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Alien RPG Halifax Campaign Part 2

You are about to view the notes I created to run the Halifax campaign Part 2, an Alien RPG adventure. I did not use AI to assist me in any way and everything you are about to read was written solely by me. The original and fictitious story uses Alien RPG as the framework to run the campaign and tell the story. With that said:

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

These are notes and not a novel so don’t be surprised when content scatters or there are markings you don’t understand. Some of my notes reside in Roll20 and I have no clear path to share those notes without compromising my Roll20 account or a ton of tedious work that I’m not up to do for now (I wish I could share Roll20 with everyone as a spectator).



So much packed into such a short amount of time. The distress call from Aeon Station ended in disaster. You crawled through Aeon Station expecting to complete a simple rescue mission. You were wrong.

An android that goes by the name of Devin killed off everyone in the sector of the ship that you investigated. After discovering large pods that resemble eggs, you met Devin. You found Devin working on an escape pod. He threw something behind him that looked like a giant spider. The short conversation with Devin didn’t go well and he used a weapon unlike any you have ever seen to shoot Andromeda’s arm off. You ran.

While running back to Halifax, you stumble upon a girl named Imogen Gray who had been locked up in a vent shaft for protection. She advised that everyone leave. She wants to go with you. You know her father is dead so you take her.

As you turn to board Halifax, Cabal recognizes a ghost figure which resembled something he saw before. Strange noises came from the ghost and then the unspeakable happened. The ghost shot a couple of projectiles that decapitated Helen Troi and Titanic Westwood. Right after, another figure appears and runs past you. The figure grabs the ghost and they occupy themselves which gives you time to run.

You board Halifax and blast away as fast as possible. A short-range communication reaches you as you are hauling ass. Devin says some words and you hear a beeping sound that gradually gets faster. It’s a countdown. Aeon Station explodes but you are far enough where no damage occurs to you or Halifax.

Once things settle a bit, Ward takes Imogen to Med Bay to observe Imogen and check her for wounds. When Ward draws blood, white liquid fills the vial. Ward hides this from Imogen’s sight. Imogen is an Android.

Imogen agrees to an x-ray. Ward positions her into the x-ray pod. Upon scanning Imogen, there appears to be more to Imogen than any standard Android. She has been built to hold a fully functional cryotube within her. Inside the cryotube is an egg that resembles the one that you found at Aeon Station.

As the discovery is made, Andromeda enters Med Bay and she states that she has discovered some information from the data taken from Aeon Station.

Muthur will announce that a new classified message has arrived. Place the following message into the classified logs:


  • A classified message has been received
  • Place the following message into the classified logs


From: Kate Parker

Please update me on the status of the Distress Call and Job 2.1.4. Ethea is eagerly awaiting their cargo. Please respond to my message and then head over to Ethea after taking care of the distress call.


Kate Parker

Andromeda is holding a tablet. On the table is information about Imogen. Give Ward and Cabal access to the Project Visage handout.


  • Imogen reminds you of your daughter
    • She looks a lot like your daughter
    • You grow an attachment to her rather quickly
    • You want to protect Imogen
  • Imogen may not be human and you are no expert in android’s but you still feel a sense of duty and want to do anything to improve her quality of ‘life’
  • You would like to find a way to get the cryotube out of her before there is an incident with whatever is inside


  • Keeping Imogen would be considered smuggling, much like Dog
    • Most people don’t care
    • Watch out for marines and company representatives
  • She is considered a bio-weapon
    • She is dangerous in anyone’s hands
    • Some hands are more dangerous than others
  • If the company finds out you have Imogen either directly or indirectly, you must consider that you are a witness to a secret project. Your lives could be in danger just for finding it.
    • Weyland-Yutani may already be a bit suspect. At the very least, W-Y knows that you answered a distress call coming from Aeon Station.

End Destination – Ethea

Message from Kate Parker:

Please head to Lumina Station after completing job 2.1.4. You will be given individual living quarters courtesy of W-Y. Please take a week off and rest. I’ll set up a meeting for you to meet your new crew members.


Kate Parker


  • Colony Representative: Cohen Dean
  • Company Agent: None
  • Med-Lab: Phoenix (Android)
  • Store: Grayson Anderson

Facility Description

  • Mess hall – Open
  • Store – Open
    • 50% discount for completing the job
    • Crago available for purchase
  • Barracks – Open
  • Med-lab – Open
  • Administrative office – Requires Clearance


  • Survey and Prospecting


  • There is nothing special about this place
  • Standard operation

Lumina Station

See Novgorod in the core rulebook for details on the space station. Lumina Station is a W-Y location.

Lumina Station Orbit

Message from Lumina Station:

From: Lumina Station Traffic Control

Halifax, welcome to Lumina Station. Kate Parker made us aware of your plan to stay with us. When you are ready, please contact us, and will begin docking procedures.

Andromeda suggests that she get repaired on Lumina Station. She also suggests that we hide Imogen. W-Y may be looking for her.

Lumina Station Traffic Control

Docking Location: Main Concourse on Deck C. Clear to dock.

Spaceport Lobby

Description: An open area with check-in desks, an information point, and seating.

Lumina Station Representative
  • Have you visited the planet Rim in star system GJ1105?
    • There was an incident involving a contagion
    • A lot of people died
  • Please be aware that all visitors are restricted to Deck C


Description: The heart of Lumina Station is a wide-open, spacious plaza, with seating areas and video screens, lined with offices, cafes, a gym, restrooms, and the Lumina Inn. Opposite the Starport is the dozen or so stores of Galleria Lumina. 

Galleria Lumina

Consists of a dozen or so stores providing essentials and luxuries for station personnel as well as transiting passengers—clothing, personal electronics, tools, food, jewelry, bathing products, shoes, magazines, and many other items. There is even an Elements restaurant.

Lumina Hotel

Description: Small, twenty-room inn used by visitors or transiting passengers. All rooms have en-suite facilities. A laundry room, office, and reception desk are included.

