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Alien RPG Halifax Campaign Part 3

You are about to view the notes I created to run the Halifax campaign Part 3, an Alien RPG adventure. I did not use AI to assist me in any way and everything you are about to read was written solely by me. The original and fictitious story uses Alien RPG as the framework to run the campaign and tell the story. With that said:

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

These are notes and not a novel so don’t be surprised when content scatters or there are markings you don’t understand. Some of my notes reside in Roll20 and I have no clear path to share those notes without compromising my Roll20 account or a ton of tedious work that I’m not up to do for now (I wish I could share Roll20 with everyone as a spectator).

Part IV | Stranded


LV-779 General Setup

  • Emergency power only
  • All of the vents are locked and cannot be accessed

LV-779 Points of Interest

  • A
    • It looks like someone lived in this room at one time
    • There is foodstuff in this room
  • B
    • This is locked from the inside
  • C
    • See Ventilation Room
  • D
    • There are empty egg pods
    • There is a keycard on one of the Working Joes that will open Room F
  • E
    • See Labs
  • F
    • The terminal lists a bunch of rooms that say open next
    • There are two exceptions
    • The rec room and classified labs room are locked and there is an option to open them
      • The rec room can be unlocked here
      • The classified room gives an error
  • AA
  • AB
    • You find two Kevlar Riot Vests inside one of the boxes
  • BB
    • This room appears to be a maintenance area that features a large freighter lift in the middle of the room that is large enough to fit a couple of APCs (armored personnel carriers for marines)
    • There are several Working Joes in their docking stations at the rear of the room
    • You see a terminal located at the rear of the room
      • The terminal will unlock the lift to Sub Floor 01
  • CC
    • There is a woman who is attached to the wall
      • This is Zoe Cook
      • She is attached with a sticky residue that looks like a thick, black web
      • She is breathing
      • Injuries
        • Minor strangulation bruising
        • Facial bruising
    • Alien Egg
      • Already open
      • There is a dead facehugger inside
        • The facehugger crawled back inside once it was done impregnating Zoe Cook
    • Zoe Cook
      • She has an alien inside of her but no one knows that
      • Reassignment
        • She had been transferred from Drezatis not long after their encounter
        • She never felt like a Wey-Yu employee after the encounter on Earth
        • She felt like a prisoner
      • The Marshall (Walter)
        • Personally brought Zoe to LV-779 along with a few other ‘employees’
        • Always kept a thin line between treating employees like prisoners
      • LV-779
        • Assigned to work on terraforming and building the colony
        • Felt like a normal operation with nothing out of the ordinary
        • She last remembers that a meeting was called by the colony representative
        • Everyone was ordered to report to the storage facility where meetings tend to take place
        • Somewhere on my way to the storage facility, Zoe was knocked out and woke up here, strapped to the wall by some unknown substance
  • DD
    • This door is locked and cannot be opened until all doors are unlocked
  • EE
    • There is a keycard hidden in the water
    • A successful observation check will reveal the keycard
    • The keycard opens every door in the terrarium
    • The Working Joe’s will activate when someone grabs the keycard
      • There will be several hostile Working Joes
      • They will leave the west door in the lobby open
  • FF
    • There are medical charts in this room
      • Medical Record #7637145 is here (reveal to everyone)
    • Observation check
      • There is a bottle of Neversleep pills that contains six pills
  • AAA
    • The front door is locked but there is a panel to the right of the door that can be hacked with a comtech check
    • Once inside, the door will close and lock with no way to open
    • Emergency power only
    • After one day, the power will come back on
  • BBB
    • The power will turn on after some time and reveal a locked terminal
    • The locked terminal will continue beeping until someone checks it
      • On the screen is a Working Joe with a speech bubble saying, ‘patience is your friend here.’
      • There is a button underneath that says continue.
      • A new speech bubble appears that says ‘Show me your skills.’
      • There is a button underneath that says ‘hack me.’
    • Comtech check (5+)
      • Success
        • The terminal will unlock and open the north door
        • Play Ambient -> Shelter from the Storm
      • Unsuccessful
        • The Working Joe will appear again with a speech bubble that says ‘Try again tomorrow.’
  • CCC
    • See Storage Room (Level 1)
  • DDD
    • See Barracks C
  • EEE
    • All doors will lock once the crew enters the room
    • Play Ambient -> Deep Space EVA
    • Play Abstract Engineer -> eensy-weensy-spider-singalong
    • Devin will speak
      • Welcome home, Imogen.
  • FFF
    • This is my tribute to Buddy, my dog who I lost on 09/02/2022
    • Play Buddy Dreaming audio
    • Buddy is locked inside the closet
      • He is a puggle
      • He looks to have been there for a few days but he doesn’t look malnourished. He must have been eating and drinking something.
      • He’s super friendly and walks right up to the crew with his tail wagging.
      • He is very interested in Grim. Grim is friendly toward Buddy
  • 2A
    • See Barracks B
  • 2B
    • See The Control Room
  • 2C
    • See Storage Room (Level 2)
  • 3A
    • Communications and Control Room
  • ToDo
    • I need to add the following:
      • A way to unlock
        • Storage
        • Floor 2

The story so far

Season One

Halifax is a seasoned M-Class Commercial Starfreighter owned by Weyland-Yutani, a large multinational conglomerate. Halifax and the members of the crew – Helen, Craig, Ward, Elliot, Russell, Megan, and Ace – are seasoned space truckers that run cargo throughout the stars of the middle heavens.

