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Alien RPG | Episode 15 | Keep on Keeping on | Halifax Campaign

Welcome to Lumina Station and Alien RPG: Episode 15. This ‘tapering spire’ consists of ten levels of circular decks that begin large on that bottom and get increasingly smaller the higher up you go. Visitors are restricted to Deck C where you can find the Galleria Lumina, Hotel Lumina, the chain restaurant Elements, the Promenade, office space, a gym, and restrooms. If you need assistance, head to the middle of Dec C where you will find an information desk and elevators.

Have a nice stay.

Spoiler Alert
Warning: You should watch or listen to this episode before reading the rest of this post. The spoilers will ruin the episode for you.

FYI: Cabal’s baby was sick during the recording of this episode. You may hear his baby crying from time to time. Please excuse the increased amount of edits within this episode. Thanks for understanding.

As of the time I write this article, Cabal’s baby is no longer sick and is perfectly healthy.


In Episode 14, Ward and Cabal arrive at Lumina Station. Cabal heads straight to the restaurant Elements to get drunk. Ward goes to his hotel room and swallows a pill. They both end up getting fucked up and passing out.

The consequences of Ward and Cabal’s behavior come calling the next day. They both wake up in a medical ward with IVs in their arms. Their stay at the hospital comes with a hefty bill. All the money made from the previous job gets spent in one night.

Replacement Crew

Once Ward and Cabal get themselves together, they make their way to Elements where Kate Parker has set up a meeting to introduce the replacement crew members. The names of the replacement crew members are Carson and William.

Everyone does their best to break the ice and exchange some information about themselves and Halifax. Ward and Cabal are still dealing with the loss of their crew members so accepting replacement crew members before they are able to grieve makes the transition a bit difficult.

MU/TH/UR: Log entry for Alien RPG: Episode 15

Some loose ends still linger from season one with Cabal and Ward. I continue my work on closing those loose ends during this episode. I am also working on getting Carson and William in the mix of things. This will take time. There is so much information and so much that has happened. Carson and William are overwhelmed but everything will smooth out over time.

Everyone has an agenda. Some of them we all know about and some of them still remain hidden, even for me. I like that. I think William did a great job at letting us know that he has an agenda while not giving too much away.

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