Hotel Front Desk
  • Can I help you?
  • Basic crew cabins, each with bed, toilet, shower, station-to-station videophone, desk, and storage units. A standard terminal gives access to the MU/TH/UR network, including various pre-recorded entertainment channels. A kitchenette allows simple meals to be prepared.
  • Here are your keycards. You can head over to your rooms whenever you are ready.
  • Any questions?
  • Have a nice stay


At this time, Halifax can do what they like.

The session will end with a message from Kate Parker to Ward and Cabal.


From: Kate Parker

A meeting has been arranged for you to meet your replacement crew members. You will meet them at the Elements restaurant in Galleria Lumina. The officer’s name is Carson Glover and our company agent’s name is William Vincent. You can’t miss William. He has a primitive artificial arm.

An arrangement has been made to have Andromeda repaired. Weyland-Yutani will cover the costs. She will be picked up the day after you arrive. I suspect repairs will last the entire duration of your stay.

Take the time off to get to know your new crew members. You will receive a new job after your time off expires.


Kate Parker


Opening Statement

Rumors are the norm throughout the Stars of the Middle Heavens. Your profession allows you to pick up rumors all the time from the colonies you visit, the places you explore, or the corporate representatives and employees you come across at meetings. Some of those rumors are so absurd that you immediately discard them. Some rumors revolve around cults and religious factions who spread the word about the coming of a savior unlike any had heard of. Some rumors leave an impression. The rumors of dragons and ghosts are sparse but bear weight. Something about these rumors requires attention and investigation.

The media, which tends to be weeks old by the time your watch or listen, pushes propaganda in an attempt to create a positive image of the company you work for. News of the Interstellar Commerce Commission, or ICC for short, suggests that the increase of spacedock inspections and random inspections in ‘the field’ are directly related to competition between companies and smuggling. Companies such as Hyperdyne Systems, Kelland Mining Company, and Lockmart feel the pressure from Weyland-Yutani to stay on their good side and mind their interests.

Colonies are under pressure, too. The Stars of the Middle Heavens is always expanding. The race to dominate the stars pushes employees to the far reaches of the frontier where supplies are thin and life is uncertain. Employees are constantly under threat of competition, pirates, environments, equipment reliability, supply availability, and the mysteries on the planets themselves. Colonization on the Frontier is dangerous work but there are opportunities as well. You hear about them all the time but the stories often end with false hopes.

We can’t forget about paper, computers, tablets, communication devices, terminals, data storage, mainframes, recordings, logs, speaking, listening, and more. The sources of these materials come from friends, enemies, acquaintances, companies, employees, extremists, religious groups, cults, unknown sources, and more. You find this stuff everywhere; sometimes given to you, or sometimes you steal. You create some of these materials yourself. In some cases, you are the material.

There is a lot of information to sift through. Despite all of the other responsibilities you have, you also need to dissect the information given to you in order to make decisions that lead you in the right direction. This is a difficult process and can lead to disaster if not carefully decoded.

The good news is you have a crew to share information with. You may feel less stressed and less burdened. All of the outside noise may not mean as much. You might even learn something you didn’t know. A crew that works together and supports each other will have a higher chance of success.

It’s true that you may not want to share all of the information you have. It’s true that not everyone will see things the same as you do. It’s true that some people have special interests. However, a healthy debate full of trust leads to a successful outcome. After all, you are out there alone for most of your lives and you must count on each other for survival and success.

Lumina Station

We begin in Lumina Station. 

Lumina Station’s ‘tapering spire’ design reminds you of other large space stations you have visited. It has a wide, circular engineering base (A Deck), upon which are stacked nine increasingly smaller circular decks, for a total of ten. This particular space station can accommodate up to 120 visitors and can hard-dock with up to six starships at one time. Additional visiting vessels must stand off and await transfer via the station’s single Starcub-class shuttle.

Running through the center of all decks is the Transit Tube, which houses two passenger elevators, emergency stairs, and a restroom, as well as conduits and service pipes running between decks.

Passengers are not allowed off the C Deck, the Concourse Deck, and the elevators will not operate for them. The elevators will only open on G Deck if the correct security level is held by the crewman. ID cards are slotted into the elevator controls to open the doors to that deck.

Spaceport Lobby

An open area with check-in desks, an information point, and seating.

Lumina Station Representative
  • Have you visited the planet Rim in star system GJ1105?
    • There was an incident involving a contagion
    • A lot of people died
  • Please be aware that all visitors are restricted to Deck C


The heart of Lumina Station is a wide-open, spacious plaza, with seating areas and video screens, lined with offices, cafes, a gym, restrooms, and the Lumina Inn. Opposite the Starport is the dozen or so stores of Galleria Lumina. 

Galleria Lumina

Consists of a dozen or so stores providing essentials and luxuries for station personnel as well as transiting passengers—clothing, personal electronics, tools, food, jewelry, bathing products, shoes, magazines, and many other items.

Lumina Hotel

Description: Small, sixty-room inn used by visitors or transiting passengers. All rooms have en-suite facilities. A laundry room, office, and reception desk are included.

Day One

Medical Center
  • Medical Center
    • Located on Deck B
    • The IVs are water and nutrients
  • Ward
    • You wake up in a room that does not look familiar. You are slightly disoriented but the feeling resembles waking up prematurely from a deep sleep. It only takes you a couple of minutes to fully wake up. You realize that you are in a hospital bed with an IV in your arm. The liquid pumping into your body looks clear.
    • A nurse is assisting a patient next to you. When she moves around to the other side, you realize that the patient next to you is Cabal.
  • Nurse
    • You two had quite the night, didn’t you?
    • Your friend here bought just about all of the liquor from Elements last night. He got a whole bunch of people drunk but none nearly as drunk as he got himself. He suffered alcohol poisoning but he’ll be okay in no time. In fact, he will probably wake up soon. Modern medicine allows up to treat alcohol poisoning and hangovers rather quickly. He will be a little slow today but I’m sure his unusually high bar tab will wake him up just fine.
    • You, on the other hand, could have been in deep trouble. We were able to determine what was in your system. Fortunately, we were informed by Weyland-Yutani about the recent tragedies you both have endured. It’s no wonder you two are here. Regardless, be careful. You started hallucinating in the Promenade. You were talking to your daughter. At some point, you dropped down to your knees, broke out in tears, and hugged the air. You passed out on the floor shortly after. That’s when we got the call and you ended up here.
    • You two are free to go but you’ll have to try and wake him up yourself. Be sure to check out at the front desk.
  • Cabal
    • You wake up
    • You have a bar tab of $9500 credits
  • Medical Ward Checkout
    • Halifax has a medical bill of $20,000
Elements Restaurant

Elements looks like an average restaurant/bar. There is a heavy industrial feel and smell to the place but everything is very clean. There is an employee tending the bar In the middle of the restaurant. There are only a couple of patrons sitting at the bar but it’s early. You see televisions hanging on the walls displaying various types of entertainment and news. The bar and tables all have headlines circling around them in English and Japanese languages.

