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The struggle becomes front and center in Alien RPG: Episode 20. Halifax has been carrying more than just cargo. It also carries loads of struggles that the crew continues to uncover. At this point, you have to feel sorry for some, if not all, of them.

Spoiler Alert
Warning: You should watch or listen to this episode before reading the rest of this post. The spoilers will ruin the episode for you.

Ward Foley

Ward has quite the situation on his hands. On one hand, he struggles with addiction. On the other hand, he struggles with his attachment to Imogen. Both struggles have caused the crew to question his mental well-being and effectiveness as a medic.

Ward tries to do the right thing. In most cases, he seems to believe that he is. However, how much more patience can the crew hand over to Ward before they need to make some judgment calls without him?

Cabal Dalron

Cabal’s struggle with alcohol continues to remain front and center. To add more chaos to the storm, he now shows signs of alcoholism. He trembles when he goes without alcohol for a period of time and the symptoms get worse if he doesn’t remedy them.

Cabal may have quite a fight ahead. He has dug himself a hole and he will have to find a way to get out of it with or without the help of his fellow crew members.

Carson Glover and Kato Swan

The newest members of Halifax continue to absorb the struggles that come with the new job. It is apparent that neither of them had no idea what they were getting into. However, it’s all too late. They are in the thick of it all and they will have to find a way to navigate through all this mess.

What does MU/TH/UR think?

I have spent enough time with Alien RPG in and out of the game to develop an attachment to Halifax. All that time has manifested a genuine attachment to the crew members. I feel their challenges and frustrations but then I also tap into those feelings. After all, the Alien universe is full of uncertainty.

There are times when I wonder if I am putting too much on them. I try to spread out challenges but I don’t have control over my players so I have to leave some of that up to them as well. It’s a balance that sways often.

Regardless, it’s all a ton of fun. I love our group.

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