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Alien RPG Halifax Campaign Part 1

You are about to view the notes I created to run the Halifax campaign Part 1, an Alien RPG adventure. I did not use AI to assist me in any way and everything you are about to read was written solely by me. The original and fictitious story uses Alien RPG as the framework to run the campaign and tell the story. With that said:

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

These are notes and not a novel so don’t be surprised when content scatters or there are markings you don’t understand. Some of my notes reside in Roll20 and I have no clear path to share those notes without compromising my Roll20 account or a ton of tedious work that I’m not up to do for now (I wish I could share Roll20 with everyone as a spectator).


Years spent in hypersleep, your life passes by with little impact on your body. However, you sacrifice any hopes of retaining family or friends back home because they continue to age normally. By the time you get home, your toddler may be approaching her teenage years. You’ll say things like ‘Hello, my love’ and ‘I have missed you so much’. You’ll kick your boots off, relax, catch up, have a good dinner, sleep in a cozy bed with the one you love, wake up, have a nice breakfast, get dressed, say your goodbyes, walk out the front door and wipe the tears from your face as you make your way back out into the known universe, also known as the Stars of the Middles Heavens. Most space truckers know better than to have a family of any kind and those who do usually find creative ways to keep family close by.

Earth serves as the center point of the Stars of the Middle Heavens. You’ll find Earth in the SOL sector within the Core Systems, the first ring of the known universe.

Let’s talk about Earth for a minute. Earth had been brought back from the brink of environmental disaster by a little terraforming at home, Earth is an eclectic array of densely packed centers of urban decay and beautiful green vistas. While some still linger, most radiation zones from past conflicts have been cleaned up and pose little threat. Earth is far from a safe place to live, however. The United States Oil Wars have taken their toll on North America. The recent Australian Rebellion against the 3WE was ended swiftly with the nuclear strike on the Outback’s capital, Canberra. The cost of living on Earth is extravagant, and those who aren’t rich are confined to metropolitan ghettoes. Earth has become a world for no one but the corporate and government elite and those who would serve them. Still, the seats of power for the 3WE (Three World Empire/your government), the UA (United Americas), and the UPP (The Union of Progressive People)  are all located on Earth.

The Frontier resides on the outskirts of the Stars of the Middle Heavens. To reach The Frontier, you’ll have to leave Earth and the Core Systems and travel through the Outer Veil, the next ring of territory beyond the Core Systems. Here you will find a lot of colonized planets, mining installations and terraforming projects. Each government has a stake in the Outer Veil. However, many planets have been stripped of resources and left behind as barren wastelands.

You still have a ways to go to reach The Frontier. About 6 – 10 parsecs out or about 72-120 days in hypersleep (depending on which direction you are heading) and you’ll reach The Outer Rim where The UA has made their name. They found planets that supported life without terraforming so colonizing planets became easy and expanded quickly. The UPP pulled their resources and made a large claim out here, too. The 3WE fights to make their claim but remain highly reliant on Weyland-Yutani’s expansion efforts. You’ll find peace and conflict out here as well as many military installations.

Add another 3-5 parsecs or 96-120 days in hypersleep and you have finally reached the edge of The Frontier. You could say that The Frontier is the wild west, a term you have heard used in classic films from hundreds of years ago. The more danger you are willing to risk, the better rewards you will find. You’ll find some neutral zones out here where you can pick up supplies or try to make a name for yourself. You can find mining hubs such as Thedus or the famous Solomons, the hub where the Nostromo left to return home only to be led down a deadly path that resulted in a blown up commercial towing spaceship and Officer Ellen Ripley asleep in deep space where she was eventually rescued by space marines 57 years later. Only rumors remain after that incident.

And there you have it. You have made your way through each of the known territories where expansion, power and rumors continue to fuel alliances and conflict. None of that really concerns you too much though. You just want to make money to save up for a favorable retirement somewhere out here amongst the stars. You are space truckers making a living aboard the ship named The Halifax working for W-Y or Weyland Yutani. You are:

Helen Troi: First Officer

Craig Moore: Second Officer

Elliot DuMont: Pilot

Ward Foley: Medic

Russell Cook: Chief Engineer

Megan Chambers: Engineer

Ace: W-Y standard issue android

From here on, when I say ‘You’, I mean the entire crew of The Halifax.

You have run jobs together for years. You are friends, some more or less than others, that get along well enough to get each job done with perfection. You are known through the stars, where it counts, for the outstanding work you do. W-Y tends to keep you busy as you are never without a job or two or five in line. You find this welcoming as some space truckers wish for the luck you possess.

You spend a lot of your time away from The Frontier but you have been there from time to time. You move cargo from one place to another. Sometimes you’ll pick up cargo from Earth (usually W-Y provided cargo) and make the delivery on some other planet or space station. Other times you’ll pick up cargo from one location and deliver that cargo to a different location. Cargo varies from raw materials like ore, parts for starships or colony construction, livestock or people, medicine and the list goes on. The cargo usually doesn’t matter just as long as it’s safe and gets you paid.

All the years that you have worked together and then the unexpected happens. W-Y sends you on an unusual cargo run. The job is located in the Outer Rim Territories. No biggie but then everything becomes complicated. The cargo run begins and ends in The United Americas territory. Further down the rabbit hole, the entire job takes place in the Crestus Prime Cluster, an area deemed classified by all governments.

You haven’t turned down a job yet and the cargo seems to be routine so there are no initial indications pointing to any kind of suspicion. You also think that the opportunity could get you ahead. Maybe you can get a promotion and pick up higher paying jobs like this one, $74,000. That’s unheard of since you are already in the Outer Veil. You take the job but you will have to be careful. You will be going into United Americas territory.

You wake up from hypersleep in the Crestus Prime Cluster without a hitch. After you feed yourselves and perform post-hypersleep assigned duties, you proceed to land.

// Elliott – Planetfall. You must land on Gamma Systems (1) successfully. You can ask for help if you want.


You land successfully. The boarding ramp opens and Helen exits and is greeted by Administrator Lance. He welcomes you to Gamma Systems (1) and informs you that the loading process will take a day. You are asked to remain in or near your ship during your stay.

You open the cargo docks and the local colonists begin to load cargo onto Halifax. Some time passes by.


// Elliott – You are right outside your ship getting some fresh air. A colonist walking by you turns towards you quickly and says, ‘Dragons and Ghosts, man,’ while doing some kind of ghostly dance and laughing. He doesn’t give you time to react. He just moves on and continues his work. The colonist seemed to be a bit unhinged but you won’t forget that interaction any time soon.

// Ward – You are in one of the cargo bays taking a break from your med lab. As you are walking around observing the cargo, you notice a folder lying on the floor underneath one of the boxes of cargo on your ship. You pull the folder out from underneath the cargo with minimal resistance. When you open it up, you find medical records unlike anything you have ever seen. Your initial gut tells you that these are important. To avoid getting caught with them, you tuck them into your jacket and walk back to your med lab in Halifax where you find a safe place to store them so you can review them at a later time. (Let me know when you want to review them).

The rest of the day goes by and when fatigue begins to set in, you settle in for the night aboard Halifax. The next morning, cargo loading begins once again. Around noon, the cargo is fully loaded, the cargo bays close, the boarding ramp withdrawals and Halifax takes off.

// ENCOUNTER – Planetfall. You must take off successfully. You can ask for help if you want.

You begin your journey to Delta Systems (7). Your destination is less than a parsec away so you decide to stay awake. You’ll be there in about a week.

