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Hello and welcome to Lumina Station in Alien RPG: Episode 17. Yes, Halifax remains docked to Lumina Station. However, Halifax continues to make progress and move towards getting back to work. They just have to get through their mandatory “vacation” before heading out.

Spoiler Alert
Warning: You should watch or listen to this episode before reading the rest of this post. The spoilers will ruin the episode for you.


Imogen roams free around Halifax. She seems a bit confused about where she is and how she got into a bedroom aboard Halifax. It seems that she doesn’t remember the majority of what happened in episode 16. However, Ward does his best to calm her and distract her with constructive activities.

At this point, the crew has figured out that Imogen presents challenges beyond their knowledge. However, they also seem to be stuck with her for the time being. Ward thinks she has isolated programs running which causes her to appear to have a split personality.

A Suspicious Suspect

A man with a black wide-brim hat and a back trench coat wanders Lumina Station. A photo of the man was taken by a shop owner and given to Carson. When Carson shows Wade the photo, Wade recognizes the man as someone who intensely stared at him during lunch a few days back. Before Wade was able to make out the man, Wade’s line of sight gets broken by people passing by. The man disappears.

The Investigation

Carson takes the lead in investigating the suspect. Upon the disclosure of the toy spider, Carson visits Galleria Lumina in an attempt to find a store that sells the toy spider. He does find one and after questioning the store owner, Carson ends up with a photo of the suspect. When Carson shows the photo to the crew, Ward immediately recognizes the suspect as the person who stared him down during lunch on Day 3 at Lumina Station.

The investigation takes several more steps but nothing becomes apparent as to who the suspect is or what they want. Halifax will have to wait for more clues to come their way.

MU/TH/UR: Log entry for Alien RPG | Episode 17

I love the intense investigation that took place during this episode. I didn’t expect my players to take the time to explore the possibilities tied to the suspect. Some of their investigation phases left me making quick decisions. I didn’t want to give them too much but I think I gave them enough to consider the suspect as a threat which is what I want.

Imogen is an awesome character. I’m not just saying that because I play her. However, I love how the character continues to develop. I’ve had to come up with some of these developments on the fly and I love where they are leading. I look forward to watching my players figure out everything that Imogen has to offer to the story.

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