The story of Halifax: Precious Cargo betwixt Dragons and Ghosts begins in the Crestus Prime Cluster on Gamma Systems One. After picking up cargo, Halifax travels to Delta Systems Seven. Before Halifax is able to reach its destination, an explosion in the ship’s cargo bay creates a vacuum throughout Halifax. Craig, Russell, Megan, and Ace die in the explosion.

Through the heroic feats of the remaining crew, Halifax eventually makes their way back to Earth where they meet up with Kate Parker, a Weyland-Yutani Corporate Executive. The members of Halifax debrief, take a short vacation while Halifax is repaired, and eventually set back out into space to continue work.

It is worth noting that during their stay on Earth, a few things happen:

  • The crew observes the damage from the explosion and find that the explosion left behind electrical burn marks that look like veins or roots that spread from the main impact area.
  • The crew is assigned a Corporate Agent named Titanic Westwood. He will travel with Halifax and the crew.
  • An encounter with Zoe Cook, Russell Cook’s wife, takes place at Elements, a famous restaurant chain. She claims that Helen is the cause of her husband’s death because Helen is the captain of Halifax.

Halifax takes on cargo jobs. Through their journey, a few key events take place:

  • Elliott decides to retire. The stress from the explosion is too much for him.
  • Cabal succeeds Elliott in the role of Halifax’s pilot.
  • Titanic receives a message from Kate Parker stating that Weyland-Yutani is looking for a missing girl. She asks him to investigate and report back any findings.
  • A dog attack takes place and after the encounter, the crew finds a puppy. Andromeda adopts the puppy and promises to train the puppy to benefit the crew.
  • There are several instances where Cabal sees something that looks like a ghost.

A major plot point takes place when Halifax receives a distress call. The distress call comes from Aeon Station. Halifax docks with Aeon Station and the crew investigates. Here are some key points:

  • A critically injured man named Patrick Gray uses his dying words to tell the crew members that there is a hostile person on board and he asks them to save his daughter. After some time, he dies.
  • They encounter a man named Devin who is later identified as an android. He throws a creature on the ground nearby and its blood burns the floor. Devin is attempting to repair an escape pod. He shoots Andromeda with an unknown type of rifle that blows her arm off in one shot. The crew runs away from Devin.
  • The crew finds the little girl in a hidden compartment. Her name is Imogen Gray.
  • Cabal sees something that looks like a ghost.
  • When attempting to leave Aeon Station, two monsters encounter each other and in the midst of their fighting, they kill Helen and Titanic.
  • The rest of the crew and Imogen escape Aeon Station.
  • Aeon Station self-destructs.

Season Two

Halifax docs with Lumina Station which sits on the border of the Outer Rim Territories and the Frontier. During the stay, several events take place:

  • Carson Glover succeeds Helen Troi as the captain of the Halifax
  • A local engineer named Isabelle Rivers repairs Andromeda
  • Ward recognizes a person sitting in the galleria but can’t quite figure out who it is before losing sight
  • Cabal finds a piece of cloth that appears to be a light brown canvas
  • The next day, Cabal finds a canvas duffle bag near an ice machine in the hotel. Inside the bag is a toy rubber spider.
  • The new company agent, William Vincent, commits a murder and goes to jail. His time as Halifax’s company agent is short-lived.

Halifax leaves Lumina Station with a new assignment. Not only does Halifax pick up cargo at their next stop but they also pick up a new company agent named Kato Swan. On that same job at cargo delivery, Halifax runs into Zoe Cook who seems to be receiving her punishment for her actions on Earth.

During travels, Cabal sees another ghost figure and struggles with his alcoholism.

Halifax visits Uzuno, a very large colony housing a Three World Empire conglomerate. Imogen reveals that she can become invisible, Grim is registered as part of the crew, and Halifax gains an offensive upgrade.

From Uzuno, Halifax makes its way to LV-779 to deliver cargo. A few key events take place:

  • The welcoming party has been murdered in a violent manner and made to appear alive from a distance by having a long rod run through their body to make them stand up
  • Halifax becomes completely unresponsive and seems to be hacked
  • A hostile Working Joe attacks the crew
  • The crew explores LV-779
  • Growling, hissing, and crawling noises can be heard from the vents
  • The crew finds empty egg pods
  • The crew finds Zoe Cook attached to the wall by a thick, dark web substance. Andromeda cuts her loose and she is alive. At times that she is awake, she complains about a sore throat, sore neck, and nausea.
  • Halifax receives a cryptic message that references the distress call sign from Aeon Station. Imogen can be seen in the decrypted message. She wants to know what the numbers mean.

Season two ends with the crew locked in LV-779’s Rec Room. Devin appears on a screen and taunts the crew.  Three large cylinder capsules retract from the ceiling and hang in front of the screen. After some time, the capsules fall to the ground and bust open just as the lights go out. Various noises such as hissing, scratching, and movement can be heard in the darkness.

Season Three Prologue

Precious cargo betwixt dragons and ghosts. What does that even mean? Have you been paying attention?

Precious cargo is something of high value that you carry with you. The Halifax carries precious cargo according to all parties involved:

  • Wey-Yu because they are providing the transport service
  • The cargo provider because they want to get paid for the cargo provided
  • The receiver of the cargo because they paid for the cargo
  • The Halifax crew because they want to get paid by Wey-Yu for transporting the cargo safely
  • Pirates because they want to steal the cargo to sell the cargo on the black market

That’s quite a few people involved in one lot of precious cargo. However, precious cargo may be personal and attached to oneself:

  • Carson Glover has his baseball bat
  • Ward Foley with his affection
  • Cabal Dalron and his logbook
  • Kato Swan with his pride
  • What does Andromeda carry?
  • Imogen Gray carries…something

As we can see, the cargo itself can be interpreted as something physical or incorporeal (in-core-pour-eal).