After about a week’s time, you are able to see Delta Systems (7) with a naked eye so you begin to prepare for entering the atmosphere and landing to deliver the cargo. Russel, Ace, Craig and Megan prepare the cargo in all four bays. Helen, Ward and Elliott are on the bridge prepping the ship. Your ship’s speed has slowed down considerably.

While slowly approaching Delta Systems (7), a heavy rumble occurs on the bridge. Alarms and sensors trip. The bridge door seals itself. The bridge team calls down to the cargo team but there is no response. The bridge team sees a flash of light out the corner of their eyes so they look outside of the bridge window to see debris floating in space. The flash of light seemed to be caused by something that looked like a small explosion accompanied by lightning.

From this point forward, when I say ‘You’, I am referring to the bridge crew.

Panic sets in. You go over the ship’s diagnostics. The good news is that your ship remains functional but the entire ship, save the bridge, has become vacuum. You send out a distress call which is immediately answered by Delta Systems (7). They inform you that they will send out a rescue boat. However, before the rescue boat reaches you, a message comes in from W-Y.

*Read Mes-1-1*

The rescue boat is able to dock and the rescue team makes their way to your bridge. They are wearing compression suits to protect themselves from the vacuum. They give you food, water, hydr8tion pills, Naproleve and compression suits. You are instructed to set a course for Earth and then use the compression suits to make your way to the cryo station on your ship and enter hypersleep for the trip home. You are also given a sheet of paper with instructions on it as well as a marker and printouts.

The rescue boat leaves. You take some time to recollect yourself, eat, hydrate and prepare for the short journey to the cryo station. Once prepared, ready and suited up, you make your way.

// ENCOUNTER – Use Roll20 Slide: The Halifax – Play out scene //

IRC Mk.50 Compression Suit
Air Supply 5Weight 1Agility -1
Have the crew make their way to the cryo room. Everyone will need to make 3 supply rolls.

The journey is slow to avoid complications but you are able to make your way without any issues.

Helen follows the instructions given to her by the rescue team. She uses the marker to write a message on each hypersleep chamber. She then tells each member to enter their designated chamber with their compression suits still on. They are to take their helmet off once the chamber is sealed and pressurized. Before the chambers close, she takes a sheet of paper and lays it on each member’s chest. Helen then proceeds to prepare her own chamber the same way she prepared the others. She starts the hypersleep process, the chambers seal and then pressurize. Everyone falls asleep and the journey home begins.

Part I – Introductions

Chapter I – Almost Home

You slowly wake up from hypersleep. Your vision is blurry and your thoughts are fuzzy. You take a few moments to orient yourself. As you look around, you realize that you are waking from hypersleep. The shield of your chamber has not opened as they normally do. However, you notice there is a message written on your shield.

The shield says:

// Use Roll20 Slide: Hypersleep Interior //

‘Do not panic. Read paper on your chest.’

You find the paper lying on your chest. The paper reads:

// Use Roll20 Slide: Hypersleep Paper

‘The ship has suffered massive damage. The bridge is the only safe area on the ship. There is no air throughout the rest of the ship. You need to put on your helmet and activate your compression suit. Once complete, knock hard on the chamber shield in order to be let out by Helen, your ship officer. She will already be suited up, out of her chamber and ready to let you out. Await further instructions.’

Helen waits for everyone to prepare themselves. She hears the knocks of her crew members. She lets them out once they are all ready. You need to make your way to the bridge.

// ENCOUNTER -Use Roll20 Slide: The Halifax – Play out scene //

IRC Mk.50 Compression Suit
Air Supply 5Weight 1Agility -1
Have the crew make their way to the bridge. Everyone will need to make 3 supply rolls.

When you reach the bridge and decompress, you will be able to see Earth with the naked eye. You have made it.

The first order of business will be to eat, hydrate, check logs, perform maintenance (pg 179 – Heavy Machinery roll) and prepare the ship for landing on Earth.

// ENCOUNTER – Planetfall, Land on Earth.

Upon landing successfully, you will be escorted by Titanic Westwood to W-Y headquarters. Titanic will mention that Kate Parkers and various other W-Y representatives will want to meet with them tomorrow. In the meantime, the crew will be assigned individual rooms where they can clean up and rest.

Chapter II – The Reunion

You wake up the next morning to the horrifying sound of (pause for dramatic effect, as if something scary is about to happen) an alarm clock. W-Y must have set them ahead of time to make sure everyone woke up at the same time. There is a message on your video phone that directs you to meet at the W-Y headquarters lobby in one hour. That’s enough time to get a shower, get dressed, drink coffee and eat some breakfast.

One hour passes and you walk over to the lobby of W-Y headquarters. Titanic is already in the lobby, waiting for your arrival.


Titanic will lead you to a meeting room.

You are buzzed through a secure door that leads you through a series of hallways and more secure doors. After a few moments of walking, you finally reach your destination. When you enter the room, you see a tall, fit woman with blonde hair in her late 40’s or early 50’s sitting at the table. She bears the familiar face of Kate Parker. She holds a tablet in her hands and looks to be reading through some notes.

There is another woman who is sitting next to Kate. She looks much younger, probably in her mid to late 20’s. She also has a tablet in her hand but notices you when you enter the room. She whispers something in Kate’s.

You see two marines standing at the ready on the opposite sides of the room. They look to be in their mid to late 20’s and are dressed in casual marine clothes with pistols strapped to their sides.

There is another marine sitting at the table. He looks like he may be in his mid to late 40’s and in charge of the two marines standing up. He is also dressed in casual marine clothes. He is facing you and he eyes you up as you enter the room.

After a few seconds pass by, Kate puts their tablet down on the table. Kate gets up and greets you. She looks pleased to see you.

Kate: Hello and welcome. Would you like some coffee?



  • Please have a seat.

She points to the table.

Kate asks some questions: 

  • How is everyone this morning? Were you able to get some sleep?
  • Have your accommodations been satisfactory since you have arrived?
  • How was the journey home?
  • Where is the rest of your crew?

Kate seems sorry for their loss.

Kate introduces the people in the room.

  • Kate Parker (Corporate Exec)
  • Liliana Martin (Kate’s Personal Assistant)
  • Sgt. Albert Johns (Col Marshal)
  • Cpl. Ryder Stone (Col Marine)
  • Pvt. Feathers (Col Marine)

Kate asks a series of questions.

  • What happened?
  • What do you remember?
  • Do you remember anything out of the ordinary?
  • Were there any indications of the possibility of an explosion?
  • Did anyone seem suspicious when you were picking up the cargo?
  • Some paperwork has gone missing from the pickup site. Did anyone come across any paperwork that may have belonged to the colony?
  • I cannot express how sorry I am for your loss. The Halifax will be fully repaired by our technicians. The repairs will take about 35 days. W-Y Headquarters and the rooms you were given will be your home for the time being. All essential expenses will be compensated during your stay.

A woman walks into the meeting room. She walks over to Kate and stands next to her. Andromeda looks tough, like someone you do not want to get into a fist fight with. Her long unkempt hair is dark, almost black, and combed over to the right side but she loves to wear hats. Her ears have several piercings. There are tattoos covering every bit of skin you can see. Some tattoos look like they are covering or accenting scars. Her mirthless eyes and rough hands compliment her flannel button up shirt, baggy jeans and black steel-toe boots.


  • Ah, just in time. Halifax, this is Andromeda. She is an android and she will replace the android lost in the Halifax explosion.


  • I prefer the term ‘Artificial Person’ myself.


  • Right. Sorry. Um…she is a very tough cookie and an expert with her hands. She will take care of ship maintenance and she can fix all kinds of equipment. She can even drive a Powered Work Loader if you need her to.  I’ve heard that her kind in your line of work are often called a Roughneck.