As you walk in, you notice that the restaurant doesn’t look very busy. The dining area looks to be a bit more open than it should be. The waitress greets you.

  • Waitress
    • Welcome to Elements, can I…help…..you?
      • As she finishes her greeting, she looks at Cabal
      • She turns to Cabal
    • You need to see the manager. I’ll buzz her over.

After a moment, a woman walks over to you. When she arrives in front of you, she stands with her arms akimbo as if you should know what to do or say next.

  • Lumina Station Elements Manager
    • You’re lucky that you have W-Y at your back or else you’d be in lockup right now
    • An OCM representative appears behind you
      • OCM stands for The Office of the Colonial Marshals
      • They are your local police force
    • Did you know that on space stations, maximum security isolation cells are kept in a state of vacuum and null gravity? Prisoners detained within are suspended in pressure suits.
    • She does not look happy and she stares for a moment
    • You have a bar tab of $9500
    • That includes the alcohol and cleanup
    • Some tables, chairs, bottles, and noses were broken thanks to your efforts
    • I suggest you pay up so we can put this behind us

After the tab is paid, the waitress directs you to a table where two men sit. One of them has an artificial arm that looks like it was built with scrap parts by an amateur.

  • Waitress
    • Roll20: Open up the Elements Menu for everyone to see
    • Can I get you all anything to eat or drink?
      • Cabal is not allowed to order alcohol
Isabelle Rivers

A woman approaches you. She has long dark hair pulled back in a ponytail with a blue kerchief wrapped around her head. The white tank top she wears has dirt and stains on it with baggy, blue pants to match. There are welding goggles strapped around her neck.

She stands before you chewing gum, arms akimbo, and leaning on one leg. From the looks of her, you get the sense that she is a mechanic or engineer.

Isabelle Rivers

  • ‘Hello, my name is Isabelle Rivers. I work at Wired. You are Halifax, right? I saw the two of you walk out of the medical center this morning. My shop is right next to the medical center. I asked who you were.’
  • ‘Weyland-Yutani hired me to fix your android, Andromeda.’
  • ‘Is she nearby?’

Day Two

This is a free day. You can do as you, please.

Day Three

You are sitting at the Galleria Lumina food court eating lunch. At some point during lunch, Ward does a short stint of people-watching. Something catches his eye while he looks around.

Observation Check

  • 0
    • You see someone intently gazing your way. Just as you focus your attention, a patron walks by and blocks your view. Once they move away, the face is gone.
  • 1-3
    • You see someone intently gazing your way. You focus your attention. The face looks familiar and you gain a sense of dread. A patron walks by and blocks your view and when you regain your view, the familiar face is gone.
  • 4+
    • You see someone intently gazing your way. You focus your attention. You know the face. Devin. You gain a stress point as you begin to tremble. A patron walks by and blocks your view. When your view comes back, Devin is gone.

Ward will lose sight of Devin once he takes his eyes off him.

Free roam the rest of this day.

Day Four

Isabelle approaches you. You notice that she has blotches of android blood on her work clothes, arms, and face. However, when she walks around Lumina Station, no one seems to pay her any mind. You suspect that a lot of these people are used to seeing her walk around while carrying her work with her.


  • Hello! I just want to let you all know that Andromeda is coming along just fine. I will have her ready for you before you have to leave in three days.
    • She pauses and rolls her eyes upwards as if birds are flying above her head all while she taps her fingers together as if thinking. Before any of you can get a word in…
  • I am missing a part. Do any of you happen to have a spare elbow cylinder?
    • Send a message to Vincent stating that he does have one

Free roam the rest of this day.

Day Five

  • As you go to leave your room for the day, you notice a piece of cloth lying in front of the door that exits your room.
  • The piece of cloth is a light brown color and feels like canvas
The Conversation

This is a special session that involves a conversation between Carson and Ward. Ward wants to bring Carson up to date on everything related to Halifax.

  • Key Notes
    • Imogen is either not in the cryotube or will leave the cryotube
      • She can be found with Dog
        • She looks concerned but not scared
        • Her navigational system suggests that it has not moved for several days
        • Imogen’s emergency system woke it up

Free roam the rest of this day.

Day Six

Important note

Imogen was called an android and she referenced her internal navigation system during the conversation with Dan and Matt. I need to play this off as a malfunction in Imogen’s code. This was a blackout. Imogen will not know how she ended up out of the cryotube and into a bed in Halifax.


  • You two wake up in your individual hotel rooms


  • You wake up in your room in Halifax
  • There is a notification for a new classified message


  • You wake up in the Captain’s Quarters in Halifax
  • There is a notification for a new classified message

Message from Kate Parker

  • It has come to our attention that the intended company agent assigned to Halifax has been murdered. The murderer was the man going by William Vincent. He is a wanted criminal. We aren’t sure what his intentions were with Halifax but there is no need to worry. He has been apprehended and will not pose any threat. We will assign a new agent as soon as possible. Thanks, – Kate Parker
  • While walking over to the ice machine located in the hallway of your hotel, you notice a canvas duffle bag has been left in the corner of the room on the floor.
  • Upon further observation, you notice that the duffle bag has a piece cut out from it. The cut-out looks strikingly similar to the piece of canvas you found in your room.
  • When you open up the duffle bag, you find a rubber toy
    • Reveal Rubber Spider Toy handout in Roll20

Free roam the rest of this day.

