Resident Evil Village Demo | Village Scenario

Resident Evil and The Village

Resident Evil is back with Ethan Winters at the forefront of danger once again.

There are two demos within the Resident Evil Village Demo. The part of the demo focuses on The Village or a settlement located within a village. The demo comes with a one hour timer so I tried to run through as quickly as possible so I have enough time to do the second demo.

The village resides in Eastern Europe and is overrun by Lycans. We see the Lycans fairly early into the demo. We run into what appears to be the few remaining survivors of the village. Not all is clear when Ethan runs into the villagers. He tries to get answers but too much is happening. Danger follows and he has to get out of the village before he gets killed by the Lycans.

For more on The Castle portion of the demo and my gameplay video, go here: Resident Evil Village Demo | The Castle Scenario

Mother Miranda

Mother Miranda gets mentioned a few times by the villagers. They even say a prayer together as the village gets torn apart. From what I gather, she rules the village and has some minions that work under her rule. There is a lot of mystery surrounding Mother Miranda, both behind and in front of the mask she wears.

Ethan and Mia Winters

I have to give a quick mention to Ethan. I’m stoked to take control of Ethan again. I enjoyed his character and story in Resident Evil 7. He got thrown into everything with no warning in Resident Evil 7 when he went to look for his wife Mia Winters. Here he is again getting mixed up in the middle of everything and I’m interested to see how he ends up there.

Apparently, Ethan and Mia have been living the quiet life since the incident that occurred at the Baker’s residence. What role will Mia have in Resident Evil Village?