Andromeda gives a nod to the Halifax crew.


  • Finally, we are going to add Titanic to your crew. We want to do some investigation into the explosion on Halifax. We have chosen Titanic to be the company representative aboard Halifax. He will meet with key personnel during your travels.
  • Titanic is more than happy to help around the ship. He may need a bit of training on some of your equipment but he does a decent job with comtech.
  • I know this may come as a surprise and you may not even like it but it is imperative that we get to the bottom of this.
  • Does anyone have any questions?

// If anyone asks about the location Halifax was sent to, Kate will explain that W-Y loves terraforming and The Three World Empire wants to expand into United Americas territory for competitive reasons. The Crestus Prime Cluster seemed like a great place to start since there isn’t much activity in there.

// If asked why the area is classified, the marine at the table will say ‘that’s classified’.


When the questions are done and the meeting wraps up:


  • Thanks for attending the meeting. 
  • Me, Titanic and Andromeda are going to go across the street to Elements tonight for dinner and drinks. Their food and drinks are amazing. I would love to have all of you join us.
  • That whole area over there is a commercial zone. You’ll find shops over there should you care to walk around beforehand. Elements has a huge, bright sign out front. You can’t miss it.
  • I’ll see you then.
  • Oh, and by the way, be sure to take anything out of the ship that you don’t want to lose before you come to dinner tonight.

Chapter III – Elements

From here on, when I say ‘You’, I mean the entire crew of Halifax. However, Andromeda and Titanic will remain separate for the time being.

You enter Elements. There are several people already inside. A lot of them are wearing W-Y attire so they must have just gotten off of work and come here to unwind.

Elements looks like your average restaurant/bar. There is a heavy industrial feel and smell to the place but everything is very clean. There are a couple of employees tending the bar In the middle of the restaurant. You see televisions hanging on the walls displaying various types of entertainment and news. The bar and tables all have headlines circling around them in English and Japanese languages.

You stand there for another moment taking in the elements of Elements. A waitress walks up to you.

Leah (Waitress)

  • Welcome to Elements. My name is Leah. How many will be in your party tonight?
    • Andromeda will somefhow mention Halifax
  • Wait, you are part of the Halifax group?
  • Well, why didn’t you say so? Someone in your party is already here. Follow me.

The table you are taken to sits towards the back of the restaurant and is big enough to fit 10 guests. Titanic Westwood has already claimed a seat and is sipping on a drink.


Leah (Waitress)

  • Can I get you all something to drink?


You order drinks. A few moments pass by and Leah comes back with your drinks.


  • What can I get you to eat?

You order food.


// Things to do

  • Talk
  • Darts
  • Pool Table
  • Bar
  • PacMan Head to Head Arcade Game

Leah calls to you to let you know that your food is getting ready to come out. It’s time to get back to the table. You sit down just in time to greet Leah setting your plates down on the table. You begin to eat your dinner.


As you are eating, a woman approaches your table. She doesn’t look like a waitress.


  • Hello. I’m Zoe. I work for W-Y in the administration department. I heard about what happened. I’m sorry for your loss.
  • I’m new at W-Y. I’ve only been working here for a week and I don’t know many people yet. I did hear that this place was great so I had to come check it out. Would you mind if I join you for dinner?


She eventually figures out that Helen is in charge of the ship. When she does, she asks to be excused to use the restroom. When she comes back, she sits next to Helen. They resume talking.

At some point, Zoe will walk back to the table. When she arrives, she pulls Helen from her chair and starts a fight. Zoe says, ‘You killed Russel!” Helen gains one stress.


// Initiative

// Zoe does not have a weapon. She is using her bare hands. Hand to hand combat begins. This uses the close combat rules.

// To block a punch, a block must be declared before the attacker makes an attack. A block is a quick action. A punch is a long action.

// Use Horton, Mechanic as Zoe’s character sheet

// Unarmed Attack – 1 Engaged – – Armor doubled

// Either the fight will go until someone is broken, someone from Halifax breaks up the fight or until the fight is broken up when Kate walks in.

Kate: What is the meaning of this?

// If Helen or Zoe needs healing, Kate will use a personal medkit to heal wounds and HP.

// Someone will need to explain that Zoe knows Russel Cook of Halifax.

Zoe does not try to run. Instead, she remains on the floor, crying. She is clearly upset about the death of her husband, Russel Cook.


  • Who are you?

Zoe, still crying

  • I want my husband back. She took him from me! (She points at Helen)

Kate looks at Helen and mouths ‘I got this’. Kate leans down to Zoe to comfort her and attempts to talk to her.


  • // This entire section will need to be played out until a resolution has been made
  • // Once a resolution with Zoe has been made, Kate will suggest that this is enough for one night and that everyone should head back to W-Y Headquarters

You are back at W-Y headquarters, in the front lobby.


  • I am so sorry for what happened back there. Are you all okay?


Chapter IV – New Beginnings

About a month and a half has passed. You have spent your time trying your best to enjoy time away from the Middle Heavens. You have spent a lot of time in your room but you have adventured out from time to time. You have been back to Elements a few times. You like it there, when no one is trying to rip your head off.

You are not used to having so much freedom to move around without having to worry about so many possibilities of things going wrong. Engines, air scrubbers or any part of the ship for that matter could fail. A fight between crew members could cause tension that might result in critical duties going undone. An explosion, much like the one that caused half of your crew to get sucked out into space without any warning, might end everything at any time. Yes, you really should be enjoying this time off.

But you are not. You are anxious to get back out there and work hard to earn your living. Who knows? If you save enough money, one day you may be able to retire in one of the colonies you visited during your travels, a colony that is well established and has a good thing going.

Luck would have it that today is that day. You and Halifax are ready to get back out there. In fact, you are so excited that you are already in the lobby waiting for Kate to arrive before the front doors to W-Y have unlocked. You wait there for a few moments when Kate and Lilliana walk in through the front doors.


  • (She has a smile on her face)
  • I had a feeling that you would be waiting for me. Follow me.
  • (It looks like she sends a text as you begin walking)
  • Andromeda and Titanic were here all night last night prepping for today. We will meet them at the hangar.

You follow Kate through a series of corridors. You have been down these corridors many times to check on Halifax. An escort always accompanies you because there are so many doors and turns that you get lost every time. Today is no exception. You are lucky to have Kate with you.

You finally reach a pair of double doors where you see Lilliana, Andromeda and Titanic waiting for your arrival. The doors are locked with a keycard. Titanic uses his keycard to open and hold the door for everyone to enter. Through the doors you go into a gigantic hangar that houses several ships, including Halifax. You see your ship and run over to take a look. Halifax looks brand new. There isn’t a scratch or dent to be found.


  • I hope you are pleased with our efforts. Please go inside and take a look.



  • Halifax is yours. You look eager to go so let’s go ahead and look at what sort of jobs we have available at this time (she pulls out her tablet and takes a look at it for a few minutes). It looks like we already have a job assigned to you. We are going to start you off easy so you can get back into the swing of things. I’ll send the details over to Halifax for you to review once you are back on board. The good news is that the cargo is here on Earth so you have already been loaded up. All you have to do is drop it off.

// Use prepared job – JOB.2.1.1


  • Your belongings have already been transferred to Halifax. You are all set to go when you are ready. This will be the last time that I meet with you face to face for a while. Look…I can only imagine that what happened has been traumatizing for all of you. I hope you know that you have our full support should you need it. Do you have any questions for me before you go?

