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Alien RPG | Episode 12 | Dragons and Ghosts (Part 1) | Halifax Campaign

In episode 11, Halifax took some time to gear up. They have been short on gear to help protect themselves should they get into danger. Fortunately, Napier’s supply is favorable and Halifax finds a majority of what they are looking for. After gearing up, Halifax sets off into the Stars of the Middle Heavens once again to make some cargo hauls.

After a couple of successful and uneventful cargo hauls, Halifax sets down for hypersleep once again for the trip to their next destination. The trip from Vignurus to Ethea is a long trip, the longest trip since Halifax has been back to work since the explosion. Halifax is used to these long trips but this one will take them to Ethea which sits just shy of the Frontier. The Frontier can make anyone feel a bit uneasy but Halifax has a job to do and they make their way.

However, things take a bit of a turn.

Distress Call

The crew awakens from hypersleep to an emergency distress call. Halifax finds themselves called to a small space station several parsecs off course in the middle of nowhere. A space station this small generally does not sit in such a remote area without anything or anyone around. The suspicions arise from the start but Halifax must answer the distress call according to law.

The distress call comes in as follows:

May–y, Ma—y, Mayd–
This — Aeon Sta–on, Res–r– -acil–y
Call Sign 2-B- —F 56E–1
M——e –s-a—-s
Re–ire im–d-ate —is-ance
—ee per—- — –ard
-a———ing ——- —-ile
U– —ti–

Can you figure out what this says?

We’ve got a job to do

Episode 12 begins with Halifax making plans to board the space station. They gather their spacesuits and supplies with the hope that they are well prepared. The time has come to dock with the space station and carry out the mission. What will Halifax find?

Log Entry from MU/TH/UR

I really enjoyed this session. There are quite a few twists and turns. Some of the burning questions Halifax has had since the explosion finally get some light shed on them. Not all of the questions get answered and some incidents lead to new questions but a general direction begins to take shape.

Ghost and Dragons, the title of this session, will take place in two parts. There is so much to cover in this space ship and I really want to take my time dissecting everything with my players. To no surprise, some things go as I had hoped they would while others take a slight turn. However, everything comes together and I’m really looking forward to closing out this chapter next session. The revelations should be a blast.

On another note, I purchased Hostile Organism by 2-D Storyteller through the Roll20 Marketplace which I used to create the space station map. Hostile Organism is a very awesome addon. I used only a small portion of what’s included. If my group decides to continue after this chapter, I plan to use more of what’s included in the addon. Hostile Organism is totally worth the purchase.

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