Halifax has been played entirely online. These resources are based on online play although not all resources are for online play only.

Roll20 Virtual Environment


Virtual Environment Online Play Free

If you want to play online with friends, Roll20 does a great job at creating a virtual environment to run a tabletop RPG campaign.

Roll20 is free outside the box. However, you can expand upon its functionality through the Roll20 Marketplace.

Alien RPG Starter Set

Roll20 Marketplace Add-on

I use the Alien RPG Starter Set which Free League Publishing put together themselves. What I like best is that it acts as a player handbook.

Complete conversion of the fast and effective version of the ALIEN RPG Ruleset as searchable handouts

A complete Cinematic scenario, "Chariot of the Gods" by sci-fi novelist Andrew E.C. Gaska

Full floor plans for the scenario, featuring Dynamic Lighting (plus/pro feature)

Five pre-generated characters, plus character sheets for all additional playable NPC's

Full color map of chartered space in the year 2183

Game marker tokens for keeping track of characters, motion tracker pings, and more

Card decks for keeping track of weapons, personal agendas, NPCs, and combat initiative

Rollable tokens featuring the custom ALIEN RPG Base Dice and Stress Dice

Hostile Organism

Roll20 Marketplace Add-on

This add-on gives you the tools to create a creepy environment that works well with Alien RPG. I have used it to create a couple of space stations in my Halifax homebrew campaign.

Animated Assets living character tokens, Active locations and Interactive map features

Custom Audio Use the included soundscapes to add another layer of immersion to your sessions

Pre Built Maps the pack includes several maps already built to help you dive in straight away, or practice building your own maps.

Dynamic lighting pre built dynamically lit maps and characters (subscribing users)

Fully Modular mapping tiles Seamless map tiles enable you to create your own star ship interiors using corridors, rooms and vents.

Cinematic assets Don't just throw bad guys at the enemy, use the scene based animations to create memorable moments in your story!

Dark Colony

Roll20 Marketplace Add-on

I found Dark Colony to be extremely useful for creating a colony. There are multiple packages (four at the time of I wrote this) that you can purchase. I have and use them all.

Build a Campaign

Alien RPG Core Rulebook

Book PDF Required

You'll need the core rulebook first and foremost. When you buy the book, you will also receive a PDF of the book. I use the PDF during sessions because I like the ability to search for keywords to find answers quickly.

Free League Online Resources

Tools Sets Tokens

Free League published an article that offers free and paid content. You'll find tools, sets and tokens. I use the tokens for the Halifax campaign.

Fantasy Name Generator

Name Generator Free

This website is awesome for naming your NPC's, planets, stars and just about anything else.

Darren Curtis

Music Free

I searched for music that I could resonate with and provide the environmental sound I was looking for. Darren delivers where no one else I found could. He has music that fits every scenario.

Google Docs

Writing Organization Free

I tried a few word processing and story building applications. Either they were more than I needed or not enough. On top of that, some of them had a price tag. I settled with Google Docs. If you insert a table to contents, Google Docs works great for writing a campaign and making notes.

Google Sheets

Spreadsheet Organization Free

This is were I keep track of planets, people, equipment and various other bits of information. Sorting alphabetically helps a lot.

Run a Campaign

Planet Generator

Generator Tool

I have to toot my own horn for a moment here. I built a planet generator specifically meant for generating a planet (not a star system) on the fly.

Halifax is a space truckers campaign which means my players visit a lot of planets. I needed a quick fix for generating planets so I built a planet generator myself.

Combat Flowchart

Flowchart Tool

Combat in Alien RPG is quite different than any tabletop RPG that I have played. In Halifax, combat does not occur often so I often find myself unprepared for combat even when I think I am. This flow chart helped me alleviate a lot of pain.

Credit goes to u/Wendelius