// Questions?


  • Good luck and pleasant journey.

Kate gives a wave, turns around and leaves Halifax and the five of you to your business. The time has come to get back into the stars. Everyone is currently standing right beside Halifax inside the hangar. The boarding ramp is open.


  • (She turns to Helen)
  • Captain, we need to prepare the crew and ship for liftoff. Let me know when we are ready to go. I’ll signal the staff to guide our ship out of the hanger and onto the tarmac
  • // You notice that Andromeda sounds and stands a little different

// From now on, when I refer to ‘You’, that means everyone that belongs to Halifax, including Andromeda and Titanic

// FREE ROAM – MUTHER sends Helen a notification


  • (Pull Ann to private channel)
  • I have prepared a briefing for the entire crew. At your earliest convenience, please rally everyone to the bridge for the presentation.


  • It has been a while since you have been amongst the stars and we are a bit short staffed. I believe that it is in our best interest to review everyone’s responsibilities for Halifax.
    • Helen Troi
      • Halifax Captain
    • Ward Foley
      • Halifax Medic
    • Elliot DuMont
      • Halifax Pilot
    • Titanic Westwood
      • Weyland-Yutani Company Representative
      • Halifax job duties unspecified
      • Recommend course of action – Captain should assign duties based on talents
    • Andromeda
      • Halifax Engineer
      • Hypersleep duties
        • Maintains ship
        • Assist crew when waking up
        • If an emergency occurs, unclassified details of the emergency are available up wake up
    • Now, we are a little understaffed; everyone will need to work together if assigned duties need to be rerouted or an emergency occurs
  • I advise that we review standard procedures for Halifax
    • Planetfall
      • Prep
        • Check trajectory
        • Check for any implications of failure
        • Check status of crew
          • Everyone should be on the bridge
          • Everyone must buckle up
      • Begin landing or takeoff procedures
    • Prepping for Hypersleep
      • Have a meal
      • Check/create logs
      • Prep the ship
      • Check and prepare cryotubes
      • Take Hydr8tion Pills to avoid dehydration upon waking up from hypersleep
      • Andromeda does not go into hypersleep so she can assist in any way
        • She will monitor you and the ship
        • This is standard procedure
    • Hypersleep
      • Reveal Hypersleep rule in Halifax folder
      • Please review the documentation regarding hypersleep. It’s a matter of life and death
      • Halifax’s current FTL rating is 12. That means it takes 12 days to travel one parsec in FTL travel.
      • Failure to travel at FTL speed results in forfeit of pay and may result in termination from job.
        • Why? Longer travel = loss of money
    • Wake from Hypersleep
      • Hydrate
      • Do some stretching or exercise
      • Check your location
        • Make sure you are where you are supposed to be
      • Check/create logs
      • Check ship’s condition
      • Have a meal
    • Emergencies during Hypersleep
      • Everyone will be awaken from hypersleep
      • If possible, captain required to report to MU/TH/UR asap
    • Weekly Maintenance
      • Heavy Machinery
        • Andromeda
      • Comtech
        • MU/TH/UR or Anyone else
      • Damage to ship is possible if skipped
  • On another note, W-Y has supplied you with the following supplies. Please be sure you write this down:
    • The following can be found in the pantry:
      • 8 Colony Specialty Meals
        • Food supply +1 and Stress -1 / meal
      • 8 Candy bars
        • Food supply +1 / candy bar
      • 24 Bottles of company supplied water
        • Water supply +1 / bottle
      • 30 cans of Aspen Beer
        • Stress -1 and Wits -1 / can of beer
      • 1 bottle of hard liquor
        • Stress -1 and Wits -1 / glass
    • The following can be found in Medlab
      • 8 Hydr8tion pills
        • counteracts dehydration during hypersleep
      • 8 Naproleve
        • Reduces stress to zero
        • Each additional dose within the same shift decreases all agility based skill roles by 1 until the end of the shift
    • The following can be found in the EVA room:
      • 5 IRC MK.50 Compression Suits
      • 5 Compression Masks
      • 5 Filter Masks
  • W-Y has authorized The Halifax to receive free refills of the following supplies when visiting a W-Y sponsored facility:
    • Prefab meals
    • Company supplied water
    • W-Y coffee
      • Stress +1
      • Postpones lack of sleep effect
    • Keep in mind that free supplies are meant for onboard consumption and will only last about 2-3 jobs. You must keep track of these supplies or you will run out.
  • Finally, Weekly wages have been restored. Please check your profile for details.
  • End of briefing


  • Well that was a mouthful. Thanks Muthur. Let me know when you are ready, Captain.


// When Helen gives the okay, Andromeda will notify the staff to taxi Halifax to the tarmac

You feel the ship lightly rock back and forth and side to side as a ship taxi carries your ship out of the hangar and onto the tarmac. The sky is as clear as can be today. It’s a perfect day to take off.

// FREE ROAM – Planetfall when ready. Strap in. Check systems. (Pilot describes take off)

You are once again among the Stars of The Middle Heavens. You unbuckle your harness, stretch a little and then give a high five to the closest person next to you. Your excitement is short lived when you realize that you have a job to do. You are here to deliver cargo and make money.

Part II – Introductions are Over

Chapter I – Work, work


  • I’m sure everyone feels a bit rusty. I will talk to you about our first job. Our first job has been assigned the ID of JOB.2.1.1
  • Please follow along with me as I talk you through the job
  • The employer is Weyland-Yutani
  • Halifax will get a reward of at least $20,000 when the job is confirmed as complete
  • We are delivering foodstuff and water
  • The destination has a thin atmosphere so you will need to wear a compressor mask when outdoors
  • Our start destination is Earth
  • Our end destination is Barnard’s Star: Moab.
    • The size is 2,000 km
    • The gravity is 0.1G
    • There is a thin atmosphere
    • The temperature is cold
    • This is a moon so the geosphere has the likes of a desert world
    • There are 35 colonists
      • Some are scientists
    • Their allegiance is to 3WE
    • This is a research colony
    • There is a survey station in orbit
  • If you look at the map, you will see that Barnard’s Star is 1.5 parsecs away from Earth. It will take 18 days to get there in FTL.
  • Will you go into hypersleep during FTL travel to our destination?
    • Neurological Distortion Disorder possible if not
  • Preparations must be completed before FTL travel. Failure to do so may result in serious injuries or death.
  • Once a job is complete, the job must be marked complete. The ship officer can complete this task in the captain’s quarters or in the mainframe.
  • After marking the job as complete and if a new job is available, the new job will be assigned to you. If there is no new job, you are free to do as you like with the current system you are in. Your weekly pay will remain in effect.
  • Any questions?


Job.2.1.1: Barnard’s Star

There are no complications. Standard wakeup from hypersleep.


// While everyone is having a meal, Elliot speaks up

  • Elliot
    • He grabs everyone’s attention
    • ‘I want you all to know that I have notified W-Y of my resignation. I can’t do this anymore. The explosion did something to me and I didn’t realize it until we left Earth and got back out here. I can’t pilot anymore. I’m going to stay here in Moab until I figure out what I want to do next. My apologies, everyone. It’s been a pleasure but this is the end of the road for me.’

// Orbiting Barnard’s Star

// Planetfall


  • Colony Representative – Marcus James
  • Company Agent – Jensen Price
  • Med-Lab – Keira Stewart
  • Store – Buddy Booth

Facility Description

  • Tight quarters
  • Mess hall – Open
  • Small store – Open
  • Barracks – Requires Clearance
  • Med Lab – Requires Clearance
  • Science Lab – Requires Clearance
  • Administrative office – Requires Clearance


  • Relay improvement studies


  • There is nothing unusual about this destination
  • This is a standard job

// Marcus James and Jensen Price will welcome Halifax. They will be present once Halifax lands.


