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Alien RPG | Episode 10 | Halifax Campaign | The Decaying Colony

In Episode Nine, the crew picked up a new crew member. The wild dog from Monos in the Lalande 21185 star system looks like a terrifying beast on the outside. However, Andromeda was able to prove to the crew that even the most horrifying creature can be gentle in the right hands. Andromeda taught the dog some basic commands and she used clothes from the crew to get the dog used to everyone’s scent. Andromeda’s tactics have worked…so far.

However, work remains the priority. The crew lands on Ungora in the LTT-12352 star system. The planet appears to be a desert with no water. The only water noticeable is the acidic rain falling from the sky. Who would want to drink any water when your insides are guaranteed to melt away?

At this point, what is more horrifying? The dog that the crew has added to their numbers or the planet that looks completely empty and rains acid?

Regardless, the crew has a job to do. The hangar that Halifax lands in is completely dark. Candles and flashlights can be seen presumably held by the remaining colonists waiting to get picked up and transported. This terraforming project has failed and everyone needs to get out before the acid eats up everything.


Ueki, the W-Y company representative assigned to the terraforming project on Ungora, tells the crew that Atmos, or the Atmospheric Processing Plant, experienced a devastating event. Ueki explains what she saw to be an electrical burst near Atmos. The details sound strikingly familiar to the crew. Once the electrical burst occurred, Atmos suffered damage and began to shut down. The engineers on site tried to repair the problem but their efforts were for nothing. Atmos began failing quickly.

The acidic rain is melting away the colony so time is limited. Halifax must collect their cargo and get out before they are eaten alive by acid.

Log Entry from MU/TH/UR

I attempted to come up with some content on the fly. Some of my efforts worked while some did not. Specifically, I cornered myself into a wall with the cargo. I didn’t think things through all the way and I left open some plot holes. However, I did my best to cover my tracks and I have a plan to iron out some of those details should the topic come up again in the future.

This is a learning opportunity and I won’t hesitate to try and improvise in the future. How else will my Game Mother game improve if I don’t try and challenge myself?

On another note, I had a chip clip that I couldn’t stop playing with during this session. I realize how annoying that can be. I’ll do my best not to let that happen again.

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