As I See It

    Ethan Winters is back in Resident Evil Village, castle scenario. The demo features two scenarios. This episode features The Castle scenario.

    Resident Evil and The Village Resident Evil is back with Ethan Winters at the forefront of danger once again. There are two demos within the Resident Evil Village Demo. The part of the demo focuses on The Village or a settlement located within a village. The demo comes with a one-hour timer so I tried […]

    From the Darkness is a short, first-person horror game where you visit your late grandfather’s apartment to retrieve a family photo album.

    This is a YouTube playlist featuring all of the episodes of my Frostpunk gameplay. This is a complete run-through of the main campaign. I tried all of the other campaigns (except The Last Autumn) and I didn’t quite like them as much. However, the main campaign is exceptional. Has anyone played the board game? Frostpunk is […]

    This is Gloomhaven as I see it. It is a board game that you play cooperatively. You will go through many scenarios as a story unfolds.

    This is a YouTube playlist featuring my Dark Souls III gameplay. I never finished this run and I probably never will. I hadn’t played in a while and it shows. Regardless, it fits the website’s theme so I made it available. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: Dark Souls III[a] is an action role-playing video game developed by FromSoftware and published […]