Alien RPG Podcast Series

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Alien RPG Podcast Series

Alien RPG Podcast Series

The Alien RPG Podcast series features all of the latest Alien RPG homebrew campaign episodes of Halifax: Precious Cargo betwixt Dragons and Ghosts. All episodes contain audio taken directly from the video recordings of our campaign sessions. You can easily switch between our YouTube channel video episodes and Podcast episodes without missing a beat.

Where to Listen

You can listen to the Alien RPG podcast through all of the major providers including Spotify, Google Podcast, Apple Podcast, and Amazon Podcast.

New Dungeon Master

I am a veteran tabletop RPG player but Alien RPG is my first attempt at running a tabletop RPG as the Dungeon Master, or Game Mother if we use Alien RPG terminology. I have wanted to run a tabletop game for a long time but I have never been able to overcome my anxiety and fears to do so. Then Alien RPG came along.

I chose Alien RPG as my first Dungeon Master experience because of my familiarity with the Alien franchise and lore. I have been a fan of most of the movies – Alien is my favorite with Aliens as a close second – for as long as I can remember and I have read some of the books and comics.


Halifax: Precious Cargo betwixt Dragons and Ghosts follows a crew of Space Truckers that travels across the Stars of the Middle Heavens to transport cargo between destinations. The name of the ship that our crew uses to transport the cargo is Halifax. Halifax has a long history that continues to be written. The crew of Halifax gets to determine what words get written next.

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