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Welcome to Alien RPG and Halifax: Episode 29 | LV-779 (Part 1). LV-779 continues to look like a safe haven compared to everything that has been taking place outside. Halifax does not have any power and seems to be hijacked by rogue Working Joes. There appears to be an invisible spaceship and something controls the defensive weaponry of LV-779.

The crew of Halifax decides it is time to go inside.

Spoiler Alert
Warning: You should watch or listen to this episode before reading the rest of this post. The spoilers will ruin the episode for you.

The Atmosphere of LV-779

LV-779 is currently in its infancy so everything around looks brand new. However, nobody appears to be home. Emergency lighting is all the light LV-779 provides. There is a faint musty smell. The only sounds are those that the crew makes and the ventilation system. There are no signs of struggle (aside from what was found outside).

LV-779 is a work in progress and a lot of work has been done but where are all of the workers? It’s too quiet.

The Crew

They don’t really have a choice at this point. The crew won’t survive very long without the protections LV-779 offers. On the other hand, we know that the colony is not empty. Working Joes are nearby and we know that they are hostile. The crew needs to work together to figure out their next moves.

What does MU/TH/UR think?

I had a lot of fun with this episode. We don’t use maps for gameplay very often. I find that they slow down storytelling and drag. However, sometimes maps are necessary and this is one of those times. I think the mix of sounds, atmosphere, and gameplay mechanics work well in this particular session. My players reacted to the environment the way I was hoping they would. It was fun to watch.

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