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Here we are at Alien RPG: Episode 21 and we continue to chug along. Halifax simply cannot come up with a solution for Imogen. The constant barrage of ideas simply cannot find a place to land. In the meantime, no one suspects that something else has been brewing while the crew stays busy attempting to come up with a plan.

Spoiler Alert
Warning: You should watch or listen to this episode before reading the rest of this post. The spoilers will ruin the episode for you.

That came out of nowhere

Seriously, did anyone see that coming? The idea has been in my head for a while but I didn’t think that I was going to need to execute my plan. However, I needed to get the crew to move on. They have been attempting to come up with a plan for Imogen for several episodes now and they just can’t figure it out. So, what happened? Imogen happened.


The crew continues to try and come up with a plan for Imogen. They can’t decide whether to cook her, blow her out of the airlock, leave her stranded somewhere, and so on. However, everyone forgot one important detail. Imogen integrated with Halifax and MU/TH/UR when she first got on board.

What does Imogen’s integration mean? It means that she has complete control over Halifax. She has access to everything, including the intercom system. Imogen has been able to hear their conversations the entire time.

It is important to remember that Imogen has a split personality. The sweet girl side of Imogen has no idea what’s going on. She still thinks she is human. The other side of Imogen knows that she is an android and she has been keeping tabs on Halifax. Something triggered in Imogen’s system and the android side of her activated. She then confronts Halifax.

The Result

Most of us probably expect the android side of Imogen to be completely aggressive and defensive. However, we learned that the android can be communicated with. Halifax has a conversation with the android for the first time and things get interesting.

What does MU/TH/UR think?

I have been toying with some ideas with the android within Imogen. Nothing that I have come up with so far has been completely ironed out. However, I felt like I needed to get things moving because Halifax has spent so much time trying to figure out what to do with Imogen and nothing seems to be happening.

With that said, I decided to wake up the android and I am so glad that I did. I had a blast with this segment. I had to come up with some content on the spot but everything felt quite natural in respect to the direction I want Imogen to take.

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