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Alien RPG | Episode 7 | Halifax Campaign | Lalande 21185: Monos

In Episode Six, the crew took their time and salvaged parts for Halifax from a space station orbiting the planet Arges. The parts are needed to fix the damage Halifax suffered during their last trip in hypersleep. Now that they have the parts, the crew decides to move on to Lalande 21185: Monos to deliver the cargo received from Arges.

The crew wakes up from hypersleep orbiting Monos. Andromeda assures the crew that they have arrived safely. The crew takes their time waking up. The crew eventually makes their way down to the mess hall. They are met by an over-enthused android (Andromeda) holding a tray of cornbread. She loves making cornbread even though the crew has their own personal opinion about the cornbread. The crew blames the recipe, not Andromeda.

Working Hard

Monos houses a colony of military personnel. Delivering (or picking up) cargo from a military colony is not uncommon. Someone has to keep the peace so the military has colonies spread out all over the Stars of the Middle Heavens. Colonies need supplies to survive. That’s where Halifax comes in. Halifax is here to deliver the goods.

Log Entry from MU/TH/UR

The video for this episode glitched so only the top-left half of the video is visible. We continue to upgrade our setup and when we do, we seem to run into issues from time to time. Please excuse the mess as we improve the process.

As far as the session is concerned, we are entering new territory, including Alien RPG mechanics that we haven’t used yet. I don’t want to give anything away. However, I will say that things are getting heated up and I’m preparing my players for a reason.

Each episode has felt like an attempt to introduce mechanics to myself and my players. Alien RPG differs quite a bit from the tabletop RPGs we are used to playing. Introducing too many mechanics at once can be overwhelming. With that said, I made the decision early on to take the approach of slowly introducing mechanics while attempting to tell a story.

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