What is the precious cargo in our journey?

  • Is it physical such as:
    • Wey-Yu?
    • Halifax?
    • Cargo?
    • Imogen?
    • You?
  • Is it incorporeal such as
    • Information?
    • Secrets?
    • Agendas?
    • Something else?

What of Dragons and ghosts? Their significance remains unknown. There have been clues and speculation, but no hard evidence. Whatever they are, precious cargo lies between them. How long can precious cargo lie between dragons and ghosts while remaining stable? What kind of hell are we in for now?

Rec Room


Everyone except Ward and Grim entered the rec room. A few things happen in the rec room:

  • You hear the itsy-bitsy-spider song play over the rec room’s sound system
  • A large screen turns on and Devan appears
  • Imogen is locked in the rec room’s bathroom
  • Devan taunts you
  • A few capsules containing creatures that look like spiders are lowered in front of Devan and remain suspended from the wall
  • Devan starts singing the itsy-bitsy-spider song again and then the television shuts off
  • The lights go out
  • The capsules break free, hit the ground, and break open
  • There are sounds of hissing, slithering, crawling, and movement throughout the room

In the meantime, Ward and Grim attempt to assist everyone in the rec room. However, they run into a couple of Working Joe’s along the way and are unable to proceed. 

The Present

GM Notes
  • The Working Joes are labeled to keep track of them
  • If the Working Joe is labeled with an A, they are armed with a plasma caster rifle 
Ward & Grim

Grim grows ferociously at the two Working Joe’s standing before him. Before you are able to react, you hear a door open somewhere in front of you and footsteps somewhere behind you. Unsure where to look first, you position yourself to give yourself the ability to look both ways.

Coming from the stairs you came from, two Working Joes appear. Just as they appear, four more working Joes come walking around the corner from the north. It sounds like a door shuts behind them. Grim sees the Working Joes behind the two in front of him. He retreats to you. One of the Working Joes from the north hands one of the Working Joes in front of them a weapon. You immediately recognize this weapon.

Rec Room

The only light source in the rec room is your flashlights. You hear Imogen attempting to get out of the bathroom. There are strange sounds surrounding you. It sounds like something is creeping toward all of you.

Just before you begin to react, the lights come back on. The hissing and slithering noises dissipate. Imogen goes silent.

You see a few of the spider creatures heading your way. One of them reaches Carson, another approaches Cabal, and another to Kato. However, they continue to move toward you without any acknowledgment of your presence. They appear to move in a mechanical formation.

Upon closer inspection, you all realize that these are machines and are not organic by any means. You exchange confused looks at one another from across the room.

Just as you make this realization and are paralyzed by the moment, all of the doors to the rec room open. Working Joes appear in the doorways. You all hear a sound as if something is charging up. Kato and Andromeda feel something pressed against the back of their head.

The Weapons
  • Cabal needs to make an observation roll
    • If he succeeds, he will recognize the weapon. Whisper to him this revelation
  • Whisper to Ward that he recognizes the weapon from Aeon Station
Ward & Grim

The Working Joe with the weapon points it at you.

  • Working Joe
    • “Please drop your weapons, restrain your dog, and surrender.”

Play out the rest of the scene

Ward must end up in the Rec Room with the rest of the crew.

Rec Room

The Working Joe behind Andromeda nudges her and she walks forward. There is a unique rifle pointed at her head. Andromeda’s facial expressions suggest she knows the rifle is dangerous. She follows the Working Joe’s lead. Five more Working Joes enter behind them.

  • The Working Joe with the rifle speaks
    • “Please drop your weapons and surrender.”

Before you are able to respond, the television turns back on. Devan is on the screen.

  • Devan
    • “I suggest you do as they say.”

The Working Joe behind Kato nudges Kato with his gun. How do you respond?

Once Kato is inside, all of the Working Joes enter behind him and Andromeda. The doors shut behind them.

  • Devan
    • “I’ve just been toying with you up to this point but now it’s time to get serious. Where has Imogen run off to?”
  • The door that Imogen was in opens up and she is no longer inside.
    • “I know about her magic trick. She is not in there. Where will she go?”
    • Just then, a couple of Working Joes walk through the door Imogen was banging on.

Play out the rest of the scene

The Revelation of Farse Intentions

As this scene is playing out, a few things will be revealed:

  • The Working Joes are the ones that are mimicking the hissing sounds

The Working Joe behind Andromeda pulls the trigger and shoots Andromeda in the back of the neck. Her head flies off and her ragdoll body falls to the ground. Massive amounts of white android blood flow onto the floor and a brief second later, her milky head lands next to Ward. Her eyes are open but she appears to be looking through everything with those ‘lifeless’ eyes.

Just as this occurs, the rec room fills with gas and everyone passes out.

Locked Up (2A)

Everyone wakes up with the lights on but the room is cloudy from a gas that appears to be dissipating. You can only assume that this mysterious gas helped you wake up. It takes you a few minutes to orient yourselves.

You appear to be in a barrack. There are more than enough beds for all of you and each bed has its own footlocker. You see a small closet in the SE corner of the barrack. In the SW corner of the barrack is a small room. In the NW part of the barrack is a table with chairs. On the north end, there are two doors. Each door leads to a restroom.

