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Welcome to Alien RPG and Halifax | Episode 40 | Precious Cargo | Alien RPG. This is the end of the line for Halifax. The journey has been brutal and tough choices have been made. The internal and external struggles have been taxing on the mind and body. The adventures have been long. It is time for Halifax to take one last ride and the destination depends on one final choice.


Precious cargo refers to the crew of Halifax. They are the precious cargo that Halifax has been carrying around through this adventure. Halifax has done its best to handle the precious cargo with care but Halifax only has so much control.

Precious cargo has various degrees of importance. Some of the crew members value their life more so than others. Corporations may consider profits above the wellbeing of the crew that works for them. Predators look at precious cargo as food such as the dog attack encounter on Halifax. In the case of Halfiax, the crew has always been precious cargo.


Imogen gave the crew a choice. Attempt to stop Imogen or leave LV-779 with a scrubbed Halifax and clean history. The crew decided to keep their lives and leave LV-779. Onc the decision was made, Imogen grabbed Grimm and left. Imogen left its invisible friends behind to make sure the crew didn’t pull a fast one.

There are still a lot of questions behind Imogen. The crew could have done more to answer these questions by organizing their information and building trust with one another. However, that time has come to pass. Imogen is gone and we are left with all that we know and nothing more.


The crew is left with one more job. As Halifax orbits LHS-1140, the crew must figure out what to do and where to go. Halifax is scrubbed clean with no call sign which basically makes the vessel a ghost. The crew is scrubbed as well. Only physical aspects of the ship and crew tie them to the past. Should anyone of importance recognize the ship or the crew, they may face danger.

The crew decides on LV-779 to leave Imogen alone so there isn’t much more that can be done. However, the crew is no longer in immediate danger and they have time to talk about their plans and make moves. They can decide to keep their word or turn tail and follow. Either way, this will be their final job.


MU/TH/UR has done what can be done to steer the crew in the right direction. With one more job and no direct ties to Weyland Yutani any longer, it is time for the crew to step up and plot their own course.

I feel like I have done what I can to prepare the crew for the end of this adventure. Not everything is out in the open and there are still some secrets that may never reveal themselves. This is a shame but this is not my last post about Halifax. I plan to make at least one more to reveal these revelations. I feel like they are too good to let go into limbo but I did write the content so I may be biased.

I am sad that this is the final episode but I am also a bit revelieved. After three years of creating content for Halifax, I am ready for a break. In time, I plan to release more of my content and maybe right some more articles but that may change depending on what I get into next.

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