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Alien RPG | Episode 3 | Halifax Campaign | New Beginnings

Chapter 3.2 – Elements

Episode Three begins where we left off in Episode Two. The crew had a run-in with Zoe at the restaurant, elements.

Kate: What is the meaning of this?

Zoe does not try to run. Instead, she remains on the floor, crying. She is clearly upset about the death of her husband, Russel Cook.

  • Kate
    • Who are you?
  • Zoe
    • (Still crying)
    • I want my husband back. She took him from me! (She points at Helen)

Kate looks at Helen and mouths ‘I got this’. Kate leans down to Zoe to comfort her and attempts to talk to her.

You are back at W-Y headquarters, in the front lobby.

  • Kate
    • I am so sorry for what happened back there. Are you all okay?

Chapter 4 – New Beginnings

About a month and a half passed. You have spent your time trying your best to enjoy time away from the Middle Heavens. You have spent a lot of time in your room but you have adventured out from time to time. You have been back to Elements a few times. You like it there when no one is trying to rip your head off.

You are not used to having so much freedom to move around without having to worry about so many possibilities of things going wrong. Engines, air scrubbers, or any part of the ship for that matter could fail. A fight between crew members could cause tension that might result in critical duties going undone. An explosion, much like the one that caused half of your crew to get sucked out into space without any warning, might end everything at any time. Yes, you really should be enjoying this time off.

But you are not. You are anxious to get back out there and work hard to earn your living. Who knows? If you save enough money, one day you may be able to retire in one of the colonies you visited during your travels, a colony that is well-established and has a good thing going.

Luck would have it that today is that day. You and Halifax are ready to get back out there. In fact, you are so excited that you are already in the lobby waiting for Kate to arrive before the front doors to W-Y have unlocked. You wait there for a few moments when Kate and Lilliana walk in through the front doors.

  • Kate
    • (She has a smile on her face)
    • I had a feeling that you would be waiting for me. Follow me.
    • (It looks like she sends a text as you begin walking)
    • Andromeda and Titanic were here all night last night prepping for today. We will meet them at the hangar.

You follow Kate through a series of corridors. You have been down these corridors many times to check on Halifax. An escort always accompanies you because there are so many doors and turns that you get lost every time. Today is no exception. You are lucky to have Kate with you.

You finally reach a pair of double doors where you see Lilliana, Andromeda, and Titanic waiting for your arrival. The doors are locked with a key card. Titanic uses his keycard to open and hold the door for everyone to enter. Through the doors, you go into a giant hangar that houses several ships, including Halifax. You see your ship and run over to take a look. Halifax looks brand new. There isn’t a scratch or dent to be found.

  • Kate
    • I hope you are pleased with our efforts. Please go inside and take a look.
  • Kate
    • Halifax is yours. You look eager to go so let’s go ahead and look at what sort of jobs we have available at this time (she pulls out her tablet and takes a look at it for a few minutes). It looks like we already have a job assigned to you. We are going to start you off easy so you can get back into the swing of things. I’ll send the details over to Halifax for you to review once you are back on board. The good news is that the cargo is here on Earth so you have already been loaded up. All you have to do is drop it off.
  • Kate
    • Your belongings have already been transferred to Halifax. You are all set to go when you are ready. This will be the last time I meet with you face to face for a while. Look…I can only imagine that what happened has been traumatizing for all of you. I hope you know that you have our full support should you need it. Do you have any questions for me before you go?
  • Kate
    • Good luck and pleasant journey.

Kate gives a wave, turns around, and leaves Halifax and the five of you to your business. The time has come to get back into the stars. Everyone is currently standing right beside Halifax inside the hangar. The boarding ramp is open.