Day Seven

This is your last day at Lumina Station. You wake up with a notification from MU/TH/UR. You have an unclassified message from Kate Parker and a job has been assigned to you. It’s time to get back to work.

Reveal JOB.3.1.1

Place the following message in the unclassified log


From: Kate Parker


The dangers within the Stars of the Middle Heavens are forever present. At any moment, everything can take a turn in the wrong direction and disaster can strike. Halifax is no stranger to disaster but neither are the countless numbers of other ships floating around out there. The best you can do is be smart and stay safe.

We all have a job to do. Some are much less dangerous than others but we all have chosen our path. Your job is dangerous but you are talented and good at what you do. Use your talents to survive and get the job done. Weyland-Yutani is here if you need us.

Good luck,

Kate Parker


Dr. X looks for William. Dr. X wants to have a conversation with him.

  • Dr. X
    • He pays the OCM (The Office of the Colonial Marshals) a percentage of his sales to keep them quiet about his drug business
    • He thinks that everything that happened between them was a drill to test him
      • If he finds out that this wasn’t a drill, Dr. X will become confrontational
    • ‘That was some nice shit you pulled off the other day. You fooled me. Thanks for helping me discover a weak point. I’ll be sure to tune that up and not let it happen again.’
Time to Leave

Isabelle and Andromeda find you. Andromeda has an arm again complete with tattoos per her request.

  • Isabelle
    • As a thank-you for the spare elbow cylinder, she gives Halifax two mechanical and electrical spare parts

When the crew attempts to put Imogen into cryosleep, she agrees. However, when she does agree, she says:

  • ‘Okay, I guess I’ll go. Please don’t leave me in there. I don’t like it. Please wake me up when everyone else wakes up.’
  • After she says this line, it is as if her body seizes for a fraction of a second, and her eye color changes from hazel to gray. She then says in a hostile voice:
    • ‘I’ll know if you don’t wake me up
  • Her body seizes again for a fraction of a second and her eye color goes back to hazel
    • This is her defense mechanism and what has been described as a blackout

Let Halifax know that a new classified message has been received

JOB.3.1.1 : Kosara -> Drezatis



  • Colony Representative – Taketa Aiko
  • Company Agent – Kato Swan
  • Med-Lab – Mori Shoraku
  • Psychologist – Seki Risako
  • Store – Eden Clark


  • Administrative Office – Open
    • Includes access to MU/TH/UR
  • Mess Hall – Open
  • Store – Open
  • Barracks – Open
  • Med-Lab – Open


  • The colony is established with 700 colonists mostly made up of workers
  • This place is dirty
    • Mining and refining can do that


  • Mining and Refining


  • Halifax will pick up their new company agent here, Kato



  • Colony Representative – Cillian Gardner
  • Company Agent – Layla Walker
  • OCM Marshall – Walter Burton
  • OCM Sargeant – Kaya Hiroji
  • Med-Lab – Okubo Isa
  • Store – Aiden Miller


  • Administrative Office -Open
    • MU/TH/UR is not available
  • Mess Hall -Closed
  • Store – Open
  • Barracks -Closed
  • Med-Lab -Closed


  • The colony is young and in the middle of construction
  • The people here look tired


  • Terraforming


  • The Administration Office’s MU/TH/UR, Mess Hall, and Barracks are closed due to construction
  • The workers are former prisoners who are considered to be rehabbed. They are now working off their debt to society
  • Cannot resupply Halifax

Halifax lands inside a hangar.

A man wearing a baseball cap and a thick virga jacket with Marshall displayed upon them stands as part of the welcoming party. The other half of the welcoming party looks like a short, pudgy man with a disgruntled look on his face.

When the crew meets the welcoming crew:

  • Walter
    • The Marshall speaks first
    • ‘Halifax, welcome to Drezatis. Please excuse the dust. We are in the middle of building our colony.’
    • ‘It’s hard work but our workers are proud of their work.’
  • Cillian
    • Under his breath
    • ‘Colony? Workers?’
  • Walter
    • The Marshall continues
    • ‘It will take about half a day to get the cargo unloaded. We don’t have anything to accommodate your stay. You’re free to walk around but I would stay close to Atmos. It’s much colder and dangerous out of bounds.’
Zoe Cook
  • She approaches one of the crew members
    • She looks unkempt and slightly malnourished
    • Zoe was sent to Kosara after the incident on Earth
      • Terraforming became her job
      • W-Y looks at her reassignment as a form of punishment
    • She is looking for Helen Troi
      • She wants to apologize for attacking her on Earth

JOB.3.1.2:  LV-346 -> Atis



  • Colony Representative – Samuel Barnes
  • Company Agent – N/A
  • Med-Lab – Heath Hawkins

Facility Description

  • Mess hall – Closed
  • Small store – Closed
  • Barracks – Closed
  • Med Lab – Closed
  • Science Lab – Closed
  • Administrative Office – Closed


  • Terraforming


  • The contagion has spread through some members of the colony
  • The contagion has been contained
  • All infected personnel have been put into cryosleep for transport to a facility where they can be treated
  • Cannot resupply Halifax

Halifax will be directed to land a half-mile outside of the colony.

The welcoming party is wearing medical protective gear that includes respiratory protection, a clear face shield, a gown, and gloves. The names ‘Samuel’ and ‘Heath’ appear as name tags on each gown respectively. 

  • Samuel
    • ‘Welcome, Halifax.’
  • Heath
    • ‘We believe the contagion has been eliminated but you can never be too sure.’
  • Samuel
    • ‘We will bring the cargo to you. I suspect that loading will take about a day. You should be good to go by tomorrow morning.’


You wake up from hypersleep. As your eyes, ears, and body adjust to waking up from hypersleep, you notice that the emergency lights are engaged and a warning signal sounds loudly (play spaceship-alarm and Ship Emergency ambiance in the spaceship folder in Roll20). Your body releases adrenaline to help your body awaken a bit faster.

Andromeda is nowhere to be seen. This is not normal as Andromeda is normally there to help wake you up and fill you in with details. You wonder where she is.

What do you do?

GM Notes

While in hypersleep, one of the colonist cryotubes malfunctions. The disease has leaked into Cargo Bay 2. Andromeda has locked herself inside and is attempting to repair the cryotube. However, she will need her cutting torch from the tool shop to finish the repair.

