Here are the Alien RPG resources used to create Halifax: Precious Cargo betwixt Dragons and Ghosts, and your Alien RPG campaign.

Alien RPG Homebrew Campaign My Tabletop RPG Experience Before I get into the process I took in writing, planning, and deploying my Alien RPG homebrew campaign, I want to give a brief summary of my experience with tabletop RPGs. Rifts The first tabletop role-playing game that I played was Rifts back in the 1990s. A […]

Dungeons and Dragons created some of the most memorable moments in gaming throughout my life. Here are a few of my stories.

I am excited to announce our Alien RPG Podcast. Our Alien RPG campaign sessions are now available on Spotify with future episodes to come.

Joe and Ann unbox a four-pack of Exclusive Alien Egg Pod Xenomorph 3″ Collectible Figures from Walmart. Alien Easter Eggs? Yes, Please!

When you think of Alien, you may be thinking that there isn’t much of a place for comedy. I know I don’t. I generally don’t care for the cheesy one-liners and poorly written comedy that doesn’t complement the setting.

This all started rather quickly. Ties That Bind Gaming was in my head for quite some time but I never felt motivated to do anything about it.