Bramble: The Mountain King

This is Bramble: The Mountain King as I see it. I’ve anxiously awaited this game since I played the demo in November 2022. I’m a musician and I have a huge appreciation for all kinds of music. The music is what initially drew me in. I could tell by the music that Bramble: The Mountain King is unique. Sure enough, I was not mistaken.


Bramble: The Mountain King is a grim adventure game inspired by dark Nordic fables. Players control Olle, a young boy who sets out to rescue his kidnapped sister from mythological creatures. Olle must traverse a wondrous yet dangerous and twisted land, solving puzzles, jumping across platforms, and engaging in boss fights with frightening monsters. The game features stunning environments, unsettling creatures, and an intriguing narrative.


In November 2022, I wrote an article for the Bramble: The Mountain King Demo. In the article, I talk about the atmosphere and music, and how they made me very interested in keeping an eye out for the full release. With that said, I want to talk about the music and atmosphere again but expand on what I already wrote in the demo. You may wish you read my demo article first. If not, that is okay. It’s available should you choose to do so.


Bramble: The Mountain King is a tale based on Nordic fables. It’s only natural that the music reflects Northern European influences where Nordic roots are based.

All of the instruments sound virtual. However, they are produced well. I hear the string instruments and bagpipes from intense lows to melodic highs. The fluctuation of lows and highs creates the Nordic atmosphere. It’s almost like a war drum or preparation for battle but gentler. It’s hard for me to explain from my mind but you may understand what I’m talking about.

The atmospheric tracks have a lot of highs in them. There are string instruments with ambiance flowing underneath. Drums pound from time to time and give me the vibe of a beating heart at times.

The vocals are amazing. I’m not familiar with Bjoern’s work but I plan to do some research. I’m very impressed with her vocals in Blomstertid, a song I was unfamiliar with until Bramble: The Mountain King came along.


There is a lot to be said about the atmosphere in Bramble: The Mountain King but I’ll try and keep it contained. This is because each portion of the game is broken up and given its own life. There are villages, forests, homes, bodies of water, farmland, caves, and so much more.

There are portions of the game that are light but these are mostly at the beginning of the game. For example, the gnome village seems like a place of happiness, fun, and family.

As the game progresses, the theme changes from light to dark. The atmosphere, imagery, and story all get darker and more dreadful. By the end of the game, I felt like I had made my way to complete darkness.


I did not expect so much horror. Sure, there are horror elements in the demo but I had no idea what I was getting into. The game does such a great job of making it feel like a world full of love with a few obstacles in the way, just like a predator hunts its prey. I was gravely mistaken. This game is full of horror.

I love horror so this is right up my alley. What I love about Bramble’s horror is that the stories that go with the horror are really good. It doesn’t take too long to get some story, and I appreciate the approach. Every time more story revealed itself, I found myself very excited to learn the next piece. This game has great horror with great storytelling.


I don’t expect perfection but I have to mention that I ran into quite a few bugs along the way. My game crashed several times which is an issue I don’t have that often. The good news is that when the game crashed, my game saved where I was so I never had to repeat any of my gameplay.


I love this game. I hope more are made. The fables are horrifyingly exceptional. The music and atmosphere match the mood. I found myself pulled further and further into the lore as I progressed to the point where I didn’t want to stop. When the game finished, I wanted more.


Bramble: The Mountain King Lillemor and Olle


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