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Resident Evil and The Castle

Resident Evil is back with Ethan Winters at the forefront of danger once again in Resident Evil Village and the Castle scenario.

There are two demos within the Resident Evil Village Demo. This is the castle scenario. I still had 35 minutes left after completing the village scenario so I felt comfortable getting through the castle with enough time.

For more on The Village portion of the demo and my gameplay video, go here: Resident Evil Village Demo | The Village Scenario

The Castle

The castle resides in Eastern Europe and contains exquisite features, furniture, and decorations. The detail put into creating the castle and its adornments are genuinely immaculate. I saw a rug that wasn’t completely flat. There were crinkles and waves that gave that rug life. Sounds so simple but really helps to create an immersive experience.

Ethan runs into several characters within the castle. The Duke buys and sells equipment and upgrades to Ethan. Lady Dimitrescu makes a very brief appearance so there isn’t much that can be said about her. Ethan encounters one of the Lady’s minions. My encounter with the Lady’s minion didn’t go so well. I emptied my entire arsenal on her only to find that I had to escape. Oh well.

My Experience

I’ve already seen a few reviews of Resident Evil Village from sources like IGN. Comparing those reviews with my experience with the demo gives me a sense of common ground. The Resident Evil franchise looks to be focusing on action again instead of horror.

Resident Evil Village felt like Resident Evil 4. I feel like Resident Evil Village will be Resident Evil 4 in first-person. While I liked Resident Evil 4, I really liked Resident Evil 7. Resident Evil 7 felt fresh and was quite scary. Since I love horror much more than action, Resident Evil 7 felt to be built for me.

The Resident Evil Village demo has left me feeling a bit underwhelmed. I’m not as excited as I was before playing the demo. I may wait a little while to get my hands on this one.

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