In the middle of the southern wall is a door. There is a small window in the door. The glass appears to be very thick. You imagine that the window is damage-proof. However, that doesn’t matter much because when you look out of the window, you see a few pairs of eyes staring back at you. Apparently, you are heavily guarded against leaving the room.

The power is on. You have lights that flicker every so often. The air feels and smells stale so you assume that the air conditioning is not running. The room is warm but not hot.

You have been here for a day now. There hasn’t been much said between you. Food and water have been brought to you. However, not much else is happening.

The restrooms are in working condition. However, all of you have refrained from using the stalls on the far side of the room. There are vents in those stalls and one of you has seen red eyes glaring from behind the vent cover. Not only that, but you can hear Walking Joes hissing and crawling in the ventilation shafts. The Working Joes appear to have all of the bases covered.

At this time, I will let you all take the wheel.

/ Play out the scenario

GM Notes

Buddy will be in the next room. After the crew discovers him, he will run away and disappear into the darkness. Eventually, he will come back and he will have a keycard in his mouth.

Features of the room

  • V
    • The vents are barred shut
    • Red eyes have been seen glaring from behind the vent gate
    • Noises can be heard such as hissing and crawling
      • These are Walking Joes imitating Aliens
  • W
    • Andromeda’s milky white lifeless body sits in the corner of the room. Her head lies on the floor next to her body.
    • She has been stripped of all equipment.
  • X
    • Underneath the bed is a small hole in the wall
    • The hole is a bit smaller than the size of a basketball
    • There is a foul odor coming from the hole
    • There are no lights on in the next room
      • If anyone looks through the hole, there will be boxes

Leaving the Rec Room

After some time and after the keycard has been retrieved:

The Working Joes leave their stations. Shortly after, the room slightly rumbles in a dizzying cadence. Deep booms rattle your eardrums and rapidly compress your chest. The lights flicker on and off. All of these symptoms come in lesser and greater waves. 

After several seconds, everything falls still and quiet. It is as if you have been teleported from a war zone to a desolate moon. What do you do?



Subfloor 1 is not as you left it. There seems to be a flood. The water level comes up to your waist with the exception of Cabal where the water level is up to his shoulders.

  • Observation Check
    • You are able to determine that the flooding is not over. The water level will continue to rise and eventually completely flood subfloor 1.
Classified Labs

The room is flooded. However, the water in this room has a slight bright green tint to it. It is slowly leaking into the room you are currently in.

  • The classified lab needs to be opened from the terminal in the lab to the west
  • There are barrels of an unknown substance hidden beneath the floor
    • They are leaking radiation
  • The radiation levels are strong
    • 1 rad per turn
  • There is a valve in the rear of the room that will drain the water from sub-floor 1
  • There is a person on the examination table
    • The examination table appears to be active
    • The examination table’s shield has locked the body inside
    • There is a terminal to the right of the examination table
      • The terminal displays an error code and asks for a password
        • Ward would know that a medical officer would more than likely hold the password
        • Ward also recognizes that this is not an examination table, it is an auto-doc
        • Entering the password will clear the error and reset the pod which opens the shield
    • The person inside is an officer and holds one of the control room keycards
  • There is a person stuck to the wall
    • This person is a medical officer
    • The substance she is stuck in is the same substance you found Zoe stuck in
    • This person has a password to unlock the terminal
      • This person will need to be cut free to get the password

When you enter the flooded lab room, your eyes are immediately drawn to the terminal. Someone or something has tampered with the terminal. This is made apparent by the SSDD (SEEGSON SYSTEM DIAGNOSTIC DEVICE) sitting on top of the terminal.

On another note, you see a few live wires exposed at the back wall. They protrude from the wall as if someone were attempting to get at something behind the wall. Mixing those live wires with water could be hazardous.

Large Room with Foutain
  • The room looks the same except for the addition of the chemical barrels
    • The barrels are empty
    • There are symbols to indicate that these can hold various types of dangerous chemicals, including acidic and radioactive chemicals
  • There are chestbursters hidden in this room
    • They will be released after the crew opens classified labs


  • The ship remains hacked
  • Zoe is gone
  • The lift is locked
    • It was unlocked before but something has locked it once again
    • The clearance card is located in the Storage Room (Level 1)
  • Sub-Level One (locked)
  • Level One (unlocked)
  • Level Two (unlocked)
  • Level Three (locked)

When you walk outside, you walk into a war zone. There appears to have been a fierce battle. There are shell casings and impact craters everywhere. Pieces of Working Joe’s are scattered all over.

You can only assume that the battle is what was causing the low-frequency impacts you have been feeling and hearing on occasion. The thing is that initially, you don’t see any indication of who was responsible. Surely Imogen could not have done this on her own, right?

You see Halifax in the distance and it appears to remain intact.

Upon examination of the battlefield, you find:

  • Only broken, malfunctioning, or severely damaged Working Joes
  • A portion of the battlefield has traces of an explosion left on the ground
    • The explosion area has traces of electrical burns
    • There is nothing to indicate what the explosion came
    • The explosion does appear to have started in the center and blew outward indicated by the circular pattern with an outward motion left on the ground
  • There appears to be a mix of fluids on the battlefield. You can determine the following:
    • A white substance
    • An acidic substance
    • A green substance
Storage Room (Level 1)

The welcome area is in disarray. The front door appears to have been blown open by an explosive weapon. 

