Press the 'Generate Planet' button to generate a planet. All modifiers are in place and calculate according to a random roll.

Planet Size

Size: 2,000 km

Surface Gravity: 0.1G

Examples: Lapetus


Type: Breathable


Temperature: Frozen

Average Temperature: –50°C or less

Description: Titan, Pluto, Enceladus


Type: Temperate-Wet World

Description: Oceans cover 60-70% of the world's surface

Ice Planet Terrain

Type: Deep fissures leading to a subsurface ocean

Colony Size

Size: Start-up

Population: 3D6x10

Missions: 1

Colony Mission

Type: Communications Relay


In Orbit: Little (perhaps wreckage) or nothing

Number of Factions

Number of Factions: One dominant, one weak faction

Colony Factions

Colony Factions: Workers

Colony Allegiance

Independant Core System Colonies: No allegiance (Independant)

American or Anglo Japanese Arm: Weyland-Yutani

Scenario Hooks

Hook: Incidents of sabotage are increasing; security suspects and organized campaign