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Welcome to Alien RPG: Episode 25. The crew of Halifax continues to find common ground amongst themselves and emotions heighten. The crew spends a lot of time together and can be considered family.

However, they are not family. They are Weyland-Yutani employees and they have a job to do. That means that they have to remain civil with one another. There are times when that isn’t so simple and things get out of hand. Given the current circumstances, there is a fail-safe in place.


Cabal continues to struggle with his alcohol addiction. His addiction leads to a downward spiral that takes the entire crew with him. Threats are made and emotions flare as Cabal and Ward come face to face with an encounter that will not soon be forgotten. The consequences of these actions will stain Halifax for some time to come.

When you think about it, who is to blame? It’s easy to blame Cabal for the fallout because he is the one facing his addiction ultimately on his own. No matter who is to blame, Halifax currently has a fail-safe in place whether they like it or not.


PvP makes its debut in this episode. The encounter does not last very long but the impact will be felt for a long time on so many levels.


The terms forced upon Halifax by Imogen continue to make themselves known. The crew tends to forget that Imogen is running the ship, especially when conflict arises. Furthermore, she spends most of her time invisible. Let’s face it, it’s easy to forget about Imogen these days.

That doesn’t stop Imogen from making herself known when she needs to be. She doesn’t take threats lightly. This becomes apparent when Cabal storms out of Halifax and threatens to talk about Imogen to anyone who will listen. Now Cabal has been put on a shitlist and will find out that alcohol isn’t such a problem anymore.


I was not expecting much of anything that happened in this episode. This is our first session since the summer break and the real heat made itself apparent. I’m really proud of my players for how they handled this session. It was that tense. However, it’s all in good fun.

I left a lot of the gaming elements in this episode. PvP makes its debut and I wanted to leave the process in place in case anyone might be curious about how to approach PvP. The PvP encounter is not a large portion of episode 25, but its impact will be felt for a long time and create ripples within the crew.

I had to come up with some homebrew content on the fly. I left some of the elements of the process in the episode to hopefully inspire any Alien RPG players or MU/TH/UR’s that watch.

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