  • Access Code: 494909417684
  • There are dead bodies everywhere
    • They look like they have been dead for a few days
    • One of the dead bodies is an officer
    • Has clearance card for the third level
    • Has clearance card for the lift to sublevel 1
  • There is a flamethrower hanging in the closet on the back wall
    • 4 clips of ammo
  • The hatch on the ladder has a lever to unlock the hatch
Welcome Area
  • 1WA
    • There is a piece of cloth on the floor. The cloth looks like a piece taken from Imogen’s clothing.


Barracks A
  • Grimm is found in this room
    • He looks malnourished
    • He has been drinking water from the toilets
    • There are no signs of food
  • He is lying on the floor and appears to be in a weakened state
Barracks B
  • The crew is locked in the room
  • V
    • The vents are barred shut
    • Red eyes have been seen glaring from behind the vent gate
    • Noises can be heard such as hissing and crawling
      • These are Walking Joes imitating Aliens
    • There is a clear fluid coming from the vent
      • This is the remains of liquified gas
  • W
    • Andromeda’s milky white lifeless body sits in the corner of the room. Her head lies on the floor next to her body.
    • She has been stripped of all equipment.
  • X
    • Underneath the bed is a small hole in the wall
    • The hole is a bit smaller than the size of a basketball
    • There is a foul odor coming from the hole
    • There are no lights on in the next room
      • If anyone looks through the hole, there will be boxes
Barracks C
  • Employee # 50384 is found in this room
    • He is found in the bathroom where his neck has been impaled by the security gate on the ventilation access
    • He has a keycard that can be used to open the storage room through the control room terminal
  • This room smells like death
  • There are bodies scattered throughout the room
  • All of the bodies in this room have chest bursts
    • There are spider-like creatures (dead face-huggers) next to each body
  • All of the bodies look like they have been partially chewed on
  • The bodies are wearing jumpsuits with Seegson patches
    • One of the employees has a Seegson order form that shows an order of Working Joes from LV-779
Control Room
Terminal Special Rules
  • Successful Comtech check will:
    • Reinstate Employee # 50384 access rights
    • Add options to system info
    • Fix corrupted data in the log
  • The terminal offers a lot of options
    • System Info
      • A.P.O.L.L.O. Mainframe
    • Logs
    • Room Access
      • Second Floor
        • Barracks (Locked)
        • Mess Hall (Locked)
          • Employee # 50384 authorization required
          • The south door remains locked
        • Storage Room 2-A (Locked)
          • Employee # 50384 authorization required
        • Rec Room
          • Employee # 50384 authorization required
          • Yagi Reize authorization required
      • Third Floor (Locked)
        • Requires Clearance
        • There are three clearance cards
          • An officer on each level has one
            • Conor Ball
              • Officer in E
            • Claudia Davis
              • Officer in CCC
            • Yagi Reizo
              • Officer in C
    • Ventilation Access
      • Note: Locked rooms have locked ventilation
      • Sub-Floor (Locked)
      • First Floor (Locked)
      • Second-Floor (Locked)
        • Employee # 50384 authorization required
      • Third-Floor (Locked)
    • Working Joe
      • Configuration
        • Behavioral Mode
          • Neutral
          • Work
          • Hostile (Active)
        • Maintenance
          • On
          • Off (Active)

CLUTTERED: The zone is filled with debris or machinery. You must roll MOBILITY when you move into the zone (see page 89). Failure means you manage to get into the zone, but you fall down.

It looks like this room has been ransacked. Ripped-up and used packaging supplies litter the floor. 

  • 2LA
    • Crate of supplies
      • When the crew accesses the crates, a 2 chestbursters pop out
      • 8 Foodstuff
      • 8 Water
Mess Hall
  • Crate of Food
    • 16 Food Supply
    • 32 Water Supply
Food and Water Rules
    • 1–4 One item
    • 5–8 Two items
    • Every 4 One More Item
  • Each 4 Food or Water Supply counts as 0.25 lbs.
Rec Room Hallways
  • Play “Sci-Fi Spaceship 37” audio
  • There is no light. It is pitch-black
  • You can smell must with a hint of death
  • Doors
    • RRD-1
      • Armor Rating 4
        • 10 Health
      • Comtech Rating 4
    • RRD-2
      • Armor Rating 6
        • 10 Health
      • Comtech Rating 6
    • RRD-3
      • Armor Rating 4
        • 10 Health
      • Comtech Rating 4
    • RRD-4
      • Armor Rating 4
        • 10 Health
      • Comtech Rating 4
  • Event
    • RRE-1
      • The flash of the camera catches a glimpse of something slithering away from the dead body on the floor
    • RRE-2
      • There is a keycard that opens RRD-3
      • 1 Armat M20 Claymore Mine
    • RRE-3
      • 1 Armat M20 Claymore Mine
    • RRE-4
      • 1 M72A1 Starshell Flare
    • RRE-5
      • There is a very faint source of light coming from the room behind the door
      • This room is decorated with sports memorabilia from a long time ago. There are a couple of aluminum bats hanging on the wall. They look strong enough to knock some sense into someone…or something.
        • 2 Baseball Bats (+1 bonus, 1 damage, Engaged, Weight 1)
    • RRE-6
      • There is a flashlight and batteries on the table
        • Hi-beam Flashlight
          • Weight ½
          • Removes the effect of darkness in a zone
        • Batteries for camera
          • 2 Power Supply
Rec Room
  • The room is just as you left it
    • There are spiders on the floor and it appears that their batteries have run out
    • The video screen is projecting some light but no picture
    • There are open egg pods in the closet to the SE
Storage Rooms (Level 2)
  • Find your wearable gear and melee weapons
  • You find Andromeda’s with Power +2
  • 5 Medical Kits
  • 5 Surgical Kits
  • 5 Neversleep Pills
  • 5 Naproleve
  • Seegson System Diagnostic Device
    • Troubleshoot computer systems
    • (COMTECH +2)
    • Weight: 1 lb
Ventilation Maintenance Room
  • The lights in the room are working and you can see fine
  • It looks like someone lived in this room at one time
    • Food and water packaging litter the room
    • There are jugs with caps on them that are filled with human waste, some more than others
  • There is a foul odor that would certainly be much more potent if the ventilation system wasn’t working
  • There are a bunch of Neversleep bottles scattered throughout the room. The bottles are empty
  • There is a body in the corner of the room
    • You can see that it is a woman
    • The top half of her head is missing right at the seam of her jaw as if pulled apart by the teeth
    • She has a card pinned to her shirt
      • The name Yagi Reizo is printed on the card
      • This is a clearance card
      • 741951108480
  • There is foodstuff and water in this room
Ventilation System
  • Play “Ventilation Shaft” atmosphere audio when the crew enters
  • You can only crawl in the ventilation shaft (slow action)
  • The ventilation maintenance lights turn on when the ventilation system is unlocked
  • V2-1
    • Employee # 50384
      • He is in the ventilation system behind Barracks C. His neck is impaled by the ventilation access bars.
      • By his body are the following items:
        • You find a camera with a flash that has no film but appears to have power
          • The flash works
          • Power supply 5
        • There are no rolls of film or photos near his body
  • V2-2
    • Red eyes appear at the end of the shaft
    • This is just the head of a Working Joe