  • Welcome, Halifax. I am Administrator Marcus and this is our W-Y representative Jensen Price. I trust your travels were well?
  • We heard what happened to Halifax. We are sorry for your loss. If it’s any consolation, we are honored to have you as your first stop.
    • If asked how they know about the accident, the reply will be
      •  news travels fast even among the stars
      • Wouldn’t be surprised if The Frontier has heard the news

// Jensen butts in


  • You need to be careful out there. Fast traveling news can have side effects. Pirates will be on the lookout for Halifax. They know your ship has been fully renovated which means your ship is worth money. The further you get from the Core Systems, the more you are at risk of attack.


  • Jensen makes a good point. You should look into getting your ship armed as soon as possible.
  • But enough of that. Our Mess Hall and store is open to you. Ask for Keira Stewart if you need the Med Lab. We will go ahead and get started with unloading the cargo. You should be ready to go in a few hours.


  • On another note, W-Y has notified me about the resignation of Elliot DuMont. Your replacement pilot is here and ready to roll. I’ll fetch him for you. Titanic, follow me please.

// Free Roam

// Before Jensen and Titanic reach the company rep office, Jensen tells Titanic that he has misplaced his keycard. He asks Titanic if he has his on him. Titanic’s card will open the office door.


  • This is a private conversation between Titanic and Jensen in Jensen’s office
    • ‘Is this your first time away from Earth?’
    • ‘How are Kate and Lilianna?’
    • ‘This Project Ghost stuff is strange, isn’t it? I mean, W-Y is sending representatives like us all over the place and we don’t even know what we are looking for. What are your thoughts? Any hints?’
      • Before Titanic responds, he sees a photo of a girl on Jensen’s computer screen. There is a caption underneath that says ‘Missing’.
    • If Titanic asks about the girl…
      • ‘She is a girl that W-Y is looking for. I’m not sure why. It just feels like another piece of the pie that doesn’t make any sense.’
    • Cabal enters the room
      • ‘Ah, this is Cabal Dalron. He is the replacement pilot for Halifax. Would you mind taking him with you on your way out?’
      • ‘Safe travels’

// Titanic returns to Halifax with Josh

// Free Roam

// After cargo has been unloaded


  • Thank you for the cargo. Feel free to stick around as long as you like. If you need anything more, you know where to find me. If I don’t see you again, safe travels.

// Once crew is on board

  • Captain, please don’t forget to mark the job as complete.

// Once the job has been marked complete, reveal JOB.2.1.2 in Roll20

Job.2.1.2: Arges – Monos

Unclassified Log Entry

// Copy and Paste the following classified log entry into classified logs in Roll20


I have received confirmation that your first assignment has been completed, with perfection I might add. I don’t expect anything less from Halifax. I’m sure it feels good to be back out there. Remember, if you need anything, let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

By the way, engineering notified me that they made some behavioral adjustments to Andromeda. She was carrying experimental code that was left behind by accident. Andromeda may seem a bit different but it’s only because she is behaving the way she was meant to behave to begin with. Sorry for the delay in communication. Those engineers are the smartest of the smartest but they get lost in their work sometimes.

Safe Travels

-Kate Parker


  • A message has been received

// Job notes in Job.2.1.2

Start Destination – Arges


  • Colony Representative: Amana Ibo
  • Company Agent: None Present
  • Med-Lab: Mihara Kiwa
  • Store: Jonas Mason

Facility Description

  • Mess hall – Open
  • Store – Open
    • Has spare parts. Will give Halifax a 90% discount.
  • Barracks – Requires Clearance
  • Med-lab – Requires Clearance
  • Administrative office – Requires Clearance


  • Relay improvement studies


  • There is nothing special about this place
  • Standard operation

// When Halifax lands, the crew will be greeted by Amana Ibo and Quinn Stevens


  • Hello! My name is Amana Ibo and I am the colony representative. Welcome to Arges. How were your travels?
  • The cargo that you will transport to Monos has been prepared. We are ready to load as soon as you give us the okay. We have quite a bit. These are large parts. We will finish loading by tomorrow afternoon
    • Starship technical parts and weapons
  • The mess hall and store is open to everyone. We have extra bunks in our barracks. You are welcome to use them if you like. Simply let me know and I’ll grant you access


  • We should look into getting spare parts for the ship. It sounds like they may have some. The spare parts probably won’t be cheap but getting them now is better than getting stuck in space because something broke and I don’t have the spare parts to fix it.

// Amana will see Halifax off when they are ready to leave

Abandoned Space Station

You approach the space station and details begin to become apparent.

The first detail you notice is that the space station is square with an outer ring and inner ring. The outer ring has narrow tube features while the outer ring is larger, chunkier and shaped like a box. 

The outer ring has floor to ceiling windows. Some of the windows appear to have been damaged. There are cracks and holes in some. A couple of windows are completely shattered. In some areas next to the windows, there are tables and chairs. They were probably used when the space station occupants ate or took a break. Some of the tables and chairs have been knocked over. Space debris and neglect are more than likely the cause for the damage you can see.

The inner ring is square with rooms protruding outward towards the outer ring but not attached to the outer ring. The inner ring appears to be quite solid. There are a few portholes but you don’t recognize much else since there is no way to see inside.

Thinking back on your conversation with Amana, you are reminded that the space station does not have power or life support. You will have to explore the space station blindly and in a vacuum.

Whatever occupants that were last to leave the space station took what they could with them but Amana felt confident that you would have no problem finding the spare parts you are looking for. If you look hard enough, you might find some additional supplies.

On the ‘south-side’ of the outer ring, you find the docking umbilical. 

  • GM Notes
    • There is an abandoned space station orbiting Arges. The crew has decided to investigate the space station to find out if there are any mechanical or electrical spare parts.
    • Each zone movement costs a supply check
      • Roll stress dice equal to available supply
    • There is no power
    • There is no air – vacuum
    • There is no light source except natural light
      • -2 to Observation check if room is dark
      • Flashlight removes dark from occupied zone
    • Skill Checks
      • Observation rolls to search rooms
        • See each room’s details for results
        • Each search costs a turn
          • Each turn costs a supply roll
    • Encumbrance
      • You can carry a number of regular-sized items equal to double your STRENGTH rating without problems. A regular item is generally the size of a small bag and weighs no more than a few kilos.
      • You can temporarily carry up to twice your normal encumbrance limit, i.e. STRENGTH x 4 items. If over-encumbered, you must make a MOBILITY roll when you want to run or crawl in a Round of combat (see page 89). If you fail, you must either drop what you are carrying, or stay put.
  • Inner Ring
    • NW Workshop
      • Mechanical Spare Parts
        • 1D6
          • 1-4 = 1 Mechanical Spare Parts
          • 5-6 = 2 Mechanical Spare Parts
    • SE Workshop
      • Mechanical Spare Parts
        • 1D6
          • 1-2 = 1 Mechanical Spare Parts
          • 3-5 = 2 Mechanical Spare Parts
          • 6 = 3 Mechanical Spare Parts
    • Barracks
      • Foot Locker has a key
        • Goes to South-East Escape Pod
          • 1D6
            • 1-2 = Find Nothing
            • 3-6 = Find Key in Foot Locker
    • Radiation Room
      • If opened, the crew will suffer minimal radiation
  • Outer Ring
    • Southern Corridor
      • Nothing
    • Eastern Corridor
      • South-East Escape Pod
        • Locked
        • Key in locker of Barracks
        • When Unlocked
          • Air Tank
            • 4 Supply
            • Roll supply check when refill player tank
          • 1D6
            • 1-5 = 1 Electrical Spare Parts
            • 6 = 2 Electrical Spare Parts
      • North-East Escape Pod
        • Nothing
      • Broken Door
        • 10 HP
          • Each attack takes a round
          • Each attack requires a supply roll
    • Western Corridor
      • Escape Pods
        • 1D6
          • 1 = 1 Electrical Spare Parts
          • 2-5 = 2 Electrical Spare Parts
          • 6 = 3 Electrical Spare Parts
    • Northern Corridor
      • Medkit
        • Bag of Unknown Drugs
          • MDMA (Ecstasy)
            • 1D6
              • 1-3 = 4 Pills
              • 4-5 = 6 Pills
              • 6 = 8 Pills
      • Armory
        • Ammunition
          • 1D6
            • 1-3 = 3 Ammunition
            • 4-5 = 5 Ammunition
            • 6 = 8 Ammunition
Titanic – Critical Message
  • Titanic Asked
    • Kate, I got the message about Imogen and I have some questions…… Is there any type of reward involved for this missing person? and what are her health conditions and how serious are they.
  • Kate’s Reply
    • Titanic, I am pleased to hear that you are aware of the missing girl. Her name is Imogen. You are kidding about the reward, right? This is a high priority and confidential mission and they are part of your job. You only need to report your findings. Let us do the rest. Her health conditions are serious. Take extreme caution. We need her alive. Thanks. Kate Parker.
End Destination – Monos


