Alien RPG Resources

Alien RPG Resources

Alien RPG has become a passion of mine so I created an Alien RPG resources website that houses all of the tools that I use to run my homebrew campaign, Halifax: Precious Cargo betwixt Dragons and Ghosts.

Roll20 Virtual Environment

I run my Alien RPG campaign entirely online. I do so because it allows me to play with friends that live too far to play in person. Some of my players live in other states. I knew this from the start so I have built my entire campaign with remote play in mind.

The Alien RPG resources website takes you through the tools that use to create my virtual environment. Roll20 plays a large role in my campaign. I use several Roll20 add-ons to create environments and provide documentation.

There can be challenges with playing remotely which include unreliable internet connections and platform limitations. Dropped internet connections can take everyone out of the immersive experience while everyone waits for internet connections to restore. Platform limitations can damper creative and immersive intents.

Build a Campaign

There are a lot of building blocks that I use to build my campaign. The pile of building blocks continues to grow as the campaign progresses. I’ve taken all of those building blocks and listed them on the Alien RPG resources website.

From my experience, I tend to have a lot of documents open when in session. I have three computer monitors and I still feel like I need more. That may just be me though but that just goes to show you how many building blocks I use.

Free & Paid

The Alien RPG books and the Roll20 add-ons are paid resources. However, I believe that the costs are well worth the return. You obviously need the books to play the game so that’s a no-brainer. The Roll20 add-ons are not necessary but they have allowed for additional flexibility.

The rest of the resources that I use are free.

Alien RPG Planet Generator

I also created an Alien RPG Planet Generator for Alien RPG. Halifax is a space truckers campaign so my players visit a lot of planets. I found planet creation tedious so I wrote a web app to generate the planets I need. You’ll get all the pertinent information you need but you’ll still need the book from time to time to fill in some gaps.

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