When Halifax’s gangway lowers and touches the ground, the crew finds a stick plunged into the ground. On top of the stick is a note and a lanyard with a key card attached to it.

The Note

“It is in your best interest to not trust Wey-Yu. Imogen holds the keys to Halifax. Meet me on the roof. No tricks.”

The Key Card

The key card is the final key card needed to open the roof.


Halifax comes back online with limited functionality. The following does not work:

  • MU/TH/UR Limited Functionality
  • The Engines are offline
  • Outgoing Communications are offline
  • Escape Pods are offline
  • Cryo Pods are offline

Diagnostics will determine that the virus still exists but has been reconfigured. Imogen has to restore full functionality.



Devan is found positioned against the WY-37B Cargo Lifter Transport Sled. All of its limbs have been grotesquely detached. Its clothing has been ripped to shreds. There are laceration marks all over its body. One of its eyes has been ripped away from the eye socket. Milky android blood seeps from its wounds. It does not appear to be a threat.

There is another body lying on the ground next to Deven.

  • Share Handout in Roll20
    • Journal -> Story Elements -> Deven’s Speech
  • Play Audio in Roll20
    • Jukebox -> Characters -> Deven

Devan speaks: “I had to send you on a wild goose chase to try and lose Wey-Yu. I failed. They will be here any moment. We are all a liability. Don’t be so sure that they are here to rescue you. Do you think it is a coincidence that you got a job that led you right to me? Wey-Yu knows what they are doing.”

“Your true enemy is Imogen and the things she has befriended. She has been playing us all. I’m sure you have figured out that there are two sides to her.”

“I did not infect Halifax with the virus. This is Imogen’s doing but she is very smart. She made it look like I was the one that infected Halifax by using my Working Joes as the virus’ avatar. She has the ability to disable it but I wouldn’t get any hopes up.”

“I tried to fix this at Aeon Station but the process is severely complex, especially because of what she is carrying.”

“I put the call sign out through Imogen at Aeon Station. Should I fail, someone would be able to continue my work of dismantling her safely. You see, the call sign is the interrupt code. If you enter this code within Imogen, she will shut down safely and that thing inside of her will be destroyed. However, it is a very complex operation and requires incredibly advanced knowledge in comtech.”

“I was going to steal Halifax when you arrived at Aeon Station. However, I did not expect those monsters to get loose. You avoided my plans and I had to shift so I took one of the escape pods.”

“I had the equipment here at LV-779 to end it all. However, I did not expect Imogen to bring her companions along.”

“Andromeda holds a key element to all of this. That encrypted data that she has been decrypting. Have you been keeping track of her progress? I figured not. You all are not the brightest. If I had that data and my equipment, I could have stopped it all.”

“It’s too late now. Imogen is on her way out of here and Wey-Yu is on their way here. We have lost. I partially blame myself but you need to take some of this responsibility, too.”

“I’m done here. Do whatever you’d like. I will not put up a fight any longer and I’ll bleed out soon anyway. My failures will remain written with my data core. Take it or leave it. None of it matters anymore.”


Arrives shortly after the conversation with Devan.

Wey-Yu drops in on LV-779 aboard a Mantis Spaceship. As the ship approaches LV-779, a bombardment of missiles spreads across the rooftop destroying multiple vehicles and heavily damaging the transport sled. The missiles miss you but Devan takes a hit that appears to be fatal.

While the smoke clears, the Mantis lands on the roof of LV-779. The gangway immediately lowers and a few marines run out of the ship and position them on either side of the gangway. They appear to be heavily armed. You recognize one of the weapons as a M56A2 SMART GUN. The Marines are standing ready.