  • Colony Representative: Sgt. Magnus Wood
  • Company Agent: Esme Barrett
  • Med-Lab: n/a
  • Store: n/a

Facility Description

  • Unknown
  • Off-limits to civilians


  • Classified


  • Sgt. will seek out Helen the next day to have a conversion alone with her about Halifax

// When Halifax lands, the crew will be greeted by Sgt. Magnus Wood and Esme Barrett

Sgt. Wood

  • Halifax. Welcome to Monos.
    • He salutes you
  • I am Sgt. Magnus Wood and this here is Esme, W-Y’s representative. It is our pleasure to have you. I’d like to extend my condolences to you for the crew you have recently lost. What a horrible incident.
    • He genuinely looks sympathetic


  • My condolences, Halifax. We will begin to unload the cargo once you give us the okay. I’d expect the unload process to take nearly a day. Our facilities are not open to the public so you will be confined to your ship. Feel free to explore if you’d like. However, there really isn’t much around and the mudflats can be difficult to traverse so I’d stay close.

Sgt. Wood

  • I recommend that you remain inside after nightfall. The indigeonous wildlife can be hostile. They don’t normally come near our establishment but that doesn’t mean they won’t. It’s better to be safe rather than sorry.
Dog Attack

// At night time while the crew sleeps

You are awakened by a strobing red light. It takes a few seconds for your brain to register what’s happening. Your silent alarm has been triggered. You know that you must remain calm during a silent alarm as the silent alarm is meant to alarm you, and only you, of danger. You suspect that Helen will be communicating with you through your room’s personal communicator at any moment.


  • Helen’s terminal is flashing with a notification, there is a message from mu/th/ur
    • Multiple unidentifiable lifeforms have been detected in cargo bay three
    • Every bedroom has a terminal that can communicate with one another

// Free Roam

The situation

  • Multiple unidentifiable lifeforms have been detected in cargo bay three
    • FYI, Incidents involving unidentifiable lifeforms on Halifax are uncommon but can occur. You have dealt with several types of lifeforms before. Some of the lifeforms that you have dealt with in the past were docile, while others have been aggressive. Unidentifiable lifeforms can slip into a cargo bay undetected during the process of loading and unloading cargo.
  • One creature appears to be clawing at the door leading to the hallway. The other creature appears to be clawing at the ventilation grill
  • The creatures will enter the ventilation system
  • Andromeda is in the workshop

// Free Roam

// The next day

// Copy and Paste the following unclassified log entry into classified logs in Roll20

Dog Attack Surveillance Video
  • Lunchtime
    • Personnel activity is at a minimum during this time
    • Andromeda can be seen in the loading dock three
      • She is busy looking at the manifest and checking cargo
    • A very small object skitters across the floor
      • Andromeda appears to have heard something but upon investigating, she finds nothing of interest and goes back to work.
      • Observation Check
        • 1+
          • The object skitters into the cargo, in between boxes
        • 3+
          • The object appears to be a very small animal
  • Afternoon
  • Evening
    • Andromeda can be seen making final checks
      • She appears to be the only personnel near the cargo bays
      • As she is checking cargo bay two, two large dogs can be seen entering cargo bay three and squeezing in between cargo boxes as if they are hiding or trying to get to something
      • Andromeda finishes her checks and closes the cargo bays
Helen – Urgent Message

Captain. Please report to me when you have a few moments to spare. Thank you. Sgt. Wood

// When Helen meets with Magnus

Sgt. Wood

  • Captain, thank you for meeting with me. I am fully aware of the incident that took place a couple of months ago. While a loss is always hard, I am pleased that the rest of you survived.
  • The reason I asked for you is to review your safety and security. You are going to be a target out there because word gets around and the word is that you are riding around in a new ship.
  • You are quite safe in the core systems but once you leave the core systems, your risk increases the further out you go. If you get sent to the frontier, you are basically on your own.
  • Pirates and special interest groups are always a problem out there but I realize that you didn’t have to worry about this as much before. However, everything has changed. You are ‘celebrities’ with a new ship.
  • What security measures do you have in place?
  • I can offer you a couple of options at a discounted price. The options I have are a light railgun turret offensive armament at $1,300,000 or sensor decoys defensive countermeasures at $1,000,000
  • Halifax will need an armament upgrade should you want to attach your choice and it looks like your ship can only take two armament upgrades. In other words, you are limited to two armaments
  • We don’t have the capability to perform an armament upgrade so you would have to get that done somewhere else. That will probably cost you around $1,000,000
  • What are your thoughts?
  • It’s not a bad idea to make sure you are armed as well
  • I have a couple of pistols I can sell you at a discount. I have an M4A3 at $150, a Rexim RXF-M5 EVA Pistol for $350, and an M240 Incinerator Unit at $450
  • Any interest?
  • Finally, I don’t have any armor that I can spare but that may be something you want to look into as well
  • Any questions?

// Role play the rest of the conversation

  • When Halifax prepares to take off
    • You notice a scuffle taking place a short distance from Halifax
    • Cabal recognized one of the marines in the scuffle
      • This is the marine that confronted Cabal

// Once the job has been marked complete, reveal JOB.2.1.3 in Roll20


While you are eating in the mess hall, you hear scratching sounds coming from the vent in the mess hall. Upon further investigation, you find a puppy that appears to look like the dogs you fought earlier. Andromeda will do everything she can to keep the puppy and train it as a companion and to protect the ship.

