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Welcome to Alien RPG and Halifax episode 31. This is the final episode of Season Two. We will not be back until next year. Regardless, I don’t think the season two finale will leave you disappointed. This is seriously intense with several revelations sprinkled on top. The easiest thing for you to do is dive right in.


LV-779 is turning out to be bigger than expected. This place is new. It is in the middle of construction so there isn’t a lot to see and there doesn’t appear to be much around. It’s hard to find any people. The only person we have come across is covered in a web-type substance.

There are a ton of narrow hallways that lead to uncharted territory. Some of these areas haven’t seen much use. So, when something appears to have some use, it’s best to look around. In some cases, something is waiting for you.

What does MU/TH/UR think?

This is two years in the making. I’m excited that we have made it this far and with plans to keep going. The story has become very deep. There have been a lot of challenges along the way both external and internal to the crew. Halifax has traveled far and explored many worlds. However, there is a theme that persists in the background and I think that this episode sheds some light on what is really going on. Did you see this coming?

About Halifax: Precious Cargo betwixt Dragons and Ghosts

This is the story of Halifax, an M-Class Commercial Starfreighter under the ownership of Weyland-Yutani, a large multinational conglomerate. The Wey-Yu employed crew aboard Halifax takes on cargo delivery jobs that dispatch them across the Stars of the Middle Heavens. However, space is a dangerous place and the unimaginable is bound to happen.

The story of Halifax is set within the Alien universe. We are a team of five and we work together to tell the story. Our adventure begins in the year 2179, the same year that Ellen Ripley is recovered from the Nostromo, survives LV-426, and then is lost on Florina 161.

Alien RPG is a tabletop role-playing game that serves as the framework that guides us through our journey. Halifax: Precious Cargo betwixt Dragons and Ghosts is based on a homebrew campaign written by Joseph Stader. Every episode features actual play with minimal editing.

Expect story elements regarding space-horror, sci-fi action, survival, and a sense of wonder. Gameplay consists of chance mixed with strategic planning. Every choice has a consequence. The right choice leads to another day where the wrong choice leads to panic, injury, or death.

Parental warning: The following presentation contains mature content and is intended for a mature audience. Listener discretion is advised.

Welcome to Halifax. Buckle up. We are in for some chop.

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