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Hello and welcome to Alien RPG: Episode 18 where we begin in orbit of Kosara. Halifax left Lumina Station in episode 17 and are on their way to make some money. There is a job to do and a new job has been assigned. Halifax is making its way to Kosara to pick up cargo and a new company agent. What does the new company agent have in store for Halifax?

Back to Work

Halifax took a week off to recoup after the horrors that they faced on Aeon Station and the deaths of a couple of crew members. However, Halifax is still employed by Weyland-Yutani and they don’t want their investments sitting still. W-Y sends Halifax a job to get them back to work.

Kato Swan

Halifax picks up Kato on Kosara. The company agent seems to have quite a bit of experience and takes the crew for a ride. The crew is finding it hard to put trust in Kato. One minute, Kato seems to be on their side. The next minute, he is ready to report his findings to Weyland-Yutani. That makes everyone a bit nervous.

MU/TH/UR: Log entry for Alien RPG: Episode 18

I had a blast with this episode.

I really didn’t know what to expect out of Kato but I am pleasantly surprised. Kato put a lot of pressure on Halifax to clean up their act and get things together. At the same time, Kato seems to be sympathetic to some, but not all, of their ails. I really look forward to seeing what Kato comes up with in the future.

On top of the introduction of Kato, it appears that Cabal has a terrible drinking problem. His drinking seems to be having some negative impacts on the crew and the function of the ship. Some words were said and it looks like something may have to be done to remedy the issue.

I don’t know what the crew is going to do during our sessions so I find myself surprised just as much as anyone else. I adapt the best I can but I also try to enjoy these moments. These are the moments that make tabletop RPG gaming so much fun.

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