Job.2.1.3: Ungora – Napier

Start Destination – Ungora


  • Colony Representative – Carter Richardson
    • Already at Napier
    • Went with a cargo ship that left days ago
  • Company Agent – Ueki Reiko
    • Will travel with Halifax
      • She has her own cryo pod in cargo bay two

Colony Description

  • Colony site framework completed
  • Working interior landing pad
  • Signs of corrosion and leakage throughout facility


  • Terraforming
  • Colonization


  • Moving this colony to an established colony
  • The Atmospheric Processing Plant, or Atmos for short, could not keep up with the weather
    • This resulted in a failed attempt at terraforming
      • Atmos failed at altering the weather to make the atmosphere safe
    • Atmos will be shut down soon after Halifax leaves
  • There isn’t much more cargo to take


  • There is a delay in lift-off after cargo has been loaded
    • Weather conditions become extremely unfavorable
    • Halifax will have to wait for weather conditions to change
  • The colony will slowly corrode and become unstable over time
  • You and the rest of the colony are restricted to the hangar

Ueki Reiko

  • She knows the story about Halifax
  • She knows that Titanic was assigned to Halifax by Kate Parker


  • “We should wait until the weather calms down some. Since Atmos has started shutting down, the weather has become extremely unstable. That acidic rain will melt the skin and meat right off of your bones.”
  • ‘I’m sorry but there isn’t much to do in the colony. There aren’t many people left and everything has been shut down. All we have are candles and flashlights as light sources. We shut everything else down so we can keep the air flowing…for the time being.’
  • ‘We lost a lot here. We didn’t expect a failure to occur. W-Y has terraformed planets like this one before with success. No one can explain what happened.’
  • ‘There was what I call an electrical burst around Atmos. After that, Atmos started to act up and before we knew it, the system began acting haywire and shutting down. Our engineers couldn’t fix the problems fast enough before we reached the point of no return. We reached out for help and got out as many as we could.’
  • ‘Here we are.’
  • ‘W-Y told us to head to Napier. We are expected there. The good news is that Napier is a well established colony with a large population. They have amenities out the ass so I look forward to throwing back a few drinks when I get there.’

Ueki to Titanic Only

  • ‘Have you heard about the lost girl? W-Y seems to be really interested in finding her. I’m not sure why. Do you know why?’
  • ‘What about Project Ghost?’
End Destination – Napier


  • Colony Representative – Carter Richardson
    • Already at site
  • Company Agent – Ueki Reiko
  • Med-Lab – Kase Heizo
  • Store – Kaya Robun
  • Elements – Autumn Dixon

Colony Description

  • This colony is an established colony
    • There are multiple establishments within the colony
      • Some of the establishments you notice right away include
        • A restaurant
          • Elements
        • A clothing shop
        • A general store
        • A small Armory
    • You notice adults conversing and laughing
    • Children are playing
  • The Atmospheric Processing Plant stands out among all the other buildings
  • People are waiting near the landing pads in hopes that someone they are waiting for has arrived
  • Mess hall – Open
  • Small store – Open
  • Hotel – Open
    • $50/night
    • Negate one stress die for next day
  • Elements – Open
    • Food available
    • No alcohol available
      • It is a Dry Day
        • Dry Days occur once a week per colony law
  • Med Lab – Open
  • Science Lab – Requires Clearance
  • Administrative office – Requires Clearance


  • Established colony


  • There is nothing unusual about this destination
  • This is a standard job

Job 2.1.4: Vignurus – Ethea

Start Destination – Vignurus


  • Colony Representative: Chloe James
  • Company Agent: Felicity Mills
  • Med-Lab: Ellis Gardner
  • Store: Peter Brooks

Facility Description

  • Mess hall – Closed
  • Store – Closed
    • Minimal Supply
  • Barracks – Closed
  • Med-lab – Closed
  • Administrative office – Requires Clearance


  • Production Colony


  • There is nothing special about this place
  • Standard operation
Distress Call

// A distress call comes in while the crew is in hypersleep

// Add the following classified log entry into the classified logs in Roll20

LOG.2.1.3  (S.O.S.  w/ Text)

May–y, Ma—y, Mayd–

This — Aeon Sta–on, Res–r– -acil–y

Call Sign 2-B- —F 56E–1

M——e –s-a—-s

Re–ire im–d-ate —is-ance

—ee per—- — –ard

-a———ing ——- —-ile

U– —ti–


// This is Aeon Station, Research Facility

// Call Sign __________

// Multiple casualties

// Require immediate assistance

// Three persons on board

// Malfunctioning android hostile

// Use Caution

// Over

// Mother will wake up the crew from hypersleep. Andromeda will be present. Andromeda or mother will make the crew aware that an unclassified distress call has come in and to seek a terminal to read the distress message.

// Role-play how the crew responds

// Make Helen aware that they are obligated by law to answer any distress call.

Outside of Space Station

  • You observe the following from the bridge of Halifax
    • Power appears to be in working order
      • You can tell by the exterior
    • There is no visible damage to the exterior
    • No ships appear to be present
    • There is a docking station with a docking port

// Docking procedures to Aeon Station will require 3 Successful Planetfall checks in a row

(Upon successfully docking) You now have access to the space station. When you are ready, you can enter the space station through the docking port of your ship.

The docking port doors open and you are greeted with a dark room. You all know that lights tend to be automatic. When no movement is detected for a set amount of time, the lights shut off by themselves. When movement is detected, the lights turn on. You all figure (and hope) that this must be the case here. Who wants to walk in there and give the lights a try?

The docking lobby looks like your typical docking lobby. The color of the walls are light cream and feature a collection of textured patterns that repeat throughout. The floor and walls are clean. There are no apparent signs of distress. You see a solid door in front of you.

(When the crew attempts to open the door) When you activate the door, the docking port closes behind you before the door you activated opens. You know this to be a safety measure within the docking station. Once the docking port closes, the door you activated opens up to a dark room.

(When the crew activates the lights) When the lights flicker on, you see a straight hallway that leads to another solid door. The walls and floor look identical to the room you are standing in.

(When the crew walks up to the door) On the left side of the door, you see an intercom. On the right side of the door, you see a terminal. What do you do?

(Once the crew opens the door) The door that leads to the docking station lobby closes before the door you activated opens. The activated door opens up to a dark room.

(Once the crew activates the lights, see Entrance Lobby Hallway below)

