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Alien RPG | Episode 2 | Halifax Campaign | The Reunion

I was a bit nervous again at the beginning of episode two. However, I felt like I snapped out of my nervous skin much sooner than I did in episode one. After I shook of that nervous feeling, I felt like I was able to run episode two much smoother than episode one.

I had my notes in front of me but just like anyone who runs a tabletop rpg campaign, the players didn’t follow everything I had planned. This really put my amateur game mother skills to the test. I hadn’t planned on the Halifax crew wanting to inspect the ship but they wanted to so I had to think fast. Fortunately, I think everything went well. The Halifax crew uncovered a little bit of additional information but that information just sparked more questions. All in all, the side quest that I hadn’t expected turned out to be fun and useful.

We had a couple of technical difficulties but not nearly as many as we had in episode one. I’ll take that as a win.

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The following log entries are my notes prior to running episode two. Please be advised that the video may be slightly different from what you read.

Chapter 2 – The Reunion

You wake up the next morning to the horrifying sound of (pause for dramatic effect, as if something scary is about to happen) an alarm clock. W-Y must have set them ahead of time to make sure everyone woke up at the same time. There is a message on your video phone that directs you to meet at the W-Y headquarters lobby in one hour. That’s enough time to get a shower, get dressed, drink coffee and eat some breakfast.

One hour passes and you walk over to the lobby of W-Y headquarters. Titanic is already in the lobby, waiting for your arrival.

Titanic will lead you to a meeting room.

The Meeting

You are buzzed through a secure door that leads you through a series of hallways and more secure doors. After a few moments of walking, you finally reach your destination. When you enter the room, you see a tall, fit woman with blonde hair in her late 40’s or early 50’s sitting at the table. She bares the familiar face of Kate Parke. She holds a tablet in her hands and looks to be reading through some notes.

There is another woman who is sitting next to Kate. She looks much younger, probably in her mid to late 20’s. She also has a tablet in her hand but notices you when you enter the room. She whispers something in Kate’s.

You see two marines standing at the ready on the opposite sides of the room. They look to be in their mid to late 20’s and are dressed in casual marine clothes with pistols strapped to their sides.

There is another marine sitting at the table. He looks like he may be in his mid to late 40’s and in charge of the two marines standing up. He is also dressed in casual marine clothes. He is facing you and he eyes you up as you enter the room.

After a few seconds pass by, Kate puts their tablet down on the table. Kate gets up and greets you. She looks pleased to see you.


Kate: Hello and welcome. Would you like some coffee?

Kate: Please have a seat.

She points to the table.

Kate asks some questions:
How is everyone this morning? Were you able to get some sleep?
Have your accommodations been satisfactory since you have arrived?
How was the journey home?
Where is the rest of your crew?

Kate seems sorry for their loss.

Kate introduces the people in the room.
Kate Parker (Corporate Exec)
Liliana Martin (Kate’s Personal Assistant)
Sgt. Albert Johns (Col Marshal)
Cpl. Ryder Stone (Col Marine)
Pvt. Feathers (Col Marine)


Kate asks a series of questions:
What happened?
What do you remember?
Do you remember anything out of the ordinary?
Were there any indications of the possibility of an explosion?
Did anyone seem suspicious when you were picking up the cargo?
Some paperwork has gone missing from the pickup site. Did anyone come across any paperwork that may have belonged to the colony?
I cannot express how sorry I am for your loss. The Halifax will be fully repaired by our technicians. The repairs will take about 35 days. W-Y Headquarters and the rooms you were given will be your home for the time being. All essential expenses will be compensated during your stay.


A woman walks into the meeting room. She walks over to Kate and stands next to her. She looks tough, like someone you do not want to get into a fist fight with. Her long unkempt hair is dark, almost black, and combed over to the right side but the left side of her head is shaved. Her left ear has many piercings. There are tattoos covering every bit of skin you can see. Some tattoos look like they are covering or accenting scars. Her mirthless eyes and rough hands compliment her flannel button up shirt, baggy jeans and black steel-toe boots.

Kate: Ah, just in time. Halifax, this is Andromeda. She is an android and she will replace the android lost in the Halifax explosion.

Andromeda: I prefer the term ‘Artificial Person’ myself.

Kate: Right. Sorry. Um…she is a very tough cookie and an expert with her hands. She will take care of ship maintenance and she can fix all kinds of equipment. If you need her to, she can even drive a Powered Work Loader. I’ve heard that her kind in your line of work are often called a Roughneck.

Andromeda gives a nod to the Halifax crew.

Wrapping Things Up

Finally, we are going to add Titanic to your crew. We want to do some investigation into the explosion on Halifax. We have chosen Titanic to be the company representative aboard Halifax. He will meet with key personnel during your travels.
Titanic is more than happy to help around the ship. He may need a bit of training on some of your equipment but he does a decent job with comtech.
I know this may come as a surprise and you may not even like it but it is imperative that we get to the bottom of this.
Does anyone have any questions?

When the questions are done and the meeting wraps up:

Thanks for attending the meeting.
Me, Titanic and Andromeda are going to go across the street to Elements tonight for dinner and drinks. Their food and drinks are amazing. I would love to have all of you join us.
That whole area over there is a commercial zone. You’ll find shops over there should you care to walk around beforehand. Elements has a huge, bright sign out front. You can’t miss it.
I’ll see you then.
Oh, and by the way, be sure to take anything out of the ship that you don’t want to lose before you come to dinner tonight.

Chapter 3.1 – Elements

From here on, when I say ‘You’, I mean the entire crew of Halifax. However, Andromeda and Titanic will remain separate for the time being.

You enter Elements. There are several people already inside. A lot of them are wearing W-Y attire so they must have just gotten off of work and come here to unwind.

Elements looks like your average restaurant/bar. There is a heavy industrial feel and smell to the place but everything is very clean. There are a couple of employees tending the bar In the middle of the restaurant. You see televisions hanging on the walls displaying various types of entertainment and news. The bar and tables all have headlines circling around them in English and Japanese languages.

Waiting to be Seated

You stand there for another moment taking in the elements of Elements. A waitress walks up to you.

Leah (Waitress)

Welcome to Elements. My name is Leah. How many will be in your party tonight?
Andromeda will somehow mention Halifax
Wait, you are part of the Halifax group?
Well why didn’t you say so? Someone in your party is already here. Follow me.

Grab a Seat

The table you are taken to sits towards the back of the restaurant and is big enough to fit 10 guests. Titanic Westwood has already claimed a seat and is sipping on a drink.

Leah (Waitress): Can I get you all something to drink?

You order drinks. A few moments pass by and Leah comes back with your drinks.

Leah: What can I get you to eat?

You order food.

Leah calls to you to let you know that your food is getting ready to come out. It’s time to get back to the table. You sit down just in time to greet Leah setting your plates down on the table. You begin to eat your dinner.


As you are eating, a woman approaches your table. She doesn’t look like a waitress.

Hello. I’m Zoe. I work for W-Y in the administration department. I heard about what happened. I’m sorry for your loss.
I’m new at W-Y. I’ve only been working here for a week and I don’t know many people yet. I did hear that this place was great so I had to come to check it out. Would you mind if I join you for dinner?

She eventually figures out that Helen is in charge of the ship. When she does, she asks to be excused to use the restroom. When she comes back, she sits next to Helen. They resume talking.

At some point, Zoe will walk back to the table. When she arrives, she pulls Helen from her chair and starts a fight. Zoe says, ‘You killed Russel!” Helen gains one stress.

Kate: What is the meaning of this?

Chapter 3 to be continued…

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