Video Games

Video Games

Video games takes us to other worlds through the vision of its creators. We play video games by ourselves, with family and friends on the couch, or with play with anyone from anywhere in the world. Some games are cooperative where others are competetive.

Ties that binds gaming plays a lot of video games. TTBG gameplay is real and not edited to project masterful gameplay. Watch as TTBG navigates through a video game for the first time just like you would if it were you playing.

The Latest Video Game Content


This is a YouTube playlist featuring all the episodes of my Frostpunk gameplay. This is a complete run through of the main campaign. I tried all of the other campaign (except The Last Autumn) and I didn’t quite like them as much. However, the main campaign is exceptional. Has anyone played the board game? From […]

Dark Souls III

This is a YouTube playlist featuring all the episodes of a run through Dark Souls III. I never finished this run through and I probably never will. I hadn’t played in a while and it shows. Regardless, it fits the theme of the website so I made it available. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: Dark […]