  • Sgt. Albert Johns
  • Cpl. Ryder Stone
  • Pvt. Feathers
  • Kate Parker
  • Liliana Martin
Kate Parker

Kate and Liliana move forward towards the crew and they appear unarmed. Kate would like to know what happened and where Imogen is.


Imogen is repairing the Predator spacecraft. The plan is to take the spacecraft to Earth and unleash the Queen Alien. She wants revenge against everyone involved in her creation and the demise of her father and friends. Earth is the first stop but there will be many more.

Imogen leaves the crew with a choice. They can attempt to stop Imogen but they will need to fight it and its companions. The other option is to let Imogen leave where the crew will be wiped from all records and become untraceable, Halifax included. The crew will need to find a new home where Halifax will not be recognized.


You have managed to free yourself from the clutches of Weyland Yutani, the pursuit of Deven, the horrors of Imogen, and corporate life.

Imogen promised to scrub Halifax and make the ship untraceable. However, It warned that populated areas, which may or may not include corporate or military entities, can be hazardous to your anonymity. The side of your ship clearly says Halifax in large print and that may draw attention. You feel confident that you will be able to cautiously return to some populated areas such as space stations, but you’ll need patience and a plan.

You are currently in orbit of LHS-1140 with LV-779 on the surface. Halifax appears to be in full working order with all restraints lifted. You have to decide on a new path as a team. Afterall, you cannot spend the rest of your lives floating in space. You will eventually run out of supplies or air, whichever comes first.

Forget returning to life as you know it. Now is the time to pick a new path.


You hear a noise in the mess hall.

Upon examination, you find the dog from LV-779. He must have snuck in amidst all of the commotion.


Kio and Solitude were discovered by W3E. The star system was kept secret. A short time later, the life viable planet Solitude was discovered and appeared to be a great location to set up a communications relay to help with communications further out in The Frontier. The colony LV-713 was born. After a few years, W3E abandoned the colony and operations after the project didn’t meet expectations. All W3E employees were transferred to other projects. The colony has been abandoned for a couple of years.

As Wey-Yu employees and with your experience, you know that an abandoned colony is an opportunity. There is a chance that the colony is not empty but the chances are near zero. If the colony were not empty, the chances are very high that the colonists are former employees looking to escape, just like you, but maybe for different reasons. Colonists may be suspect of any visitors but probably share the same knowledge as you. In other words, you feel confident that you would be welcome provided the colony can sustain additional colonists and you played your cards right.



  • Colony Representative: Kimoto “Kim” Sosa
  • Med-Lab: Keira Stewart
    • From Moab, her and Ward know each other

LV-713 is a simple colony template. You’ve seen this template many times during your travels. You already know it comes with a kitchen, mess hall, med lab, bunk rooms, private quarters, lounge, rec area, storage, and more.

You learn a lot through your conversations with Kim.

There are three families and several other colonists. Eleven children of various ages inhabit the colony. Some of the children are from families while a few of them are from a single parent.

There is plenty of room for you. The bunk rooms stirs up some PTSD because of LV-779’s identical layout, but you feel confident in getting through that trauma.

The colony is able to sustain itself from local fauna and the fruit and vegetables they farm. A clean water supply runs throughout the colony providing drinking water, showers, and waste management.

If supplies are needed, the colony asks a volunteer to take a lengthy trip to Lumina Station with their G-Class ship, a ship that is 80% smaller and 40% slower than Halifax.

You’ll have the basic necessities. Anything more and you’ll have to wait until the next trip to the nearest supply depot. It is a year long round trip in cryosleep so don’t expect many runs.

The chances of W3E showing up to reclaim LV-713 are minimal. However, should that ever occur, they more than likely will simply kick you out and everyone will be left to find a new home. This is hardly a concern as it is very unlikely to happen.


Upon entering the Med Lab, you immediately notice several cartons of bug juice stacked in a corner. One of the cartons is open and there are a couple of empty bottles nearby. A labrador retriever lays nearby chewing on something.

Movement catches your eye and you look over to see a woman that is wearing a lab coat.

  • Keira
    • She likes Bug Juice. I soak the bones in it and she spends hours chewing them up.

If Ward is in the room, they recognize each other.


You consistently monitor public transmissions just like most other ships do. Since your journey with Imogen, you are especially interested in any transmissions having to do with anything related to the android terrorist. You have set up query parameters with MU/TH/UR to forward any transmissions of interest.

Transmissions are always delayed because the data takes time to travel across space. You can’t always tell how much of a delay the transmission is. If you are lucky, the source notes the original transmission time, date, and location but doing so compromises the source so it doesn’t happen often.

The source of these transmissions can’t always be trusted. However, you have been at this long enough to become proficient at filtering out false transmissions. MU/TH/UR can be helpful as well.

When a transmission contains specific details that send chills down your spine, you know the source is trustworthy enough to pay close attention.


  • The Imogen inquiry has returned four transmissions of interest

Open Story Elements -> Transmission Handout to follow along.


Weyland-Yutani dispatches a fleet of ships from around the middle heavens. Intercepted communications suggest they are headed to LV-779 on LHS-1140 in The Frontier. Mass casualties have been reported including key Wey-Yu personnel.

The code word xenomorph can be heard in the intercepted communications. There are no clear explanations of what the code word refers to. Speculation suggests terrorists may be involved and are referred to as xenomorphs.


We have observed the leftover chaos on LHS-1140. LV-779 has been decimated after what appears to have been a deadly battle. The structure of LV-779 looks unstable. Entry is not advised and cannot be observed from within.