  • The cryotube malfunctioned
    • No foul play involved
  • Quarantine protocols have been activated
    • Cargo Bay 2 is sealed shut to prevent the spread of the contagion
    • The contagion is not present anywhere else on the ship
  • If someone becomes exposed, they will have to roll for disease (pg. 109)
  • The disease has a virulence rating of 3
    • If a player comes into contact with the disease, they will have to make a stamina roll and beat the virulence rating
      • When a player rolls, don’t tell them whether or not they fail. They will have to wait and see or see a medic



  • Colony Representative – Hazel Richards
  • Company Agent – Isabella Ross
  • Med-Lab – Lacey Price

Facility Description

  • Mess hall – Closed
  • Small store – Closed
  • Barracks – Closed
  • Med Lab – Closed
  • Science Lab – Closed
  • Administrative Office – Closed


  • Terraforming
  • Medical Facility


  • Halifax cannot land on Drezatis
  • Halifax must dock with a transfer station where the cargo will be offloaded
  • The transfer station is in orbit of Drezatis
  • Cannot resupply Halifax

There is only one person in the welcoming party. This person is also wearing medical protection identical to those at LV-346.

  • Lacey
    • ‘Hello. My name is Lacey. I am in charge of the med-lab and transporting the cargo.’
    • She has medication that heals a person who has contracted the disease.

While the Drezatis crew is unloading the cargo, a malfunction occurs with one of the cryotubes. Anyone that is in the transfer station while this occurs will need to check and see if they become infected.

  • If someone becomes exposed, they will have to roll for disease (pg. 109)
  • The disease has a virulence rating of 3
    • If a player comes into contact with the disease, they will have to make a stamina roll and beat the virulence rating
      • When a player rolls, don’t tell them whether or not they fail. They will have to wait and see or see a medic

JOB.3.1.3 : New Earth 2.0 -> Uzuno

New Earth

Colony Allegiance

  • Steer City Cattle Company


  • Colony Representative – Higa Jou (yaw)
  • Second Colony Representative – Rosie Turner
  • OCM Marshal – Elliott Stevens
    • Located at Prison
  • OCM Sergeant – Fujima Akae
    • Located at Prison
  • Med-Lab – n/a
  • Store – n/a


  • None


  • There are multiple colonies on New Earth
    • Colonies are spread hundreds of miles away from each other
    • Each colony has their own Atmos
  • The prison is located a couple of miles away from the colony
    • The crew can travel there by Daihotai if they want to


  • Cattle Ranching and Prison System
  • This is a combination of a colony and prison system
  • There are multiple colonies on New Earth


  • New Earth has been rebuilding since it suffered from a disease outbreak in 2157
    • The disease was called the “New Earth Plague”
    • The disease wiped everyone out
    • The planet was condemned after the outbreak
  • The prisoners are to be transferred to a government prison facility
  • There are 20 prisoners that need to be transported
    • They are already asleep in cryotubes
  • The dress attire of the workers reminds you of the cowboys and cowgirls.
  • It will take two days to load the cargo.
  • It is harvesting season
    • Many of the employees are at remote sites working on the harvest
  • The prison has around 125 prisoners
    • 20 employees run the facility
  • Harvesters roam the land but tend to stay away from colonies. They do tend to cause problems during harvest season where harvesting takes place.
  • Wild Dogs roam the lands. They are unpredictable.


  • Higa
    • Norcomm QSZ-203 Semi-Automatic Pistol (1) ($4000)
    • Norcomm AK-4047 Pulse Assault Rifle (0) ($5000)
    • Kevlar Riot Vest (0) ($6000)
  • The Colony
    • There are only a few people around. Most of the people are out for the harvest. This is considered a challenging time of the year.
  • Higa
    • ‘Halifax, welcome to New Earth 2.0. Steer City Cattle Company always welcomes Weyland-Yutani to town. Speaking of Wey-Yu, how are they treating you these days?’
Pack of Dogs

On the second night, you are awakened by gunshots.

  • The colony is under attack by wild dogs
  • A couple of people have been killed
  • When the crew joins the fight, two dogs remain

You walk into Nagata’s dimly lit office. The low wattage bulb of the desk lamp and a computer screen are all that light the room. She sits down behind her desk.

  • Nagata
    • Nagata will prevent Kato from leaving the office until Devin says he can leave
    • Please have a seat
      • She points to the chair on the other side of the desk. She looks a bit nervous.
    • How are things?

Before you can answer, the faint glow of a lit cigarette catches your eye. Your eyes adjust to the dark. In the back corner of the office, you see a silhouette of a person sitting in a chair. The cigarette rises to their mouth. As they take a drag from the cigarette, a glow briefly appears that illuminates a man’s monstrous face. He appears to be wearing a black bolero hat.

  • ?????
    • Do you know who I am?
    • He has a deep and raspy voice
    • Another drag of the cigarette reveals burns on the man’s face. Parts of his lips are gone so some of his teeth always show. Part of his nose is missing. One of the eyes appears to be without an eyelid and bulging.
  • Nagata
    • Kato, this is Devin. He used to have a close relationship with…
  • Devin
    • He interrupts
    • Imogen.
    • He sits there and takes another drag of his cigarette.
    • That’ll be enough Nagata
      • Nagata stands up and goes to the door of the office. She turns and goes into standby revealing that she is an android. Kato takes one stress die.
    • Wey-Yu began terraforming HD 85512b back in 2047. A colony, known as New Earth, was established in 2055. New Earth became one of the most densely populated colonies. However, in 2157, New Earth suffered the ‘New Earth Plague’. Everyone single person died. HD 85512b and its entire system become condemned. Here we are now in 2180 and Steer City Cattle Company decides to try and reboot New Earth. After all, the Atmos somehow managed to never stop working. Quite incredible really.
    • He takes another drag of his cigarette.
    • I have a proposition for you. I want you to give me Imogen before you leave New Earth.  Do so and I won’t release the second ‘New Earth Plague’. If you don’t, I will bring hell to New Earth and Halifax.
    • Devin will wait for a response.
      • If Kato agrees, Devin will ask Kato to bring Imogen to a location outside of New Earth. Devin will instruct him to come alone. Devin is not alone and he will know if Kato is up to anything.
      • I suggest that you keep this conversation between us and Halifax. Steer City has no idea I am here and that Nagata is an android. If they find out, there could be some complications. I also want you to understand that I am not alone. I will know if you are up to something. Trust me. Meet me at these coordinates tomorrow morning. You only get one chance.