  • Andromeda
    • (She turns to Helen)
    • Captain, we need to prepare the crew and ship for liftoff. Let me know when we are ready to go. I’ll signal the staff to guide our ship out of the hangar and onto the tarmac
    • I have prepared a briefing for the entire crew. At your earliest convenience, please rally everyone to the bridge for the presentation.
  • Mother
    • It has been a while since you have been amongst the stars and we are a bit short-staffed. I believe that it is in our best interest to review everyone’s responsibilities for Halifax.
    • Helen Troi
      • Halifax Captain
    • Ward Foley
      • Halifax Medic
    • Elliot DuMont
      • Halifax Pilot
    • Titanic Westwood
      • Weyland-Yutani Company Representative
      • Halifax job duties are unspecified
      • Recommend a course of action – Captain should assign duties based on talents
    • Andromeda
      • Halifax Engineer
      • Hypersleep duties
      • Maintains ship
      • Assist crew when waking up
      • If an emergency occurs, unclassified details of the emergency are available up wake up
    • Now, we are a little understaffed; everyone will need to work together if assigned duties need to be rerouted or an emergency occurs
    • I advise that we review standard procedures for Halifax
    • Planetfall
      • Prep
        • Check trajectory
        • Check for any implications of failure
      • Check the status of the crew
        • Everyone should be on the bridge
        • Everyone must buckle up
      • Begin landing or takeoff procedures
    • Prepping for Hypersleep
      • Have a meal
      • Check/create logs
      • Prep the ship
      • Check and prepare cryotubes
      • Take Hydr8tion Pills to avoid dehydration upon waking up from hypersleep
      • Andromeda does not go into hypersleep so she can assist in any way
      • She will monitor you and the ship
      • This is standard procedure
    • Hypersleep
      • Please review the documentation regarding hypersleep. It’s a matter of life and death
      • Halifax’s current FTL rating is 12. That means it takes 12 days to travel one parsec in FTL travel.
      • Failure to travel at FTL speed results in forfeit of payment and may result in termination from the job.
        • Why? Longer travel = loss of money
      • Wake from Hypersleep
        • Hydrate
        • Do some stretching or exercise
        • Check your location
        • Make sure you are where you are supposed to be
        • Check/create logs
        • Check the ship’s condition
        • Have a meal
      • Emergencies during Hypersleep
        • Everyone will be awakened from hypersleep
        • If possible, the captain is required to report to MU/TH/UR asap
      • Weekly Maintenance
        • Heavy Machinery
          • Andromeda
        • Comtech
          • MU/TH/UR or Anyone else
          • Damage to the ship is possible if skipped
    • On another note, W-Y has supplied you with the following supplies. Please be sure you write this down:
    • The following can be found in the pantry:
      • 8 Colony Specialty Meals
        • Food supply +1 and Stress -1 / meal
      • 8 Candy bars
        • Food supply +1 / candy bar
      • 24 Bottles of company-supplied water
        • Water supply +1 / bottle
      • 30 cans of Aspen Beer
        • Stress -1 and Wits -1 / can of beer
      • 1 bottle of hard liquor
        • Stress -1 and Wits -1 / glass
    • The following can be found in Medlab
      • 8 Hydr8tion pills
        • counteracts dehydration during hypersleep
      • 8 Naproleve
        • Reduces stress to zero
        • Each additional dose within the same shift decreases all agility-based skill roles by 1 until the end of the shift
    • The following can be found in the EVA room:
      • 5 IRC MK.50 Compression Suits
      • 5 Compression Masks
      • 5 Filter Masks
    • W-Y has authorized The Halifax to receive free refills of the following supplies when visiting a W-Y-sponsored facility:
      • Prefab meals
      • Company supplied water
      • W-Y coffee
        • Stress +1
        • Postpones lack of sleep effect
    • Keep in mind that free supplies are meant for onboard consumption and will only last about 2-3 jobs. You must keep track of these supplies or you will run out.
    • Finally, Weekly wages have been restored. Please check your profile for details.
    • End of briefing
  • Andromeda
    • Well, that was a mouthful. Thanks, Muthur. Let me know when you are ready, Captain.

You feel the ship lightly rock back and forth and side to side as a ship taxi carries your ship out of the hangar and onto the tarmac. The sky is as clear as can be today. It’s a perfect day to take off.

You are once again among the Stars of The Middle Heavens. You unbuckle your harness, stretch a little and then give a high-five to the closest person next to you. Your excitement is short-lived when you realize that you have a job to do. You are here to deliver cargo and make money.

Part 2 – Introductions are over

Chapter 1 – Work, work

  • Mother
    • I’m sure everyone feels a bit rusty. I will talk you through our first job. Our first job has been assigned the ID of JOB.2.1.1
    • Please follow along with me as I talk you through the job
    • The employer is Weyland-Yutani
    • Halifax will get a reward of at least $20,000 when the job is confirmed as complete
    • We are delivering foodstuff and water
    • The destination has a thin atmosphere so you will need to wear a compressor mask when outdoors
    • Our start destination is Earth
    • Our end destination is Barnard’s Star: Moab.
      • The size is 2,000 km
      • The gravity is 0.1G
      • There is a thin atmosphere
      • The temperature is cold
      • This is a moon so the geosphere has the likes of a desert world
      • There are 35 colonists
      • Some are scientists
      • Their allegiance is to 3WE
      • This is a research colony
      • There is a survey station in orbit
    • If you look at the map, you will see that Barnard’s Star is 1.5 parsecs away from Earth. It will take 18 days to get there in FTL.
    • Will you go into hypersleep during FTL travel to our destination?
      • Neurological Distortion Disorder is possible if not
    • Preparations must be completed before FTL travel. Failure to do so may result in serious injuries or death.
    • Once a job is complete, the job must be marked complete. The ship officer can complete this task in the captain’s quarters or the mainframe.
    • After marking the job as complete and if a new job is available, the new job will be assigned to you. If there is no new job, you are free to do as you like with the current system you are in. Your weekly pay will remain in effect.
    • Any questions?

To be continued…

Log Entry from MU/TH/UR

There is a shift coming. As we exit Part One of the campaign, the crew begins to take responsibility. The time has come for Halifax to get back out there and make some money. The crew has been eager to do so since they arrived on Earth. Now that they have Halifax back, what are the plans?


Our crew will be heading back to work soon. What sort of mysteries will they uncover while making their rounds?

Technical Note

The unfortunate portion belongs to the video recording. Something happened to the recording that caused the video to stutter and stop at times. However, the audio survived and there wasn’t too much of a reliance on Roll20 in this episode so, at the very least, you can at least listen to episode three. Technical difficulties seem to be a reoccurring theme with Halifax. We will keep working on getting that fixed so bear with us while we work.

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