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Welcome to Alien RPG and Halifax: Episode 26. The Halifax team struggles with the aftermath of the fail-safe from Episode 25. Everyone’s reactions to the situation have created more problems that the team now faces.

Meanwhile, Imogen continues to create mysteries surrounding her intentions. She has clarified what she wants to accomplish, but the team can tell that not everything adds up. There are holes in her story that need to get filled and I don’t think anyone plans to get the full scoop anytime soon.

Warning: You should watch or listen to this episode before reading the rest of this post. The spoilers will ruin the episode for you.
Warning: You should watch or listen to this episode before reading the rest of this post. The spoilers will ruin the episode for you.

Conflict continues to present itself between crew members while Cabal remains ‘imprisoned’ in a cryotube. Not everyone is on board with locking Cabal up. Kato decides to take Cabal’s fate into his own hands. Kato sneaks off to the Cryo Deck and releases Cabal.

A conversation between all of the crew members leads to finger-pointing and elevated emotions. However, Carson realizes that he has had enough and takes charge of the situation. He takes responsibility for his actions and then the rest of the crew follows. By the end of the conversation, everyone seems to come back together and they are eager to get back to work.

What does MU/TH/UR think?

We have witnessed a lot of struggle in season two. Carson and Kato have absorbed a lot from their time aboard Halifax. Meanwhile, Ward and Cabal had been through a lot before Carson and Kato came on board. There are bound to be complications but I don’t think any of us expected this much.

With that said, I think that we have finally made progress. The conversations and consequences have been harsh but something about this confrontation felt different. I think we may finally see a change in how the crew operates. I obviously don’t know for sure as they have surprised me repeatedly, but I look forward to whatever comes next.

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