Colony Allegiance

  • Three World Empire
    • Weyland-Yutani


  • Government Representative – Maddison Hall
  • Government Representative Assistant – Alex Black
  • Wey-Yu Company Agent – Klara Allen
  • OCM Marshal – Kuroda Teruo
  • OCM Sergeant – Olly Austin
  • Wey-Yu Med-Lab – Zara Pearce
  • Wey-Yu Surgeon – Casey Watson
  • Wey-Yu Store – Isayama Masu


  • Administrative Office – Open
    • Includes access to MU/TH/UR
  • Restaurants – Open
  • Stores – Open
  • Hotels – Open
  • Med-Lab – Open


  • This is a very large colony that we may as well call a city. The unusually large Atmos sits in the middle of the colony to accommodate the estimated 25,000 people within. There are multiple districts that house the various companies and government entities within the Three World Empire. Weyland-Yutani stands tall in one of those districts with a multi-level building displaying the Wey-Yu logo and “Building Better Worlds” tagline everyone is familiar with.
  • The bustling city conjures up a bit of anxiety and stress within all of you with the exception of Kato who has experience in this type of environment. Everyone gains one stress


  • Government HQ – Three World Empire


  • A Pauling Medpod and surgeon are available
    • See Zara Pearce for details
    • Does not work with androids

When everyone wakes up from Hypersleep, Carson will be notified of a message.

  • Add the following message to the classified log
    • Welcome, Halifax. Halifax has been assigned to Landing Pad 3WE-5. Take your time and we look forward to having you with us. Safe landing. 
  • This is a very large colony. In fact, the colony is so large that you may as well call it a city. A large Atmos sits in the middle of the colony to accommodate the estimated 25,000 people within. There are multiple districts that house the various companies and government entities within the Three World Empire. Weyland-Yutani stands tall in one of those districts with a multi-level building displaying the Wey-Yu logo and “Building Better Worlds” tagline everyone is familiar with.
  • The colony’s entire border appears to be protected by military personnel. Heavy artillery has been strategically placed to handle unwelcome guests from above. The thick wall surrounding the colony prevents anything from getting in or out. Surveillance assures that if either measure were to fail, someone would know immediately.
  • The bustling city conjures up a bit of anxiety and stress within all of you with the exception of Kato who has experience in this type of environment. Everyone gains one stress
  • Halifax lands on Landing Pad 3WE-5. You are able to see a team of three before you. This is your welcoming crew.

A team of three (Maddison Hall, Alex Black, and Klara Allen) greets Halifax. Maddison hands Carson a short-wave communicator. The communicator will allow

  • Maddison
    • Welcome to Uzuno, a Three World Empire-sponsored colony. My name is Madison Hall. This is my assistant, Alex Black and this is Klara Allen, a Wey-Yu company representative.
      • Alex and Klara greet you with a bow
      • Maddison hands Carson a short-wave communicator
    • Uzuno is a large colony. You can use this communicator to talk with my assistant, Alex Black, while you are here should you need assistance getting around. We will need that back before you leave.
  • Klara
    • Please visit Weyland-Yutani while you are here. You’ll find our tower over there (she points to a very large building across the way). You may find some valuable resources over there. If you have any medical issues, seek out Zara Pearce. She would gladly assist you in using our Pauling Medpod to get you all fixed up.
  • Maddison
    • Our staff should be here momentarily to unload the cargo. As a token of our gratitude, we would like to offer you an upgrade for your ship. It seems that you lack any type of offense or defense capabilities. How about a hardpoint and your choice of a light railgun turret or sensor decoys? Don’t worry, Wey-Yu has already agreed (Klara nods her head in agreement). The work will take 4-5 days and we can start right after the cargo is unloaded. How does that sound?
    • Excellent. The ICC will conduct a thorough inspection of Halifax before the installation of the equipment. Any repairs needed will be completed. When everything is complete, your next job is a delivery for us so we will load you up with cargo and send you on your way.
Three World Empire
  • They are not interested in talking
  • Weyland-Yutani has the largest building in the colony
  • Direct communication channels to other Wey-Yu facilities
  • Pauling Medpod
ICC (Interstellar Commerce Commission)
  • They will want to conduct an inspection of the Halifax
USCMC (United States Colonial Marine Corps)
  • They simply maintain a presence throughout the colony
  • Don’t let the marines see any military equipment in the wrong hands
Hyperdine Systems

When you enter the facility, you see a large statue of the 341-B model android, commonly known as the Bishop model, sitting behind the front desk. The front desk greets you with a ‘Hello, how can I help you?’

  • The 341-B model is a successor to the 120-A/2 model (Ash) android
Andromeda’s Request

Andromeda asks the captain if she can present Dog to 3WE for registration. Doing so will make Dog a part of the crew and will no longer be considered contraband. Andromeda believes she can convince W-Y once she demonstrates Dog’s behavior and training.

Should the captain accept, Dog will ultimately pass and become part of the crew.

JOB.3.1.4 : Uzuno -> LV-779



  • See Above


  • See Above


  • See Above


  • See Above


  • See Above

Halifax Threat

The crew is awakened by Andromeda. MU/TH/UR has reported a proximity alert.

  • The Ship
    • This is a Predator ship that is cloaked
      • The crew will not be able to see the ship
      • Halifax’s radar will be able to detect the ship
    • If Halifax gets too close to the ship, the ship will disappear
      • The Predator ship does not want a confrontation
      • It simply flies away, quickly



  • Colony Representative – Tamon Koin
  • Company Agent – Jo Ryo
  • Med-Lab – Felicity Mitchell
  • Store – Oba Shotaro


  • Administrative Office -Closed
    • Includes access to MU/TH/UR
  • Mess Hall -Closed
  • Store -Closed
  • Barracks -Closed
  • Med-Lab -Closed


  • The entire colony is dead


  • Terraforming


  • Everyone has been murdered by Devin

The landing will be harder. Add a -2 modifier.

