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In war-torn Tsushima, ancient beauty endures

Venture beyond the battlefield to experience feudal Japan like never before. In this open-world action adventure, you’ll roam the vast countryside and expansive terrain to encounter rich characters, discover ancient landmarks, and uncover the hidden beauty of Tsushima.

Explore meticulously-crafted regions showcasing the diversity of life on the sprawling island—from billowing fields and tranquil shrines to ancient forests, villages, and stark mountainscapes. Find peace in the quiet moments of natural harmony and solace in the moments you’ll share with the people you help along the way.

The Rise of the Ghost

Jin was raised and trained in the ways of the samurai. When the Mongols handily defeat the samurai forces, Jin’s world is shattered. He is faced with the most difficult decision of his life: honor the tradition and customs of his samurai upbringing and maintain a fight he cannot win, or deviate from his samurai path to protect the island and its people by any means necessary.

In his quest to reclaim Tsushima, Jin must seek the guidance and support of old friends and new unlikely allies. He must break away from tradition, become a new kind of warrior, and protect what’s left of his home at all costs.

Mud, blood, and steel

The Mongol enemy is unpredictable and formidable in warfare and weaponry. Get the upper hand by adapting Jin’s skills and learning new tactics to defend the island and protect the people of Tsushima.

Challenge opponents head-on in close quarters with your katana for a unique immersive samurai combat experience. Master the bow to eliminate distant threats with lethal precision. Develop stealth and deception tactics to disorient and ambush enemies with surprise attacks.

An adaptive landscape and organic approach to combat make Tsushima the perfect playground for mixing and matching skills, weapons, and tactics to find the perfect combat blend for your play style. As Jin’s story unfolds, versatility and creativity will become your greatest weapons.


Ghost of Tsushima legit makes me feel like a Samurai. The game does a great job of adding mechanics as you move along. I never felt overwhelmed by button combinations even though by the time you get to the end game there are a ton, and that tends to be a problem for me. Not here.

The combat is super fluid and works so well. I have become so used to locking onto enemies that I had trouble at first. Ghost of Tsushima does the locking on for you but also makes it easy to switch enemies which is crucial in this type of combat. Somehow it works well and I managed to grow to like the change of not having to press R3 on every enemy.


Ghost of Tsushima is absolutely beautiful. It may be the most beautiful game I’ve ever played. The light from the sun and moon reflects and casts shadows that all look real. The wind feels real and even acts as a guide to get you to the next objective. The blood splashes and spills as you would expect. The music immerses you.

I can’t say enough about the atmosphere. You simply have to experience it yourself. It is amazing.


Ghost of Tsushima is unlike anything I have ever played. There are similar game mechanics drawn from games we are familiar with. However, they feel super polished and introduce some slight variances that make the gameplay feel refreshing. Also, the story is fantastic.

I love Ghost of Tsushima.

Ghost of Tsushima As I See It

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