Space Station

  • Entrance Lobby Hallway (after entrance lobby)
    • The door leading to the space station is locked
      • The door is solid and heavy
      • Can be opened by force
      • Can be opened with Titanic’s Keycard once the terminal is repaired
    • The intercom is broken beyond repair
    • The terminal is broken but can be fixed
  • Common Area
    • Play sound bite: Deep Noise
    • The lights are off but turn on once the crew steps into the room
    • The floor and walls are covered with blood
      • The blood looks to be fairly fresh
      • On the walls, there are a bunch of words written with the blood
      • Most of the words seem like random words referencing nursery rhymes such as eensy weensy spider and puff the magic dragon
      • Ghosts and Dragons can be seen written in blood few times
    • There are several bodies on the floor with their heads missing
      • Some heads are pinned to the wall with metal rods
        • Some rods are through the eyes
        • Others are through the mouth
        • Some are through the forehead
      • Some bodies have what look to be VERY large bullet wounds that have burn marks around them
      • Electrical components have been ripped from the wall
      • You notice some areas with electrical burns similar to the explosion on Halifax but much smaller
    • There is an intercom at the back side of the area
      • It is broken but can be fixed
    • East door emergency locks have been engaged
      • Formidable
        • -3 modification to attacks
    • West door emergency locks will engage after crew passes through door
      • Formidable
        • -3 modification to attacks
  • Hidden Storage Compartment
    • Hidden In Common Area
    • Imogen Gray is hiding here
    • Opened by terminal in Captain’s Quarters
  • Observation Decks
    • Giant windows provide view of space
    • Some dining tables
      • rotting food
    • Nothing else of interest
  • Medbay
    • Imogen’s father, Patrick Gray, is located here
      • He is critically injured
    • He will communicate with the crew
      • ‘Android…Devin…hostile’
      • ‘My daughter…Imogen…save her…’
      • He dies
    • There is a picture of Imogen in his hand
    • Observation Check
      • 5 Neversleep Pills
      • 5 Hydr8tion Pills
  • Captain’s Quarters
    • Door can be forced open
      • Demanding
        • -1 to attacks
    • Captain’s terminal
      • Menu on screen
        • Unlock west wing door (Unlocked)
        • Unlock east wing door (Unlocked)
          • Malfunction – Unable to unlock door
        • Unlock storage compartment (Locked)
          • Needs Captain’s quarters keycard to unlock
          • Don’t tell the crew where the compartment is
        • Access Logs (Unlocked)
          • Needs Captain’s Quarters keycard to access
          • No Dates on logs
          • Logs signed by Patrick Gray
            • No response from trial # 37. Imogen continues to suffer from blackouts. I can’t figure out what triggers the events. What I do know is that her temperature rises, she begins to sweat, the tremors kick in and then she eventually blacks out. Her brain seems healthy but maybe I don’t have the right equipment. It’s so frustrating. Devin suggests that we move straight on to trial # 38.
            • Trial # 53 shows no improvements in treating Imogen. I can tell she grows tired and I feel horrible putting her through all these tests but she doesn’t understand how important we need to succeed in treating her. I’m afraid that her condition will worsen. I don’t want my little girl to suffer anymore.
            • Trial # 71 looks promising. Imogen doesn’t suffer from blackouts as often. Her temperature remains stable. I think I’m on the right track. A few more trials and a treatment plan may bring this all home. Devin agrees. I am hopeful that we are closer to curing my little girl’s condition. She has been one hell of a fighter.
  • Barracks
    • Pictures of family members and friends
    • There are what appears to be large pods unlike anything any of you have ever seen or heard of
      • The pods
        • They are open at the top
        • They are empty
    • Observation Check
      • Key to east wing door
  • Cryo Deck
    • One of the empty cryo pods has electrical burn marks similar to the ones found after the explosion on Halifax
    • Dead person in one of the cryo pods
      • The pod is shut
        • Can be easily opened
        • Upon opening, you see a hole in the chest of the dead body
          • Have Ward make a observation roll
            • If successful
              • The wound appears to protrude from the body as if the wound came from inside the body
        • You see a keycard laying next to the body
          • This is the Captain’s quarters keycard
  • Workshop
    • Observation Check
      • Cutting Torch (3 Power)
  • Escape Pod
    • Escape pods are malfunctioning
    • Devin is attempting to fix an escape pod
      • Upon facing the crew, he throws something to the ground
        • His left hand appears to be smoking and damaged
      • Devin is hostile and will attack the crew without any hesitation if provoked
        • He has a Predator shoulder cannon (converted into a gun) that he will use to shoot Andromeda
          • The shot will not ‘kill’ Andromeda but she will not be able to fight and she will suffer massive damage
          • Describe the shot as similar to what was seen in the aftermath of the explosion on Halifax but smaller
            • Electrical
            • Burn
          • “This is a warning shot. I recommend that you turn around now and leave while you still can. I will kill you all if I must.”
        • He has a Predator gauntlet that he will arm after Imogen is rescued
          • Can be heard over the intercom
    • Dead spider like creature on the floor
      • The floor appears to have melted some but has stopped
      • There are ‘splash marks’ around where Devin was working
    • Observation Check
      • 1 Electrical Spare Part
      • 1 Mechanical Spare Part

Once Devin has been defeated and Imogen has been rescued, the crew can question Imogen.


  • What does Imogen know
    • Space station population
      • Her parents
      • Only child
      • Seven other people
      • Devin
    • Her parents raised her on the space station
    • Devin was always kind but suddenly malfunctioned and killed everyone
      • Imogen’s father hid her in the secret compartment
    • Imogen does not know what they were studying
    • Imogen suffers from blackouts
      • Not sure of the cause
      • Parents  and Devin worked together to create a diagnosis
        • No permanent treatment plan
      • Blackouts haven’t occurred recently
    • Not familiar with pods
  • ‘I’m scared. Please don’t leave me here. Take me with you.’

// Pause here and have a private conversation with each player


  • Do you want to keep playing?
  • You are curious about the crew’s opinions on what to do with Imogen
  • You’re experience has taught you that W-Y makes mistakes and this feel like one of them
    • You are interested to find out if Titanic know anything about this incident
  • Now, think about the following and play it out with the group
    • What do you want to do with Imogen?
      • Things to consider
        • Bringing Imogen onboard without notifying W-Y will be considered smuggling
          • You’d have to keep Imogen hidden
          • Ward and Titanic know taking Imogen would be considered smuggling
        • Leaving her behind would mean certain death to her
          • You might miss out on something important


  • Do you want to keep playing?
  • What are your thoughts about Imogen?
  • My opinion
    • You feel indifferent about Imogen. It’s not that you don’t care about her wellbeing. It’s just that you like to be alone. How much alone time will you get with a child on board Halifax?


  • Do you want to keep playing?
  • Imogen makes you think of what your daughter would look like now if she were alive
    • You grow an attachment to her quickly
    • You want to protect her
  • You are interested in keeping Imogen around to study and for medical purposes
    • Maybe you could help her with the blackouts or any other ailments she may possess
  • Things to consider
    • Bringing Imogen on board without notifying W-Y will be considered smuggling
      • You’d have to keep Imogen hidden from most people and androids
      • Helen and Titanic know taking Imogen would be considered smuggling
    • Leaving Imogen behind would mean certain death to her
      • You might miss out on something important


  • Do you want to keep playing?
  • This is the Imogen Grey you have information about
  • You are obligated to turn over information about Imogen to W-Y
    • You have to make a decision on whether you will or not
      • This could help you work towards a promotion
      • This could have ramifications with the crew if they find out that you turn Imogen over to W-Y
      • Don’t tell me what you want to do. Think about it quickly and play it out with the group
    • Things to consider
      • Bringing Imogen on board without notifying W-Y will be considered smuggling
        • You’d have to keep her hidden
        • You’re pretty sure the crew knows the smuggling laws but you are not completely certain
      • Leaving Imogen behind would mean certain death for her
        • You might miss out on something important


Playable Characters

Helen Troi – Officer

Ward Foley – Medic

Cabal Dalron – Pilot

Titanic Westwood – Corporate Agent

Retired Characters

Elliot DuMont (Scott) – Pilot

GM Characters

Imogen Gray (A) – Kid

Andromeda (A) – Roughneck

Dog – Companion

The Halifax

Deceased Crew

Helen Troi: First Officer

Craig Moore: Second Officer

Russell Cook: Chief Engineer

Megan Chambers: Engineer

Ace: W-Y standard-issue android

Titanic Westwood: Company Agent

Project Ghost


Kate Parker (Corporate Exec)

  • Age: Early 50’s
  • Tall with a fit physique
  • Short blonde hair

Liliana Martin (Kate’s Personal Assistant)

  • Age: Late 20’s
  • Average height with fit physique
  • Shoulder-length dark hair

Sgt. Albert Johns (Col Marshal)

  • Early 40’s
  • Average height
  • Heavy build
  • Wears military-style hat

Cpl. Ryder Stone (Col Marine)

Pvt. Feathers (Col Marine)

The Halifax Campaign

Halifax: Precious Cargo betwixt Dragons and Ghosts is an Alien RPG adventure set up for a space truckers campaign. The Halifax campaign ran for 3 years with 40 sessions with family and friends participating in the adventure.

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