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Welcome to Alien RPG and Halifax: Episode 28. The crew remains stranded on LV-779 while inclement weather and animated Working Joe’s on terminals create added stress. The only sign of life has been a puggle named Buddy but he only offers a few seconds of relief and nothing more.

The crew continues to maintain their composure and work through their options. Halifax and MU/TH/UR are both offline so there isn’t much at their disposal. There is a large colony in front of them. They may have to take their chances and see what they can find inside.

Spoiler Alert
Warning: You should watch or listen to this episode before reading the rest of this post. The spoilers will ruin the episode for you.

Working Joe

A group of Working Joes makes an appearance. When they are first encountered, they appear to be curious. The Working Joes stare at the crew as if studying them or attempting to figure out their intentions. They don’t engage the crew but simply stare.

The crew’s first reaction is hostility. Cabal grabs his rifle and takes aim but the rest of the crew stops him. A favorable move to be sure as after some time, the Working Joes turn around and head in the opposite direction of the crew. Something else has caught their attention.

Mysterious Craft

The crew analyzes their surroundings and the group of Working Joes from the ramp of Halifax. At some point, something overhead causes the rain to stop for a fraction of a second, and wind sweeps across the crew. A moment later, an explosion takes place in the air yet nothing but the explosion can be seen.

Something flew by that cannot be seen. This technology is unheard of so the crew really has no idea what they are dealing with. However, the explosion leads everyone to believe that the colony is somewhat operational. Someone or something is operating the defense system from the inside.

What does MU/TH/UR think?

I love how this is all playing out. There is so much mystery that remains to be unsolved and every time the crew seems to get close to some answers, something else adds more questions. The crew does have some answers in front of them but they have not figured them out yet. That is fun to watch from a GM’s perspective.

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