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Ties That Bind Gaming presents Lethal Company, a co-op horror that’ll put your crew’s bond to the ultimate test. Work together or die alone.

This is Demon’s Souls as I see it. A solid entry point to the Soulsborne video game genre. Every step is a challenge and the rewards are satifsfying.

This is Once Human as I see it. Bones for a unique post-apocalyptic survival-horror sandbox experience can be found in its weirdness.

This is Silent Hill 2 as I see it. Silent Hill 2 is on my top 10 list of horror video games. Silent Hill 2 is horrifying and it doesn’t wait long to kick in.

The Silent Hill series holds a special place in my heart. Silent Hill 3 has been in my top 10 list of horror video games since I played the game at release.

This is Dysmantle as I see it. This video game got me through a tonsilectomy and I loved every minute. Survival-lite at its best.

This is the Reveil Demo as I see it. I accidently stumbled upon this psychological horror video game and decided to give it a try.

This is Dead Space as I see it. I love horror video games and I love Dead Space. The 2023 release attempts to recapture the magic that made the original Dead Space…

This is the Luto Demo as I see it. The psychological horror video game instills dread while a terrifying ghost wearing a sheet chases you.

This is Days Gone as I see it. An open-world adventure plagued with terrifying zombies that pose threats around every corner.

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