A large blast may have taken place in front of LV-779. Electrical burns, unlike any that has ever been seen, can be found casting outward from a central location. Many Working Joe’s are ripped apart and android blood litters ground around the blast area.

There are other indicators of battle. Shell casings from various types of weapons are found everywhere. There are small blast marks that suggest a ship opened fire along the roof and surrounding area of LV-779. From the ground view, there are signs that the roof may have been on fire at one time.

LV-779 simply looks like a small warzone. Something big took place here but further investigation is not possible at this time.

We can hear screeching or screaming coming from within LV-779. There is no way someone can survive here but then again, it doesn’t sound human. It could be pressure releasing from something but we are not sure. We will come back with additional equipment for further investigation.


We have returned to LV-779 with additional equipment to investigate further but someone has been here. LV-779 has been completely obliterated. There is nothing left. It is as if a nuke has been dropped where LV-779 once stood. All evidence has been destroyed. Nothing remains but dust and ash.


An incident occurred near Earth. Sources say a ship approached Earth in a hostile manner. Unable to communicate with the ship, Earth’s defenses were forced to shoot down the ship.

A few escape pods were ejected from the ship and some of them were shot down. However, some escape pods made their way past Earth’s defenses and there is speculation that they landed on Earth’s surface. However, the fate of the escape pods is unclear.



To-Do List

  • unchecked


Playable Characters

  • Carson Glover
    • Officer
  • Ward Foley
    • Medic
  • Cabal Dalron
    • Pilot
    • Alcoholism
  • William Vincent
    • Corporate Agent
    • Lump on backside

Retired Characters

Elliot DuMont (Scott) – Pilot


Imogen Gray (A) – Kid

Andromeda (A) – Roughneck

Grim (Dog) – Male Dog Companion

Gage (a.k.a. Devin) – Android Scientist (Enemy)

Dr. X – Drug Dealer

Lumina Station

  • Isabelle Rivers
    • She is a highly skilled mechanic who specializes in Androids
    • She owns Wired,  a workshop aboard Lumina Station
      • The shop is located on Deck B

My Characters


Her body is destroyed but her A.I. has been recovered by Carson Glover.

Imogen Grey

She wants Devan dead.

The Halifax

Deceased Crew

Helen Troi: First Officer

Craig Moore: Second Officer

Russell Cook: Chief Engineer

Megan Chambers: Engineer

Ace: W-Y standard-issue android

Titanic Westwood: Company Agent

Project Ghost


  • Kate Parker (Corporate Exec)
    • Age: Early 50’s
    • Tall with a fit physique
    • Long blonde hair
  • Liliana Martin (Kate’s Personal Assistant)
    • Age: Late 20’s
    • Average height with a fit physique
    • Shoulder-length dark hair
  • Sgt. Albert Johns (Col Marshal)
    • Early 40’s
    • Average height
    • Heavy build
    • Wears military-style hat
  • Cpl. Ryder Stone (Col Marine)
  • Pvt. Feathers (Col Marine)


The Predator

The project is named after the Predator’s cloaking device. W-Y wants the Predator tech for themselves.

Project Imogen


Aeon Station is working on a new biological weapon. The weapon is an android. Imogen is the name of the Android and it believes that it is human. Imogen can house biological weaponry within its body cavity. The internal housing area conceals its content allowing for stealth transport to a target area. Imogen could be a truly devastating piece of equipment.


He is an android from Aeon Station. Halifax doesn’t know it, but he was able to escape before Aeon Station blew up and he wants Imogen back. He will stalk Halifax throughout the story.


The Seegson Space Truckers

They wear a badge that has the name of their ship on them. The name of the ship is Promise as in “The promise to deliver.”

The crew was betrayed by Devan. He accepted the delivery but then used the crew to infect them with the Alien. Their bodies are found in room DDD.

GM Notes

LV-779 Control Room Terminal Passwords

  • Employee # 50384
    • Room Access
      • Sub Floor 1
        • Classified Labs
          • 294402688493
      • Floor 1
        • Storage Room
          • 494909417684
        • Ventilation Room
          • 648811410039
      • Floor 2
        • Mess Hall
          • 304540260331
        • Storage Room 2-A
          • 731999971473
        • Rec Room
          • 351269940143
    • Ventilation System
      • Floor 2
        • 306014774946
  • Connor Ball
    • Room Access
      • Third Floor
        • 829958387704
    • Ventilation System
      • Third Floor
        • 319224200317
  • Claudia Davis
    • Room Access
      • Third Floor
        • 142906152683
    • Ventilation System
      • Third Floor
        • 885103615396
  • Yagi Reizo
    • Room Access
      • Second Floor
        • Rec Room
          • 530219770222
      • Third Floor
        • 231944162682
    • Ventilation System
      • Third Floor
        • 741951108480

Ship Maintenance

  • Once Per Week
    • Make one roll for each of the following
      • Heavy Machinery
      • Comtech
    • If a failure occurs
      • Suffer minor component damage
      • Roll D66 and refer to page 198

World Template

Company Allegiance


  • Colony Representative – 
  • Company Agent – 
  • Med-Lab – 
  • Store – 


  • Administrative Office – Open/Closed
    • Includes access to MU/TH/UR
  • Mess Hall – Open/Closed
  • Store – Open/Closed
  • Barracks – Open/Closed
  • Med-Lab – Open/Closed


  • Add Description


  • Taken from the job description


  • Add notes

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