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Alien RPG | Episode 16 | We need to talk about It | Halifax Campaign

Hello and welcome to Lumina Station in Alien RPG: Episode 16. There is a new captain aboard Halifax and the onboarding process has only just begun. Episode 15 introduced us to the new captain but there hasn’t been any time to fill the captain in on the dealings with Halifax.

So much has happened in the past year and in order for a captain to properly maintain his crew, he needs to know everything. Ward takes it upon himself to have a deep conversation with Carson. Despite everything that has happened, they also need to talk about It, referring to the slumbering android on board Halifax.

Spoiler Alert
Warning: You should watch or listen to this episode before reading the rest of this post. The spoilers will ruin the episode for you.

The Conversation

The conversation between Ward and Carson is significant. This is a transfer of power between individuals who hardly know each other. Trust plays a huge role. Ward feels vulnerable but he knows what he must do to increase the odds of success with Halifax. Carson doesn’t know what to expect but he believes in himself.

Ward unloads all he can onto Carson. The sheer amount of information feels like boulders falling down a mountainside let alone the details of the information. Stories of tragedy and death plaque Halifax.

Oh shit

Ward and Carson hear Dog making some noise down the hall. When Ward and Carson investigate, they find Imogen awake in Dog’s room. Oh shit, that wasn’t supposed to happen.

Ward’s attachment to Imogen brings out the fatherly figure within him. He does his best to help Imogen orient herself but something seems off. There are small hints that you may be able to pick up if you pay attention close enough. Those hints point to something suspicious.

All signs point to Halifax picking up another mystery that needs attention.

MU/TH/UR: Log entry for Alien RPG: Episode 16

This session served as a means to get the new captain ready for the adventures that lay ahead. I didn’t expect the episode to last as long as it did but I decided to make some last-minute changes to what I had originally planned. I wanted to get Carson deep into the story as fast as possible and introducing Imogen early on felt like a great way to make that happen.

I like the way this episode turned out. There is a lot of information passed on to Carson but this episode serves as a great way to recap some of the events that have happened earlier on in the campaign.

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