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Alien RPG | Episode 4 | Halifax Campaign | Work, work

Alien RPG returns with Episode Four after some time in hypersleep.

A couple of months ago, I lost a family member to Covid-19 and then a couple of weeks later I lost my grandmother. Never have I ever experienced two deaths in the family that were so close to each other. The experience and the loss cause me to go into a downward spiral so I couldn’t really concentrate on gaming or much else for that matter. I needed time off to navigate the loss of my family members.

I’m still a bit on edge but I am doing my best to get back to ‘normalcy’ as best I can. I feel comfortable enough to pick up where everything left off. With that said, Halifax is back and ready to deliver some cargo.

Log Entry from MU/TH/UR

In episode three, Halifax returned to work. Weyland-Yutani loaded up some cargo on Earth and gave Halifax the okay to make its first delivery. Halifax left Earth and began their journey back into the Stars of the Middle Heavens.

We pick up on Barnard’s Star: Moab. The crew has just landed to make their first cargo delivery since leaving Earth. Weyland-Yutani had loaded the cargo on Earth before their departure. Barnard’s Star: Moab is only a parsec away and still within the core system. This job is a great way to get Halifax back on track and back to work.

We are all a bit rusty but this episode turns out to be our best episode yet. Check it out and see how Halifax readjusts to normal operations.


The following log entries are my notes prior to running episode two. Please be advised that the video may be slightly different from what you read.

Job.2.1.1: Barnard’s Star

There are no complications. Standard wakeup from hypersleep.

He grabs everyone’s attention
‘I want you all to know that I have notified W-Y of my resignation. I can’t do this anymore. The explosion did something to me and I didn’t realize it until we left Earth and got back out there. I can’t pilot anymore. I’m going to stay here in Moab until I figure out what I want to do next. My apologies, everyone. It’s been a pleasure but this is the end of the road for me.

// Elliot leaves Halifax


Generic Colony Blueprint
Generic Colony Blueprint

Colony Representative – Marcus James
Company Agent – Jensen Price
Med-Lab – Keira Stewart
Store – Buddy Booth

Facility Description
Tight quarters
Mess hall – Open
Small store – Open
Barracks – Requires Clearance
Med Lab – Requires Clearance
Science Lab – Requires Clearance
Administrative office – Requires Clearance

Relay improvement studies

There is nothing unusual about this destination
This is a standard job

Work, work

// Marcus James and Jensen Price will welcome Halifax. They will be present once Halifax lands.

Welcome, Halifax. I am Administrator Marcus and this is our W-Y representative Jensen Price. I trust your travels were well?
We heard what happened to Halifax. We are sorry for your loss. If it’s any consolation, we are honored to have you as your first stop.
If asked how they know about the accident, the reply will be
news travels fast even among the stars
Wouldn’t be surprised if The Frontier has heard the news

// Jensen butts in

You need to be careful out there. Fast traveling news can have side effects. Pirates will be on the lookout for Halifax. They know your ship has been fully renovated which means your ship is worth money. The further you get from the Core Systems, the more you are at risk of attack.

Jensen makes a good point. You should look into getting your ship armed as soon as possible.
But enough of that. Our Mess Hall and store is open to you. Ask for Keira Stewart if you need the Med Lab. We will go ahead and get started with unloading the cargo. You should be ready to go in a few hours.

On another note, W-Y has notified me about the resignation of Elliot DuMont. Your replacement pilot is here and ready to roll. I’ll fetch him for you. Titanic, follow me, please.

Job’s Done

// After cargo has been unloaded

Thank you for the cargo. Feel free to stick around as long as you like. If you need anything more, you know where to find me. If I don’t see you again, safe travels.

// Once crew is on board

Captain, please don’t forget to mark the job as complete.

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