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It’s Alien RPG: Episode 19 and Halifax has found its way to LV-346 to pick up some cargo. Halifax has become quite used to complicated jobs. Some jobs do go well but they are few and far between, especially when closer to or beyond the frontier.

Warning: You should watch or listen to this episode before reading the rest of this post. The spoilers will ruin the episode for you.

Zoe Cook

Here is a name that we have not heard since Episode 2. Halifax suffered an explosion that killed multiple crew members including Chief Engineer Russell Cook, Zoe’s husband.

The mishap leaves Zoe outraged. She seeks out and finds Captain Helen Troi at Elements on Earth. A confrontation leads to minor bumps and bruises. Kate Parker arrives and takes Zoe away stating that Zoe will be taken care of.

A year later, Halifax finds Zoe on LV-346 while picking up cargo. She doesn’t look so great so Ward decides to take it upon himself to help her. However, not everything works out so easily.


Alcohol continues to ravage Halifax. Traumatic events send Ward and Cabal into a downward spiral that they can pull themselves out of. These alcoholic complications leave the rest of the crew desperate for a proper fix.

What does MU/TH/UR think?

This was a difficult session. There were a lot of emotions flying around Zoe. There were hard decisions to make behind the scenes that my players don’t even know about. However, Halifax needs to learn that it can’t fix everything. They also need to learn that life is hard out here in the stars, especially when closer to or beyond the frontier.

To make this session more challenging, Alcohol continues to be a problem. In fact, the problem is growing. Ward’s injury could have been worse and that could have been a mess. The alcohol problem is really out of my hands so I’m curious as to where all this will lead.

Finally, there are some interesting twists and turns going on behind the scenes. Some of these have me re-writing some of the campaigns. That’s okay though. These twists and turns will come up soon enough. Should be very interesting.

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