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Alien RPG | Episode 5 | Halifax Campaign | Xarmina’s Star: Arges

The crew settles into their cryosleep tubes in preparation for FTL (faster than light) travel to Arges in Xarmina’s star system. Andromeda ‘tucks’ them in and wishes them a good sleep.

The crew wakes up within orbit of Arges in Xarmina’s star system. Andromeda assists the crew in waking up. She informs Helen that there was some minor damage during their travels. Mechanical spare parts are needed to fix the damage. Luck would have it that Halifax will be picking up such parts on Arges. Andromeda thinks that the Arges colony may be willing to spare some parts for a price. Everyone agrees and the crew decides to put the task at the top of their list.


Halifax has landed safely on Arges in Xarmina’s star system. After finishing up their meal, they decide to leave Halifax. Upon leaving Halifax, the crew is greeted by Amana Ibo, the colony representative. Amana answers a few of the crew’s questions and then directs them to the colony. Amana warns the crew that hostile creatures roam the planet and they should stay close to the colony.

Arges is a small scientific colony that researches relay communications. There is an abandoned space station that orbits the planet. There really isn’t much to see. Although there is rain, the planet appears to be dry and covered with desert land.

The Colony

The crew walks over to the colony. Titanic immediately leaves the group and goes to the administration office for Weyland-Yutani company representatives. Meanwhile, the rest of the crew goes to the store to buy some spare parts. Come to find out, the spare parts are very expensive and they cannot afford them.

The colony takes good care of Halifax. However, you will have to watch episode five to find out more.

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