, Cabal was approached by a marine working on unloading cargo. The marine approached Cabal while doing a ‘ghostly’ dance and saying, ‘Dragons and Ghosts, man” while continuing on his route towards Halifax to unload cargo. Cabal was taken back. He approached the marine but got no relief in the interaction. Cabal then gathered with the crew and had a discussion but nothing really came of it. The interaction will not be forgotten so easily but goes on hold when a threat of a dog attack occurs.

The crew eventually decides to go to bed. While they are sleeping, Helen receives a silent alert on her communication terminal in her bedroom. MU/TH/UR has awoken Helen to alert her that unidentifiable lifeforms have been detected in Cargo Bay Three. Helen immediately takes action and does what she has to do to get the crew rallied and take on some wild dogs.

Domestic and Wild Animals

It is not uncommon for animals to occupy space around Halifax while cargo gets loaded or unloaded. After all, many colonies have pets such as dogs, cats, and various other critters. The domesticated animals tend to be curious but generally don’t cause any issues. They can do something as simple as getting between your legs, which can be dangerous, but generally not life-threatening.

Wild Animals appear quite often as well. Most of them are harmless. Bugs and small critters appear all the time. Andromeda does her best to control them and get them out of Halifax. However, there are rare occasions when a hostile animal finds there way inside Halifax. Andromeda can deal with most of them on her own but there are times when she needs help. Episode Eight shines a light on what happens when Andromeda needs help and a dog attack occurs.

Log Entry from MU/TH/UR

Since this is our first time taking on combat in Alien RPG, I asked everyone to review combat rules before starting this session. I did my best to review the rules as well. After spending time on our own reviewing combat rules, we then spent about 45 minutes going over some of the combat rules together. Needless to say, we did our best to prepare ourselves for combat. We all struggled a bit at first but once we found a cadence, the flow of gameplay became smoother with each round.

I have to say that everyone played their character so well this session. The actions that everyone took reflected very well with what I believe their character would have done in such a scenario. Some occurrences were downright hilarious. I had a really fun time with this session and I give lots of kudos to our group of players.

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