Walmart’s Exclusive Alien Easter Eggs

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Walmart Alien Easter Eggs


Alien Easter Eggs? Yes, please!

I love the Alien franchise. I’ve been a fan for as long as I can remember. I have collected quite a few figures over the years and I have two Xenomorphs and the Engineer’s ship tattooed on my back (along with Predators).

When I saw these Alien egg pods available at Walmart, I had to have them. Some of you may know that I run an Alien RPG tabletop RPG campaign so if our group decides to meet up in person down the road, I will have Alien miniatures to work with. The purchase of these Alien egg pods has ‘WIN’ written all over it.


The Alien egg pods are exclusive to Walmart. I saw the item become available a couple of weeks before Easter. I placed an order close to Easter and I got mine about a week after Easter. Shipping was slow but I was in no hurry.

This is a pack of four Alien egg pods that contain various types of xenomorphs inside. There are common, uncommon, rare, and ultra-rare variances of Xenomorphs. The Xenomorph can range from Chestburster, Facehugger, and full size. They come in various colors, and some can glow in the dark.

Alien Easter Eggs


As of the time I am writing this article, here is the link to the product on Walmart’s website:

Here is Walmart’s description of the product:

An alien has visited earth and left behind its alien egg pods filled with Xenomorphs, Face Huggers, and Chestbursters…oh my! The ultimate Alien capsule toy! Unwrap! Unlock! Collect! Xenomorphs in all different vibrant colors, and killer poses! Some glow-in-the-dark, some are rare, some are very rare, and some are the RAREST! Collect them all! Four Alien Egg Pods are included in every pack!

  • Alien Eggs – 4-pack of 3-inch Egg Pods. Each package comes with 4 eggs. Each egg contains 2 random Xenomorphs and 1 random creature.
  • Eggs measure 3.19” tall. Xenomorphs range from 1.5” – 2” tall. Chestbursters and Facehuggers range from 0.75” – 2” tall.
  • Open the egg pod to reveal their killer poses, then close it back up again and surprise your next victim!
  • Each pack contains 4 egg pods, 8 Xenomorphs, and 4 creatures in every set.
  • This Walmart Exclusive is made from high-quality ABS and PVC.
  • Featuring iconic characters from the classic Alien movie franchise!
  • Great Easter gift for the Sci-Fi, action fan in your life.
  • Brought to you by The Loyal Subjects, makers of the 3” Action Vinyls and 5” BST AXN collectible figures.


I don’t consider myself to be lucky by any means. I won Bingo at a Bingo hall once when I was a teenager and that’s about the full extent of my luck. My trend with luck continued with the unboxing of the Alien egg pods.

I managed to get myself all common and uncommon xenomorphs and there were no Chestbursters. I got a few Facehuggers and plenty of full-size Xenomorphs but I remain a bit disappointed that I did not get any Chestbursters. Some of the figures may glow in the dark but I haven’t gotten around to testing them out yet.

The figures themselves are small. They are 3 inches but I knew that going in so I’m okay with that. The Alien egg pods are nice. They open up like traditional Easter eggs and they feel quite sturdy. The figures themselves are detailed very nicely. However, they are a little flimsy but they don’t feel like they will break or tear easily.

My wife tells me that I need to order another batch to try and get a Chestburster. I’m not that torn about it but I may order another one anyway. I can never have too many Aliens around the house.

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