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Alien RPG provides a fantastic framework but homebrew content expanded the framework. I use all of the following homebrew content in the Alien RPG: Halifax campaign.

Alien RPG provides a fantastic framework but homebrew content expanded the framework. I use all of the following homebrew content in the Alien RPG: Halifax campaign.


Alien RPG Corporate Executive

Kate Parker

Kate works for Weyland-Yutani as a Corporate Executive. She takes on the responsibility of Halifax and its crew.

Kate manages several Wey-Yu starfreighters including Halifax. She sees to the well-being, problems, jobs, and so much more, of her ships and its crew. If something comes up that the crew of Halifax can't handle, Kate is the first point of contact.

Kate genuinely cares for the employees that work under her. She does want Wey-Yu and her employees to succeed. Her talents make her good at what she does giving her ships a high success rate at sufficiently completing jobs. Halifax is an anomaly.

Alien RPG Android


Andromeda looks tough, like someone you do not want to get into a fist fight with. Her long unkempt hair is dark, almost black, and combed over to the right side but she loves to wear hats. Her ears have several piercings. There are tattoos covering every bit of skin you can see. Some tattoos look like they are covering or accenting scars. Her mirthless eyes and rough hands compliment her flannel button up shirt, baggy jeans and black steel-toe boots.

The funny thing is that she is as gentle as can be, if you are on her good side. She loves to take care of the ship and the crew. She specializes in cooking cornbread.

Alien RPG Imogen Gray

Imogen Gray

Imogen Gray is shrouded in mystery.

Alien RPG Grim


Grim was picked up from Monos in the Lalandea 21185 system as a puppy. Andromeda found the puppy in the cargo bay after a wild dog attack. The puppy would not have survived on its own so Andromeda decided to train the wild dog anytime the crew was in cryosleep.

The training from Andromeda has fortified Grim beyond typical wild dogs. He is taller, bigger, stronger, and smarter.

Alien RPG Buddy


Buddy is my personal Easter egg and has no impact on the game. He is a Puggle that I adopted from the Mid-Atlantic Pug Rescue back in 2009. We had a good 13 years together but old age caught up to him and the inevitable finally came.

Buddy passed away peacefully on September 02, 2022.

This NPC entry serves as a tribute to my best friend.


Halifax Devan


Devin is an adroid that works alongside Weyland-Yutani employees aboard Aeon Station, a top-secret Wey-Yu spacestation.

It was custom built by engineering genius Patrick Gray. The two of them worked together to create Imogen Gray.

A lot of mystery still surrounds Devin. No one knows why Devin has gone rogue.

Alien RPG Working Joe

Working Joe

Working Joes, also referred to as Maintenance Synths, were a line of rudimentary androids manufactured and sold by the Seegson Corporation. They were encountered aboard the decommissioned space station, Sevastopol, in 2137 and later in 2202, on the surface of LV-895, by Amanda Ripley-McClaren and the Colonial Marine fireteam, respectively.

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Alien RPG Wild Dog

Wild Dog

A thriving pack of wild dogs tend to be found on planets with lots of water, shade, and food. These large, grotesque dogs have no hair on their body so they depend on water and shade to provide skin care treatments. The canine teeth protrude the mouth and are very long and sharp. Their eyes have a translucent pupil which makes their eyes look like they are completely white.

Wild dogs are excellent hunters and deadly fighters. They tend to stay away from human colonies but if cornered or provoked, they will attack.

Not only are they physically capable, but they are smart, too. A pack of wild dogs are able to plan out a hunt ahead of time but can easily adapt to unforeseen challenges. They click their teeth and use a whistle that comes from the throat to communicate.

The average height of a wild dog is 37 inches from paws to withers and weight about 130 pounds.

A puppy can be trained to become a fiercely loyal companion.

Medical Supplies


Strength +1
Effect Duration
1 Shift


Wits +1
Effect Duration
1 Shift
Does not effect learning a new talent

Suits and Armor

Medical Gear

Clear face shield, filtered face mask, hair net, medical gown, surgical gloves, medical booties
Armor Rating
Air Supply
Virulence Rating -2


Two Way Radio

Push-To-Talk handheld radio with channel selector
Power Supply 7, Range Long