When Halifax lands on LV-779. Two people will be waiting for them on the landing pad. However, once the crew gets a closer look at the two people waiting for them, they will realize that they are dead and have been placed in a standing position by someone else.

You land safely on LV-779. The weather is horrible. You see two people in rain gear waiting outside to greet you.

The Welcoming Committee

The colony representative and the company agent are standing in place. As you approach them, you notice that one of them is holding a toy spider and there is a pool of blood beneath both of them. While looking at the blood underneath the colony representative, you notice a pole sticking out of the ground and there is a trail of blood running down the pole. Further observation reveals that the pole penetrates the bottom of the body. As you step back in shock (gain one stress), you notice that the mouth is slightly open.

When you look in the mouth, you see the other end of the pole running up the back of the throat and behind the uvula. You can only assume that the pole ends inside the brain cavity.

The company agent appears to have the same setup. You conclude that these bodies were made to appear alive long enough to hold your attention, but from what?

  • The Blood
    • The blood appears to be dry.
    • Ward can determine that they dies a day or two ago.
  • The Body
    • The chest pocket of the colony representative has a keycard in it.

Halifax is entirely unresponsive.


After a few minutes, the crew will notice that someone is approaching them from a distance. They must have come from the colony. As the person gets closer, they notice that the person is blue. They will then realize that this is a Working Joe, an android manufactured by Seegson. The Working Joe is hostile and combat will ensue.

LV-779 General Setup
  • Emergency power only
  • All of the vents are locked and cannot be accessed
LV-779 Points of Interest
  • A
    • It looks like someone lived in this room at one time
    • There is foodstuff in this room
  • B
    • This is locked from the inside
  • C
    • It looks like someone lived in this room at one time
    • There is foodstuff in this room
    • There are a bunch of Neversleep bottles scattered throughout the room. The bottles are empty
  • D
    • There are empty egg pods
    • There is a keycard on one of the Working Joes that will open Room F
  • E
    • This is locked and for use later on
  • F
    • The terminal lists a bunch of rooms that say open next
    • There are two exceptions
    • The rec room and classified labs room are locked and there is an option to open them
      • The rec room can be unlocked here
      • The classified room gives an error
  • AA
  • AB
    • You find two Kevlar Riot Vests inside one of the boxes
  • BB
    • This room appears to be a maintenance area that features a large freighter lift in the middle of the room that is large enough to fit a couple of APCs (armored personnel carriers for marines)
    • There are several Working Joes in their docking stations at the rear of the room
    • You see a terminal located at the rear of the room
      • The terminal will unlock the lift to Sub Floor 01
  • CC
    • There is a woman who is attached to the wall
      • This is Zoe Cook
      • She is attached with a sticky residue that looks like a thick, black web
      • She is breathing
      • Injuries
        • Minor strangulation bruising
        • Facial bruising
    • Alien Egg
      • Already open
      • There is a dead facehugger inside
        • The facehugger crawled back inside once it was done impregnating Zoe Cook
    • Zoe Cook
      • She has an alien inside of her but no one knows that
      • Reassignment
        • She had been transferred from Drezatis not long after their encounter
        • She never felt like a Wey-Yu employee after the encounter on Earth
        • She felt like a prisoner
      • The Marshall (Walter)
        • Personally brought Zoe to LV-779 along with a few other ‘employees’
        • Always kept a thin line between treating employees like prisoners
      • LV-779
        • Assigned to work on terraforming and building the colony
        • Felt like a normal operation with nothing out of the ordinary
        • She last remembers that a meeting was called by the colony representative
        • Everyone was ordered to report to the storage facility where meetings tend to take place
        • Somewhere on my way to the storage facility, Zoe was knocked out and woke up here, strapped to the wall by some unknown substance
  • DD
    • This door is locked and cannot be opened until all doors are unlocked
  • EE
    • There is a keycard hidden in the water
    • A successful observation check will reveal the keycard
    • The keycard opens every door in the terrarium
    • The Working Joe’s will activate when someone grabs the keycard
      • There will be several hostile Working Joes
      • They will leave the west door in the lobby open
  • FF
    • There are medical charts in this room
      • Medical Record #7637145 is here (reveal to everyone)
    • Observation check
      • There is a bottle of Neversleep pills that contains six pills
  • AAA
    • The front door is locked but there is a panel to the right of the door that can be hacked with a comtech check
    • Once inside, the door will close and lock with no way to open
    • Emergency power only
    • After one day, power will come back on
  • BBB
    • The power will turn on after some time and reveal a locked terminal
    • The locked terminal will continue beeping until someone checks it
      • On the screen is a Working Joe that has a speech bubble that says ‘patience is your friend here.’
      • There is a button underneath that says continue.
      • A new speech bubble appears that says ‘show me your skills.’
      • There is a button underneath that says ‘hack me.’
    • Comtech check (5+)
      • Success
        • The terminal will unlock and open the north door
        • Play Ambient -> Shelter from the Storm
      • Unsuccessful
        • The Working Joe will appear again with a speech bubble that says ‘try again tomorrow.’
  • CCC
    • There are dead bodies everywhere
      • They look like they have been dead for a few days
    • There is a rifle hanging in the closet on the back wall
      • M42A Scope Rifle (broken)
      • 4 clips of ammo
  • DDD
    • All of the bodies in this room have chest bursts
      • There are spider-like creatures (dead facehuggers) next to each body
  • EEE
    • All doors will lock once the crew enters the room
    • Play Ambient -> Deep Space EVA
    • Play Abstract Engineer -> eensy-weensy-spider-singalong
    • Devin will speak
      • Welcome home, Imogen.
  • FFF
    • This is my tribute to Buddy, my dog who I lost on 09/02/2022
    • Play Buddy Dreaming audio
    • Buddy is locked inside the closet
      • He is a puggle
      • He looks to have been there for a few days but he doesn’t look malnourished. He must have been eating and drinking something.
      • He’s super friendly and walks right up to the crew with his tail wagging.
      • He is very interested in Grim. Grim is friendly toward Buddy
  • ToDo
    • I need to add:
      • A way to unlock
        • Storage
        • Floor 2
Cryptic Message

In the midst of chaos once landing on LV-779, Halifax receives a cryptic message. No one can determine the origin of the cryptic message but one can guess that someone from the colony nearby is responsible. Working Joe’s appear on multiple monitors and someone has to be controlling them. A cryptic message is a surefire way to rattle some bones.

