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Alien RPG | Episode 13 | Dragons and Ghosts (Part 2) | Halifax Campaign

In episode 12, Halifax answers a distress call. The distress call comes from an unknown space station on the edge of the Frontier. By law, Halifax must investigate the distress call. Halifax docks with the space station and carefully begins their investigation.

It doesn’t take long for the crew to figure out that the space station has a problem. The reception area of the space station is covered in blood and body parts. The scenario is exceptionally gruesome. Regardless, Halifax must continue on.

Searching the Space Station

The Halifax crew makes their way through the space station. They encounter a survivor who has suffered massive injuries. He says his name is Patrick Gray and he asks the crew to save his daughter. He dies shortly after.

Continuing the investigation, the crew comes across something that looks like large egg pods. The egg pods are something the crew has never seen or heard of before. They appear to be empty but that doesn’t stop the crew from quickly abandoning the room.

A bit further in and the crew meets Devan, an android that works on the space station. Devan seems to have malfunctioned. He throws a dead ‘spider’ onto the ground that appears to be melting the floor with its blood. Shortly after, Devan reveals a weapon that is unlike anything the crew has ever seen. Devan fires the weapon at Andromeda and her arm becomes attached from the blast.

Time to Leave

The crew runs out of the room Devan is in and they seal the door behind them. They make their way back to the reception area and upon investigation, find a hidden compartment. Imogen, Patrick Gray’s daughter is inside.

Season Finale

Episode 13 is the finale for season one. Some serious events take place and I don’t want to spoil them. If you have been following the Halifax campaign, you are going to be shocked at everything that takes place.

Log Entry from MU/TH/UR

Episode 13 is such a shock. As I mentioned, I don’t want to give away any spoilers. I felt several emotions overwhelm me as we progressed through the session. All in all, my emotions turned out mostly to be bittersweet.

Even though I had planned out as much as I could for this session, I encountered a few shocks along the way that I didn’t anticipate. My players really came together and made this session come to life.

I look forward to continuing our journey in 2022.

The is MU/TH/UR, the ship’s AI, and the Halifax campaign game mother, signing off…..for now.

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