Video Games

Video games takes us to other worlds through the vision of its creators. We play video games by ourselves, with family and friends on the couch, or with play with anyone from anywhere in the world. Some games are cooperative where others are competetive.

Ties that binds gaming plays a lot of video games. TTBG gameplay is real and not edited to project masterful gameplay. Watch as TTBG navigates through a video game for the first time just like you would if it were you playing.

The Latest Video Game Content

Luto Demo

This is the Luto Demo as I see it. The psychological horror video game instills dread while a terrifying ghost wearing a sheet chases you.

Ghost of Tsushima

This is Ghost of Tsushima as I see it. An incredible journey full of fluid combat and emotion.

Adam: Lost Memories

This is Adam: Lost Memories as I see it. Adam explores his childhood anxieties and paints a horrific picture of past events.

Days Gone

This is Days Gone as I see it. An open-world adventure plagued with terrifying zombies that pose threats around every corner.

The Mortuary Assistant

This is The Mortuary Assistant as I see it. The repetitive tasks are broken up by haunting scenarios and jump scares that create a horrifying experience.


This is Visage as I see it. The game is incredibly spooky and hard. If you love horror video games, this one is a must-play. Wear a diaper.

Salt and Sanctuary

This is Salt and Sanctuary as I see it. It’s a Metroidvania with Soulslike elements. The artwork and atmosphere are unique and the gameplay is fun.


This is Grime as I see it. A solid Metroidvania with rewarding gameplay and oodles of atmosphere.

Diablo II: Resurrected

This is Diablo II: Resurrected as I see it. The 2000 classic gets an overhaul with visual and gameplay improvements. It’s hellish fun!