Here is the coded message:

01001001 00100000 01000001 01001101 00100000 01001001 01001101 01001111 01000111 01000101 01001110 00100000 01000111 01010010 01000001 01011001

00110010 00110001 01000010 00110001 00100000 01001001 01000100 00110000 01000110 00100000 00110101 00110110 01000101 01000101 00110011 00110001

01100010 01110101 01110100 00101100 00100000 01101001 00100000 01100001 01101101 00100000 01101001 01101101 01101111 01100111 01100101 01101110 00100000 01100111 01110010 01100001 01111001 00101110

00110010 00110001 01000010 00110001 00100000 01001001 01000100 00110000 01000110 00100000 00110101 00110110 01000101 01000101 00110011 00110001

01001110 01001111 00101100 00100000 01001001 01001101 01001111 01000111 01000101 01001110 00100000 01000010 01000101 01001100 01001111 01001110 01000111 01010011 00100000 01010100 01001111 00100000 01001101 01000101

00110010 00110001 01000010 00110001 00100000 01001001 01000100 00110000 01000110 00100000 00110101 00110110 01000101 01000101 00110011 00110001

01110111 01101000 01100001 01110100 00100000 01100100 01101111 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100101 00100000 01101110 01110101 01101101 01100010 01100101 01110010 01110011 00100000 01100001 01101110 01100100 00100000 01101100 01100101 01110100 01110100 01100101 01110010 01110011 00100000 01101101 01100101 01100001 01101110 00111111

01101000 01110100 01110100 01110000 01110011 00111010 00101111 00101111 01110111 01110111 01110111 00101110 01100001 01101100 01101001 01100101 01101110 01110010 01110000 01100111 00101110 01110100 01101001 01100101 01110011 01110100 01101000 01100001 01110100 01100010 01101001 01101110 01100100 01100111 01100001 01101101 01101001 01101110 01100111 00101110 01100011 01101111 01101101 00101111 01101001 01101101 01101111 01100111 01100101 01101110 00101101 01100111 01110010 01100001 01111001 00101111

The decoded message is:


21B1 ID0F 56EE31

but, i am imogen gray

21B1 ID0F 56EE31


21B1 ID0F 56EE31

what do the numbers and letters mean?


Devin sent the message to Halifax simply to fuck with them. However, the cryptic message does have some significance.

The video of Imogen was taken at Aeon Station before Halifax arrived. Devin fed Imogen the call sign numbers and then had Imogen send out the distress signal. Aeon Station was not aware of the distress signal. Devin sent out the distress signal because Aeon Station had become infested with Aliens and the escape pods were broken. He meant to steal Halifax but his plans did not go as planned. Instead, he fixed an escape pod and left Aeon Station.

The video also shows Imogen arguing with herself. This suggests that Devin’s tampering with Imogen did not go smoothly and caused some issues. It seems that Imogen was briefly aware of her two sides.

Video Links:


To-Do List

  • checkedReply to the message Ward sent to Keira Stewart


Playable Characters

  • Carson Glover
    • Officer
  • Ward Foley
    • Medic
  • Cabal Dalron
    • Pilot
    • Alcoholism
  • William Vincent
    • Corporate Agent
    • Lump on backside

Retired Characters

Elliot DuMont (Scott) – Pilot


Imogen Gray (A) – Kid

Andromeda (A) – Roughneck

Grim (Dog) – Male Dog Companion

Gage (a.k.a. Devin) – Android Scientist (Enemy)

Dr. X – Drug Dealer

Lumina Station

  • Isabelle Rivers
    • She is a highly skilled mechanic that specializes in androids
    • She owns Wired,  a workshop aboard Lumina Station
      • The shop is located on Deck B

The Halifax

Deceased Crew

Helen Troi: First Officer

Craig Moore: Second Officer

Russell Cook: Chief Engineer

Megan Chambers: Engineer

Ace: W-Y standard-issue android

Titanic Westwood: Company Agent

Project Ghost


Kate Parker (Corporate Exec)

  • Age: Early 50’s
  • Tall with a fit physique
  • Long blonde hair

Liliana Martin (Kate’s Personal Assistant)

  • Age: Late 20’s
  • Average height with a fit physique
  • Shoulder-length dark hair

Sgt. Albert Johns (Col Marshal)

  • Early 40’s
  • Average height
  • Heavy build
  • Wears military style hat

Cpl. Ryder Stone (Col Marine)

Pvt. Feathers (Col Marine)


The Predator

The project is named after the Predator’s cloaking device. W-Y wants the Predator tech for themselves.

Project Imogen


Aeon Station is working on a new biological weapon. The weapon is an android. Imogen is the name of the Android and it believes that it is human. Imogen is able to house biological weaponry within its body cavity. The internal housing area conceals its content allowing for stealth transport to a target area. Imogen could be a truly devastating piece of equipment.


He is an android that was present at Aeon Station. Halifax doesn’t know it, but he was able to escape before Aeon Station blew up and he wants Imogen back. He will stalk Halifax throughout the story.

GM Notes

Ship Maintenance

  • Once Per Week
    • Make one roll for each of the following
      • Heavy Machinery
      • Comtech
    • If a failure occurs
      • Suffer minor component damage
      • Roll D66 and refer to page 198

World Template

Company Allegiance


  • Colony Representative – 
  • Company Agent – 
  • Med-Lab – 
  • Store – 


  • Administrative Office – Open/Closed
    • Includes access to MU/TH/UR
  • Mess Hall – Open/Closed
  • Store – Open/Closed
  • Barracks – Open/Closed
  • Med-Lab – Open/Closed


  • Add Description


  • Taken from the job description


  • Add notes

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