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Welcome to Alien RPG and Halifax | Episode 11 | Prepare and Deliver. In Episode 10, Halifax lands on Ungora with the expectation that they are there to pick up cargo and make a delivery. However, everything is not as it seems when the colonists and the resources available are running thin. The crew barely makes it out of the colony with a failing ATMOS (Atmospheric Processing Plant) and an unstable atmosphere that rains acid.

Halifax makes their way to Napier which is where Episode Eleven picks up. Napier is a huge and established colony. There are restaurants, bars, shops, and entertainment. Elements have a location in Napier so familiarity can also be found. The crew sets out into town to take care of specific needs for Halifax and themselves.


An established colony varies in size. Under normal circumstances, visitors can expect thousands of colonists occupying the bustling town. Established colonies are not very common but there are plenty enough to find when travelling well-known star lanes.

These large colonies have many of the amenities travelers are looking for. Some established colonies may have a hotel to accomodate those who spend a lot of time in space. They tend to be reserved for space truckers who need a break from their small quarters aboard their ship.


Napier is an established colony. You can find restaurants, shops, stores, and an armory. These ammenities are small but they are kept clean. Colonists and children roam the walkways. Some of the colonists enter shops while the others go on about their daily business. They must get visitors often enough to not show much concern over the crews presense.

ATMOS, the atmospheric processing plant, stands out at in the distance. The large, operational building indicates a successful terraforming project. They are always a welcome site when visiting a colony. People are able to wander without much fear of environmental hazards aside from natural occurances such as rain and storms.


Some colonists have gathered around the landing pads. They wait for the arrivals to exit the ships in hopes of reuniting with family and friends. Some of the arrivals were tasked with ATMOS projects on distant planets, including Ungora, so their worry is not unwarrented. Other ships may include travelers or business representatives. You never know who may show up in town.


When Halifax lands on Napier, Cabal wastes no time and runs to the nearest restaurant/bar, Elements. Upon spending some time in Elements, he becomes overly intoxicated to the point where he has to be carried back to Halifax.

The shenanigans that take place with alcohol consumption between leaving Halifax and ending back up at Halifax on Napier don’t have any immediate repercussions. However, there are always people-watching in public places, and who knows who may have been watching in such a large and established colony.


Episode 11 moves a bit faster than most of our other sessions. I made the players aware before we started and even though I did, I found that we still slowed down occasionally because we were having fun in the moment. That’s perfectly fine.

However, the reason I sped up this session was to work on getting to a point where we could pause the game for the holiday break. We all get busy around the holidays and there is a specific point that I want to get to before the holiday break approaches.

If Episode 11 seems a bit rushed, now you know why. This will all make sense soon enough. Hang in there.

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